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CS writes to PGM(F) regarding imparting JAO Phase III training
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The Phase I training of JAO LICE Batch 2012 as well as the Phase II training has been completed on 30/5/2015 and 16/1/2017 respectively. It is learnt that the Phase III training for the above batch has not scheduled so far. As per the JAO Recruitment Rules an official appointed should complete the training schedule within one year for drawing their increment, declaration of probation etc. In this context, we humbly requested PGM(F) that necessary instructions may be given to the concerned to initiate the process to impart Phase III training to JAO LICE Batch 2012 at the earliest.


Congratulations..!! to the new Office Bearers of SNEA Kannur
The District Conferance of SNEA Kannur held at KAULA INN Hotel, Kannur unanimously elected the following office bearers.

President: Com. Rajesh PV Manchan, SDE Civil
Secretary: Com. Deepak Kumar P, JTO Payyanur
Treasurer: Com. Unnikrishnan P, SDE Kannur
CEC Member: Com. Jithesh.KP, SDE Marketing

The District Conference of SNEA KANNUR was held at Kaula Inn, Kannur on 19.05.2017 in a befitting manner. The meeting paid rich tribute to Veteran Leader Com W.Sheshagiri Rao and Com. Prakash T.S, DET Thaliparamba.
The meeting was inaugurated by Com. Sebastin.K GS SNEA CHQ and felicitated by Com. T.Santhosh Kumar CS Kerala, ACS KV Chandran and Area Secretary North Com. Gafoor. Addressing the enthusiastically crowded house of the most profit making BA of the Country, GS congratulated and hailed the dedication and hard work offered by each and every employee of the BA. Comrades of BA were not only appreciated for their commitment towards the improvement of the system but also praised for their uncompromising stand in exploiting the corruptive like MSS Rao. The meeting was attended by almost cent percent members. Circle Secretary Com. Santosh Kumar in his felicitation reiterated the need for total movement of executives for regaining the pristine glory of the executives community.
The meeting also bid farewell to Com Pradeepkumar.K.M Sde MM who retires on superannuation on 31.05.2017.


All DSs / BSs and activists are requested to conduct Lunch Hour demonstration at Circle / SSA Head Quarters today on 18-05-2017 under the banner of Joint Forum.


Congratulations..!! All Transfer requests considered by the Administration
Transfer Orders(SDE) || Transfer Orders(JTO) || Circle Office Postings


17 May 2017, World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD 2017)
Theme 2017: Big Data for Big Impact

The theme for WTISD-17, "Big Data for Big Impact," focuses on the power of Big Data for development and aims to explore how to turn imperfect, complex, often unstructured data into actionable information in a development context. The insight brought on by advanced analysis can strongly complement the evidence-based nature of decision-making that can be leveraged at national, regional and international levels to drive success towards attaining all 17 of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030.


CS writes to CGMT Kerala regarding filling up of DGM posts in the Circle
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The DGM DPC was held by considering the DGM posts occupied by Addl GM, Jt GM and DR DGM as vacant and the number of vacant post may be calculated accordingly ( Addl GM - 4 and DR DGM - 3). The transfer request of 6 DGMs from Kerala circle was considered by Corporate Office and they may be relieved soon from Kerala Circle. As per the recent Corporate Office order, around 26 persons from other Circles were posted to Kerala Circle as DGMs (KTK – 14, TN – 3, CHTD – 5, STR – 2, STP – 2). From our past experience our observation is that many of the officers posted from other Circles may not be joining Kerala Circle.
Hence, it is requested to consider the above factors while deciding the number of DGMs in LA to be reverted on joining of the new DGMs from other circle. In case any reversion is necessitated it may be done following the seniority at circle level and the incoming DGMs may be posted against such resultant vacancy.


Corporate Office has released Transfer and Posting Orders for Six DGMs of Kerala Circle to their requested Circle. We thank our CHQ for the timely release of orders. View Orders

15/5/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

Meeting with Member(Fin), Telecom Commission on 12.05.2017 regarding reconsideration of PO dated 28.03.2017 and approval of E2 and E3 pay scales:
JF leaders met Smt Arundhati Mitra, new Member(F) and held discussions on the issue. DDG(F) and Director(F) also present in the meeting. Member(F) invited us for the scheduled meeting. JF explained the background. The replacement scales approved for E1A and E2A are lower pay scales of E1 and E2 and as a result the JTO/JAO and SDE/AO cadres stands demoted. It is not at all the proposal of BSNL. DDG(F) tried to justify the decision as done by AS(T) stating that the pay scales were E1, E2 and E1A/E2A were only applicable for the absorbed Executives for fitment purposes. JF refuted the arguments with the PO issued by DoT in 2003 in which it is clearly written that the Executives recruited by BSNL also will have the same pay scales of E1A and E2A. BSNL recruited Executives in E1A scale. JTO, JAO, SDE, AO etc RRs are approved by the BSNL Board with E1A/E2A scales, in which two Board members are from DoT.

