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Meeting with PGM(Finance):
CS, CT and ACS met PGM(F) on 26/8/2016 to discuss the progress of imparting Phase-II training to JAO's who already completed Phase-I training and imparting training to recently qualified LICE JAO's. PGM(F) intimated that some clarification is required from Corporate Office regarding Phase-II training of JAOs and Administration is vigorously pursuing the case with Corporate Office to settle it at the earliest. We also collected reference details from concerned section and forwarded to CHQ to pursue the case at Corporate Office. In connection with training of recently qualified LICE JAOs, PGM(F) intimated that training will be scheduled at the earliest.

General Body Meeting of Palakkad SSA held on 25/8/16 at Hotel Gazala, Palakkad. CP, CS and ACS Com KV.Chandran addressed the meeting. Excellent participation in the meeting especially from lady Comrades. Meeting commenced at 2PM and concluded at 5.30PM.
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The LICE from Group C to JTO(T) (50%) for the year 2014-15 and JAO (10%) scheduled for 28.08.2016 is postponed to 24.09.2016 due to flood situation in various parts of the country. View Letter copy.

Provisional Seniority list in the grade of STS (CAO) Regular working in BSNL as on 10-06-16. View List

View Glimpses of Lunch hour Demonstration held on 23-08-2016 at Kerala Circle/SSA Head Quarters:


GS writes to DIR(HR) regarding first membership verification among Executives Associations. Displaying the electoral rolls, submission of objections, final electoral roll etc – extension of time View Letter

View Media Reports:
BSNL Unlimited 3G Plan without Speed Restriction - Launched
BSNL to launch 4G service in Kerala by March next.
BSNL launches unlimited 3G plan for Rs 1,099, cuts rate by 50%.
BSNL makes data cheaper by 100%.
Exclusive Interview Manoj Sinha, Telecom Minister of India, DOT Minister.
BSNL Kerala retains status as most profitable telecom circle.
BSNL Kerala is leading the show for State-run telecom on how to maintain growth.

Draft proposal on CPSU Cadre Hierarchy upto AGM Grade.

Our major demands and suggestions are accepted by the management to great extent:
a) Time Bound Functional promotion to SDE/AO, Sr SDE/Sr AO and AGM/CAO after completion of 5 years of service.
b) Promotions delinked from seniority.
c) Promotions delinked from availability of posts, fully upto Sr SDE/Sr AO grade.

SNEA suggestions accepted by the management:
1) First promotion immediately on implementation itself, without DPC, for the Executives working in higher scales. Example: JTO in E2A scale. Immediately he will be promoted as SDE w/o DPC. This will give great relief to thousands and thousands of JTOs, SDEs, JAOs and AOs waiting for promotions for years together.

2) For the Executives working in two or more higher scales, two years relaxation in the qualifying service for the second promotion. Example: A JTO in E3 scale. Immediately he will be promoted as SDE w/o DPC and he will be promoted as Sr SDE after 3 years of service as SDE (relaxation of 2 years).

3) Change of designation for each grade.

4) Uniform date of promotion, 1st January or 1st July. Similarly uniform date of increment, 1st January or 1st July. In future, anomalies will not be there.

5) DPCs decentralised to respective Circles.

  Challenges in the draft CPSU proposal, to be addressed in totality:
a) Time Bound Functional promotion to AGM grade for the existing SDE/AOs having 10 years of combined service as SDE/Sr SDE or AO/Sr AO without linking with the availability of posts. As and when remaining SDE/AOs completes 10 years, promotion to AGM grade.

b) To get the CPSU Hierarchy upto AGM grade as recommended by the Khan Committee, processed first, separately, w/o linking with the promotions to higher grades. Promotions to higher grades are to be dealt separately, later.

c)  Increasing the number of DGM posts to atleast 2000.

d)After implementation of CPSU Hierarchy upto AGM, processing the promotions from DGM onwards with necessary changes.

These outstanding issues are to be settled. UF comprising of SNEA, AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA is committed to that and our struggles will lead to its resolution