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Last updated on 24/04/2014 08:40 Hrs.

We deeply mourn the untimely demise of our dearest colleague Sri. Anil George (33), JTO BSS, Kalpetta in a Road Accident at Changaramkulam, Malappuram.

SNEA (India) Kerala Circle conveys its deepest condolences to the bereaved members of his family for this greatest loss.


Looking After arrangement in the Cadre of STS has been published by Circle Office. View Order


Circle Office has published the awards for the best performances in different categories during the FY 2013-14. SNEA (India) sincerely congratulating all Comrades and officials for their achievements. View the List

CGMT has published a letter regarding Excellent performance of Kerala Circle. View Letter


Dear comrades, after a very successful financial year, on the eve of celebration of historical achievement of Kerala Circle, CGMT Kerala has send a ‘very motivating ‘ SMS to All SSA Heads.

“Dear SSA Head,
I am Pained to note that the landline fault rate has climbed upto 40,000. A few weeks ago it was 23,000. Why? I notice one difference. Mohan who was DGM OP retired. He was monitoring the fault rates relentlessly day after day and admonishing and even threatening his colleagues without hesitation on my behalf. I miss him. Are all SSA heads put together less effective than one DGM. Please introspect and act decisively. We are not running a fair weather service but an essential services.
MSS Rao. “

Dear comrades, once again CGMT Kerala found out that our successful performance in the last financial year was only due to one DGM and is not a team effort. The association cannot understand this type of ‘motivating messages’. Time and again we are expressing our considered view that the Circle management is distanced from the field realities. However we congratulate the DGM OP who was solely responsible for the performance of the circle for the historic achievement.


Circle Secretary writes to CGMT regarding some suggestions for reduction of AMC charges for new technology switches.View the Letter


Circle Secretary writes to CGMT, Kerala for making an Infra updation Portal same as in Mobile Services for updating Exchange Infra Structures for easy review at all level and effective infrastructure optimization like Powerplant, Battery, DG, switches etc. View the Letter


JAO Posting - Positive steps taken by BSNL before Hon. CAT, Eranakulam!!!
In continuation with the yesterday's report regarding JAO Posting, in a related development, today 09/04/2014 in the OA/180/00072/2014 filed by Sri. Shaji P.S and others, BSNL has submitted before Hon. CAT, Eranakulam that, 19 Officers who have passed Part I & II of the Internal Competitive Examination for the promotion to the post of JAO held in December 2012 would be given officiating within one month period.

Congratulations Comrades!!!
Filling of remaining posts and regularization shall be further taken up by the Association.


After a long legal battle by the officials and a lot of persuasion at the Management level by SNEA (India) on serval occasions, finally the Management has published the results of 42 successful candidates for the 40% quota for JAO Examination. view the results

Dear comrades, the association is closely watching the developments for training and posting and all necessary legal supports will be given to the affected candidates for the further proceedings in the honourable courts.


Circle Office has published revised Long stay list. View List


Circle Secretary writes a letter to the CGMT Kerala regarding Posting of faculty at RTTC, Trivandrum. View the Letter


Today, Circle Secretary Send a message to CGMT, Kerala as follows:-

The CGMT, Kerala

Your kind intervention is requested to the shortage of Rs. 20/- TOP UP and International SIM. It is also suggested full talk time of Rs. 55/- as festival offer.

CS, Kerala


After a ‘Very Satisfactory Performance’ of Kerala Circle during the last financial year, the Circle Office has published a Long Standing List including Officers working in SSA like Malappuram, Kannur etc. View the List

We are at fail to understand the rationale behind this list. Any how the Association cannot accept any kind of dislocation of Executives by Transfer for the sake of transfer.

Dear Comrades, get ready for anything happen untoward. In the meantime details of all pending Transfer requests may be intimated to Concerned SSA Secretaries urgently.


Circle Office has published long stay list of Executives in the Circle. View the List


All are requested to go through this document before processing APAR.


Attention SSA Secretaries!!!
All SSA Secretaries are requested to collect the inter SSA Transfer Request details of Officers joined during 2012 along with Date of Joining by contacting officials in person. The data may be send to the Circle Secretary at the earliest to pursue the case at Circle Office.

Ensure the forwarding of VCs of All officials due for Regular promotions from JTO to SDE and SDE to DE at the earliest.

It is learnt that all pending VCs and Assessment reports for TBP are available at Circle Office now. TBP orders (left out cases in the earlier orders) will be issued shortly from Circle Office.