Now BSNL management also not agreed to the PO as the pay scales are not recommended by BSNL. BSNL requested to reconsider the decision. JF categorically rejected E1 and E2 scales approved by DoT and told that replacement scales for E1A and E2A should be E2 and E3 as per the recommendation of BSNL.

Meanwhile the letter from CMD, BSNL is processed by the concerned section.

Comrades, it is very clear that DoT will stick to its decision unless and until we are creating so much organizational pressure through the struggles. So make extensive preparations for the work according to rule and relay hunger strike from 29.05.2017. The impact of the struggle only will change the stand of DoT.

Meeting with PGM(Estt) on Superannuation benefits: In continuation of the meeting held last week, further discussions held on the subject. We demanded that further hike in the contribution to 30% is to be considered in view of the fact that the actual analysis of medical benefits are completed. After discussion, PGM(Estt) assured to move the proposal.

Work According to Rule and Relay Hunger strike from 29.05.2017.
During the intervening period of three weeks, grass roots level preparations should be continued for the success of the agitation from 29.05.2017. Local level combined meeting shall be convened to explain the developments to the grass root level activists. This three weeks should be effectively utilized by JF CSs, SSA Secretaries and office bearers at all levels for organizing the meetings by extensive tour. It is the time for organizational preparations.

CHQ will try to continue the dialogue with DoT and BSNL management for which the agitation programmes are temporarily deferred with a hope that DoT and BSNL will seriously involve in resolving the issues.

Unfortunately BSNL management is hell bend to crush the Associations/Unions and silence the voices of trade unions and the workers. This situation we didn’t see even in DoT era. We will take it as a challenge and will respond organizationally. Management should understand that issues will be resolved only though discussion and not through suppressive measures.

If things are not moving positively, we have to respond organizationally in the strongest manner from 29.05.2017. Gear up for that from 29.05.2017.


Allotment for JTO Field Training after completion of Phase-I Induction Training at RTTC Trivandrum
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Time Bound Promotion Orders issued for E2-E3 View Orders | View Annexure


CS writes to CGMT regarding reviewing JTO vacancy calculation as the recently declared vacancy is different from our calculation based on information recieved through RTI. We requested CGMT and also discussed with GM(HR) to review and finalize the above recalculation at the earliest so that all JEs qualified against 2015-16 vacancies can be promoted to JTO cadre which will be very useful for the development of the Circle as well as for the career growth of these employees.
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CS writes to CGMT regarding acute shortage of Junior Engineers in Kerala Circle and also for reviewing JE vacancies.View Letter

It is understood that only 89 candidates have reported for DR-JE document verification process at Kerala Circle Office for the 100 vacancies operated for the Circle as part of Direct Recruitment of Junior Engineers (Erstwhile TTA) from open market for the year 2015 vide examination held across the circles from 25.09.2016 till 29.09.2016. The revised result was published by BSNL Corporate Office on 01.02.2017 vide Letter No. 7-1/2016-Rectt dated 01/02/2017. BSNL Corporate Office had also decided to keep a waiting list of the qualified candidates of the DR-JE exam for incorporation upto 31.01.2018 as per Letter No. 7-1/2016-Rectt dated 13/02/2017.

It is to be noted that majority of JEs (more than 400) working in the circle have been qualified in the last LICE examination for vacancy years upto 2015-16 and many of them have been either appointed as JTOs/JAOs or are undergoing induction training for appointment. Also, fresh batches of JTO induction training from among the LICE qualified candidates are being planned this year itself. This has created acute shortage of JEs in the field causing difficulties for our field units to carry out operation & maintenance of wireline/wireless network in the circle. Hence, it is requested that necessary measures may kindly be initiated to fill the remaining unfilled 11 vacancies out of the 100 declared posts in the Circle from the available waiting list of qualified candidates at the earliest. It is also requested that steps may kindly be taken up with BSNL Corporate Office to enhance the JE vacancies from 100 to at least 300 for Kerala Circle so that vacancies arising out of JE to LICE JTO/JAO selection can be compensated from the existing waiting list itself so as to maintain availability of sufficient manpower of JEs in field to ensure smooth functioning of network operations and maintenance in Kerala Circle.


