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Thank you comrades... !!! Truth Triumphs!!!

SNEA Kerala Circle Sincerely thank each and every members for making SNEA No. 1 in the Circle as well as in All India Level. We got 1783 Votes with a contribution of 58% of Overall Votes in Kerala. Without Your active participation and commitment it would not have been materialized.

With your Active Support, SNEA become the Major Association in BSNL and become the recognized Association in BSNL with a Vote share of 46% with 20128 Votes in the First Executive Membership Verification. Lets stay united and fight as a team for uplifting our Cadre by protecting Pay, Promotion and Pension. Lets be united without any discretion... Lets be united to make BSNL more profitable and Viable.... Executive Unity Zindabad!!! SNEA Zindabad!!! BSNL Zindabad!!!
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Sad News: Sri. R.Radhakrishnan, SDE(Udaan), Trivandrum SSA expired at KIMS Hospital at 5PM yesterday on 7/12/2016. SNEA Kerala Circle conveys its deepest condolences to the bereaved members of his family for this greatest loss.

Cremation at 9 AM, 08.12.2016.
(Place: Jyothi Nagar Residence Association, Vettamukku, Trivandrum)


Message from CHQ:
Congratulations to one and all for making the membership verification a grand success. The extensive tours and door to door campaign by our CSs, SSA Secretaries, Branch Secretaries, office bearers and Core Group members at all levels resulted in heavy polling in almost all the Circles/SSAs. CHQ congratulate all of them for the excellent work done for the last 6 months. Last but not the least, our sincere gratitude to all our grass root level members and supporters for making the MV a grand success. Our sincere gratitude to DIR(HR), GM(SR), DGM(SR) and all the officials in SR section for their untiring efforts to conduct the MV in a free and fair manner.


Transfer of JAOs in Thrissur on the eve of Referendum:
As we were apprehended and reported earlier, officers of Finance wing belonging to AIBSNLEA are misusing their positions to take vindictive and discriminative actions against SNEA members of Finance fraternity. Today, on the eve of referendum and after the office hours, an order was issued in Thrissur SSA transferring two of SNEA members (JAOs) out of SSA HQs to far off places without any rhyme or reason.

SNEA strongly protested against this order and requested PGM Thrissur to cancel the order with immediate effect. Based on our protest and request, PGMT Thrissur has ordered to keep this order under abeyance till further orders. We thank PGMT Thrissur for honouring our protest and request.

Dear comrades, we will not allow any kind of highhandedness or vindictive actions against our members. We will not leave this issue until a decision is arrived till everyone’s satisfaction.


Reply to the CHQ site of Consistent and Persistent group:
The whole BSNL fraternity knows, which associations were supporting MSS.Rao in 2014 and 2015 when SNEA Bravehearts were fighting against the mighty administration for reinstating the legitimate rights of Employees.

How can we forget the day when both AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA held press conference in support of MSS.Rao on 30/7/2014. How can we forgot those days when both these associations were impleading in CAT-Ernakulam for reinstating the corrupt and autocratic MSS.Rao as CGMT Kerala, who eventually exited BSNL without any pensionary benefits (due to his chargesheets filed by CBI for the misconducts done by him as GM, Corporate Office and also as CGMT Kerala). It is an irony that AIBSNLEA CHQ is not aware of this. What a Joke..!! Whom they are fooling..!!

Our executives were harassed in the name of meetings and webinars, DGMs of various SSAs were called to Circle Office only to get harassed as Worst DGMs. Our mobile DATA connection was withdrawn, our residential phones were disconnected. Without considering terrain and geographical conditions, subdivisions and divisions were reorganized. Without following any norms, executives were transferred by pick and choose policy.

There was a transfer policy followed in Kerala Circle, agreed in 2008 by SNEA and AIBSNLEA for the smooth functioning of Kerala Circle. The Corrupt and Autocratic CGM deviated from this 2008 transfer policy and declared that there is no Home-SSA concept as JTOs are Circle cadre and SDEs are All India Cadre.

It all started when SNEA questioned the intention of CGMT in the constitution of a committee to revise decision of the competent authority after due examination for imposing a penalty of Rs32 Crores against the vendor Nortel for not complying with PO conditions. We were very sure about the intention of CGMT behind the reconstitution of committee.

As a responsible association we went for agitation and struggled against dismantling of the healthy mechanisms prevailing in Kerala, against corruption, against nepotism, against autocratic administration for the legitimate rights of BSNL fraternity and to reinstate the transfer policy for bringing back the executives (irrespective of association) to their Home-SSA.

In the sustained struggle we faced various dies-nons, chargesheets, police cases, court cases, vindictive transfers, and what not. But we were always confident that Truth will always Triumph. Fearlessly we went ahead and as you all know, the corrupt officer was forced to retire as Principal, RTTC. This struggle exposed those who acted as agents of corrupt elements, having no trade union ethics.

Finally when all our legitimate rights were reinstated by the new administration, the Consistent and Persistent group emerged with claims.

Dear Comrades, SNEA is the only Executive Association that can fight with Management for all our rights and also for the growth of our Company.

Strengthen SNEA.... Strengthen BSNL....


courtesy: Com.Babu Dominic, DP-Ernakulam


We are uploading an impassioned appeal from Sri R.P.Shahu, former General Secretary, AIGETOA dispassionately and discreetly urging upon members of AIGETOA and other BRs not to vote for AIBSNLEA in any case. Pl hear the contents of the audio and decide....