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Date: 30/07/2016

Shortage & Vacant STS posts in Kerala Circle:
In the recently issued DE(LA) orders, it is noted that there are cases where, even existing DE(LA) Officers are reverted due to the reduction of filling up of vacant posts. The Association has already requested the Administration to increase the number of posts and call for option from all eligible SDE’s without any cutoff on seniority.View Lr dtd 27/6/16
In some SSA’s like Malappuram there are insufficient volunteers among the officers with in the seniority No 31265. We urge the Circle Administration to review the above and increase the number of DE(LA) posts as there are more than 160 STS posts lying vacant in the Circle. The SSA secretaries are requested to take up with the SSA administration for placing their further requirement of STS posts.

Date: 29/07/2016

Congratulations..!! DE(LA) orders issued by Circle Office.
We thank GM(HR) Shri Mohan.D and his team for successfully releasing the orders today itself as assured to this Association. View Orders

Circle Secretary Com Santhosh Kumar.T, Circle Treasurer Com Premkumar.G, Asst Circle Secretary J.V.Ramana met GM(HR) Shri Mohan.D today and conveyed our concern over the undue delay in releasing the DE(LA) orders. GM(HR) assured that today the orders would be released atleast for those cases for which VC is received.

Date: 27/07/2016

DE(LA) News: This Association office bearers - Assistant Circle Secretary Com J.V.Ramana and District Secretary Circle Office Com Suneer.S met GM(HR) Shri Mohan.D and conveyed our concern over the undue delay in releasing the DE(LA) orders. We have pointed out that even VC has not reached in this case from some units. We have suggested to release the orders immediately subjected to VC which can be ensured by the SSAs while issuing posting orders. GH(HR) appreciated our concern and contacted the SSAs in person for sending the VCs. GM(HR) assured that DE(LA) orders will be issued on Wednesday itself.
The unending Saga of Consistent and Persistent Efforts:
It has come to our information that some Association is “consistently“ contacting JTOs who were promoted in last LICE in Aug 2014 assuring their transfer back to home SSAs (the word “Home SSA” was forbidden during the tenure of their smart CGMT), if they joins the Consistent Association they are also offered with a meeting with CGMT in person and a free photo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. (Recently some photos were published on such offer). These are the days where dinner tickets are sold for sharing table with VIPs and in Kerala there are reports about fake recruitment drive to foreign countries and the Govt. has cautioned all aspirants not to become pray to their folly.

We need not recall the consistent efforts taken by the so called association to stall the JTO LICE for more than 10 years after the promulgation of JTO RR 2001, its publication of results, and in their posting in the name of officiating JTOs. When all these JTOs were posted to Trissur and beyond the consistent association could not even murmur against their favourite smart CGMT. Now with lots of sacrifice and struggle, SNEA could supply lifeline to these unions and employees who were gauged by their favourite Smart CGMT. When such an administration was thrown out, today all are confident that their genuine interest will be protected from a circle administration which recognise the legitimate expectation and rights of all employees and SNEA is sure about its implementation without any so called middle man.

Dear comrades, they tried to prevent your birth by not allowing LICE promotion, once it was held they tried to abort you by creating opposition in publication of results and posting and finally when all of you were posted to far off SSAs they enjoyed it with their SMART Circle Admin BY HOLDING PRESS CONFERENCES and rushed to CAT for the continuance e of such Administration. See the letter addressed by SNEA in Aug 2014 (View Letter) while the so called association was celebrating their collusion with the smart Circle administration.

Similarly in the E2 and E3 ....pay scale issue though SNEA has demanded for revision of pay scale from E2 to E7, after knowing the objections and likely delay in its implementation on account of cascading effect, and realising the urgency of the matter to be settled before 3rd PRC, SNEA has suggested to segregate the demand for revision of E1A to E2 and E2A to E3 from the demand of pay revision from E2 to E7,which will immediately benefit all executives recruited after 2007 and whom are facing huge pay loss to the tune of Rs10000 per month . The Consistent & Persistent association is trying to block it by raising a share for them by demanding revision of pay scale to all from E2 to E7 at one stroke. They cannot allow a situation to get the benefit to anyone without a share to them. SNEA is working for the benefit of the cadres without any precondition to join SNEA. But ultimately SNEA has become their natural choice by their own experience. The difference is, they want the payments before the work but SNEA believe that it will be rewarded by the beneficiaries on seeing the results and that is the difference in our style of functioning. The recently held JAO LICE posting is the latest eye opener to the fact how an Association is becoming a natural choice of executives based on its commitments.
SNEA is the only Executive Association that fights for the overall Growth of BSNL & Safeguards Interests of All, irrespective of Cadre and has proved its worth.

SDE promotion through LDCE held on 21-06-2015: Calling volunteers for Inter Circle transfer including hard tenure and other than hard tenure circles reg. View Letter

Request Transfer Orders issued in the Cadre of DE: View Letter