CS writes to CGMT regarding linking Aadhar card to the existing as well as all new connections for foolproof CAF. View Letter


All District Secretaries / Branch Secretaries and Activists are requested to conduct Lunch Hour Demonstration at Circle / SSA Head Quarters today on 11-05-2017 under the banner of Joint Forum.
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Congratulations..!! Induction training for the 9 JTO LICE candidates approved by BRBRAITT Jabalpur: View Orders
The untiring efforts taken both by the Administration as well as SNEA have yielded the desired results. Initially RTTC Mysore was not ready to increase the number of candidates as per the request from Kerala Circle. Intervention of CS SNEA Karnataka Com.Nagavi with Principal RTTC Mysore and CGMT Karnataka was significant in convincing them and accordingly RTTC Mysore agreed to increase the number. In this course RTTC Trivandrum also agreed to increase the seat by 9 for the Phase-1 training. We thank Circle administration particularly AGM HR, CS SNEA Karnataka, Principal RTTC Mysore and DGM Training Jabalpur.


08-05-2017 to 28-05-2017

Dowload Badge in doc format || Badge in Pdf format

6/5/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

In view of the very positive discussions held on 04.05.2017 and 05.05.2017 and the assurance from management to continue the discussions on all the HR issues on weekly basis till the issues are resolved, JF Forum of BSNL Executives Associations decided to defer the Relay Hunger Strike from Monday onwards at BSNL HQ and Circle HQs till 28.05.2017. The Work According to Rule, Non cooperation and Relay Hunger strike at SSA HQs also deferred till 28.05.2017.

The DO letter from CMD, BSNL to Secretary DoT to review the PO dated 28.03.2017 is under process in DoT. Management arranged a combined meeting of JF and BSNL management in the Hon Ministers Office next week to explain the issue. Afterwards management is arranging a meeting with Secretary, DoT also in this regard.

On other HR issues, actions will be initiated from Monday onwards and discussions will be continued from Monday. Director HR shall be reviewing the progress every week.

If the standard pay scales of E2 and E3 are not approved by DoT by 28.05.2017 and progress is not there in the HR issues as assured, our agitation programmes will be resumed and intensified w.e.f 29.05.2017 with the following programmes.

29.05.2017 onwards: Indefinte Relay Hunger Strike and Work According to Rule.

If any negative developments happening in between, these agitation programmes will stand preponed accordingly. To keep the momentum and mobilization at all levels, the following programs will be observed in the intervening period.

8th to 28th May: Executives will perform duty by wearing demand badges.

Every Tuesday (9th, 16th & 23rd May): Executives will work without taking Lunch, in protest.

Every Thursday (11th, 18th and 25th May): Lunch Hour demonstration at CHQ/Circle/SSA level.

6/5/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

Meeting with DIR(HR) on 05.05.2017 regarding CPSU Hierarchy, finalization of HR plan and creation of additional DGM posts on matching savings:
GS, President and AGS had meeting with DIR(HR) on the outstanding issues of CPSU Hierarchy, finalization of HR plan and creation of additional DGM posts. PGM(Pers) and GM(SR) also present in the meeting. On CPSU Hierarchy both side could come close to our demand on promotions to AGM grade. The HR pan should sync with the CPSU Hierarchy. Finalization of HR pan and CPSU Hierarchy has to happen simultaneously. Several HR issues are pending in the Board due to non finalization of HR plan. In HR plan, the number of posts will be drastically reduced on review of the posts based on assets. Before finalization of HR plan, the posts in transmission mtce, Broadband mtce, leased cct/FTTH connections mtce etc are to be accounted and added in the HR plan. Further discussions on CPSU Hierarchy and HR plan will be held next week in which GM(Restg) also will be present. On creation of additional DGM(T) posts, we justified the demand by citing the lower number of DGM(T) posts comparing to other streams, about 300 DGM posts are occupied by ITS officers on deputation, number of GMs are coming down day by day, so more DGMs are required.

On Superannuation fund trust, some issue is developed with LIC. It has to be further discussed with LIC.


Congratulations..!! to all 9 officials who are finally declared successful in the JTO LICE held on 24/9/2017 for the VY 2014-15.
Although these officials were qualified in the LICE but the result couldnot be declared due to unavailability of vacancies. Based on the revised DoPT guidelines and clarifications received from BSNL-CO, vacancies were recalculated and got increased. We were continuously persuing this issue with the Administration not only for these candidates who cleared LICE for VY 2014-15 but also for the candidates for VY 2015-16. As agreed by Administration, we are trying to accommodate Induction training for these 9 officials along with others i.e from 15/05/2017.

View Result declared by Circle Office

Revised Vacancy position for 2014-15

Clarification recieved from BSNLCO

View CS letters in this regard……dtd 3/3/17 and dtd 17/4/17

Although Kerala Circle has now published the revised vacancies for VY 2014-15, the vacancies declared would need one more revision. As per our calculation, on the basis of information received through RTI, the vacancies may increase further. We have already discussed the same with the Administration and we are trying to create more vacancies for accommodating maximum qualified candidates from VY2015-16. We are also trying for unblocking of the vacancies reserved due to the court cases.


Day-5 (5/5/17): Indefinite Relay Hunger Strike View google photos


Regularisation of Screening test qualified and Phase I training completed TTAs to the grade of JTOs who were not officiating as JTO on the date of promulgation of JTO RR 2014:
SNEA has taken up this issue after verification and resolved the issue. As required by the management to process the case, we had written to DIR(HR) on 22.03.2017 (View Letter). Finally the proposal has been approved by the MC. Establishment section has addressed to the concerned circles. We are persuing the issue with Circle Administration for sending them for training immediately.
View Clarification letter from BSNLCO to Kerala Circle


Discussions on HR issues continued for the third day with PGM(Pers) and Jt GM (Pers) on the following pending HR issues:

I. Promotions in various cadres: Management agreed to work out suitable mechanism to issue promotion orders shortly. The framework for issuance of promotion orders shall be ready by next week. The matter has been discussed with the senior advocate also.

1. JTO to SDE promotion under seniority & LDCE quota: It is decided that Personal cell will immediately call for Vigilance clearance for JTO to SDE promotions in both the quotas for all the JTOs as per the eligibility lists as well as all the LDCE passed candidates. The modalities to end the impasse will be initiated which includes discussing the matter with petitioners and issuing promotions for all the unfilled vacancies. Similarly, all the candidates who have passed LDCE shall be considered for promotion.

2. SDE to DE promotion: VCs will be called for next week. We demanded to divert the remaining 25 percent MT quota also for promotions which management agreed to consider.

3. JTO (C/E/TF) to SDE(C/E/TF) promotion: Immediate action will be initiated for conduction of DPC for all the vacancies upto 2016-17.

4. SDE(C) to EE(C) promotion: Same action will be initiated as in the case of SDE to DE promotion.

5. JAO to AO and AO to CAO promotions: Discussions will be held next week in the presence of GM(FP).

II. Uniform 1st Time Bound Promotion in Four Years for all the Executives. Detailed discussions held on the issue. We explained the background of the issue where thousands of Executives joined between 1996 to 2002 are getting first TBP in 6 or 5 years where as others are getting in 4 years of service, especially after the 2nd PRC. The Khan Committee recommendations also come up for discussion. Further discussions required on the issue. Meanwhile management agreed to start working on the issue and will call the details from the circles immediately for the implementation.

III. Scrapping of ongoing DR-DGM Recruitment and DR-DGM/MT RRs. On DR-DGM RR, BSNL management agreed to scrap the RR. The proposal will be moved to MC and BSNL Board. On ongoing DGM rect, management is non committal and we demanded scraping of the same. The declared results are again under scrutiny. On MT RR, no rect process will be initiated and the methodology for fast track promotions will be discussed and finalized after CPSU Hierarchy implementation.

Comrades, today discussions were very positive and management seriously got involved in resolving the issues. It is agreed to continue the discussion on weekly basis till the issues are resolved. Weekly review meeting will be held with DIR (HR) also on the issues.


Day-4 (4/5/17): Indefinite Relay Hunger Strike View google photos

4/5/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

Discussions on HR issues continued for the second day. Initial discussions were held in the chamber of Director (HR) and other senior officers of HR unit. Thereafter, it was decided that detailed discussions on different issues will be held with concerned PGMs. After that again discussions will be held at the level of DIR(HR).
Thereafter, first round of discussions on issues pertaining to Establishment section was held today. The issues discussed were 30% Superannuation Benefit, Extending 22820 as initial basic to the Executives recruited post 01.01.2007 and Extending E1A and E2A pay scales to Civil/Elect/Arch/PA/ PS etc, notionally w.e.f. 01.10.2000. On Superannuation benefits further discussions will be held next week end as Estt cell sought some more time. On E1A and E2A, the issue is under the consideration of MC. The details of the financial implications worked out by the BSNL management are shared with us and further discussion will be held on next Monday. Subsequently as directed by MC, the proposal will be resubmitted. On 22820, mgt acknowledged that there is a pay loss that needs to be resolved. However, on question of pay parity with earlier batches, mgt techinically not accepted it. Committee is examining the issue and further discussions will be held with the committee next week.
On other HR issues of promotions, first TBP etc, discussion will continue tomorrow with PGM (Pers).




SNEA Kerala Circle conveys its deepest condolences to the bereaved members of his family for this greatest loss.


Day-3 : Indefinite Relay Hunger Strike View google photos
Indefinite Relay Hunger Strike went to the 3rd day at all Circle HQs and BSNLCO. At Kerala Circle, both SNEA and AIGETOA activists actively took part in the Day long Relay Hunger Strike. Comrades from various districts flocked to O/o CGMT Trivandrum and expressed their protest against demotion of Cadres and for the approval of pending HR issues.
BSNLEU led by ACS Com.Santhosh visited Samara Pandal and expressed support for our struggle. AIBDPA leaders Circle President Com.Aravindakshan Nair visited samara pandal and addressed. Veteran Leader Com.NA.Abraham also addressed the historical strike. We appreciate JAOs/AOs of the support Association who voluntarily came forward to participate in the Hunger Strike.

Comrades, Each and every Executive should voluntarily come forward to participate in the Hunger Strike. All the JAO/AOs and other Executives not joined this agitation so far shall come forward and join this struggle for their better future. This agitation is for our future. JF will protect each and every Executive joins this agitation from vindictive actions. This Relay Hunger Strike will continue till the issues are resolved to our satisfaction.

3/5/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

Congratulations!!! DGM Adhoc Promotion order released...
View Orders in PDF. || View list in Excel format

Expressing support by GS / BSNLEU for the struggle by Joint Forum -
View letter copy.

Discussion on HR issues pending in BSNL:
Today after lot of uncertainty over the discussions on HR issues, meeting started in the evening with DIR(HR), after the MC meeting. Further discussions on HR issues will continue tomorrow at 11.30 am in the presence of concerned PGMs.

BSNL Management today invited SNEA alone for discussion on various HR issues. However JF has declined to meet individually. JF insisted management that the discussion should be held with JF which served the notice.
View SR Cell letter copy
View copy of the letter written by GS.

GS writes to CMD regarding increasing the number of DGM (T) posts by matching savings to address the huge stagnation in Telecom Engineering side in comparison with other streams before HR plan is finalised (Reminder).... View copy of the letter.

2/5/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

Indefinite Day long Relay Hunger strike (09.30 am to 05.30 pm) at BSNL HQ and Circle HQs started from 01.05.2017 onwards.
SSAs should join the Relay Hunger strike at Circle HQs in rotation to make the programme successful. Each and every Executive should voluntarily come forward to participate in the Hunger Strike. All the JAO/AOs and other Executives not joined this agitation so far shall come forward and join this struggle for their better future. This agitation is for our future. JF will protect each and every Executive joins this agitation from vindictive actions. This Relay Hunger Strike will continue till the issues are resolved to our satisfaction. CSs and other activists to chalk out the strategy accordingly.

Day-2 (02-05-2017) at Circle Office, Trivandrum View Google Photos

Day-1 (01-05-2017) at Circle Office, Trivandrum View Google Photos

1/5/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

Today AIBSNLEA has written a letter to BSNL management for including cascading effects points in E2/E3 letter of reconsideration to be sent to DOT.
It is really unfortunate that when all the Executives in BSNL have joined together in the struggle for E2 and E3 scales unconditionally, such demands are raised by them which may kill the whole issue. Earlier, AIBSNLEA has given support letter for the struggle, even agreed to have joint struggle at one point of time. Cascading effect shall be a show stopper in settlement of pay scales and this fact is known to everyone in BSNL. At this point of time, when the agitation by the Executives forced DoT to reconsider the decision, our own comrades and Assns are again trying to derail the issue by seeking cascading effect in replacement of Non Standard Pay Scales E1A and E2A by E2 and E3.

View Copy of AIBSNLEA letter to CMD and DoT Secretary.

It is our appeal to AIBSNLEA to withdraw the letter and give a letter in support of settling E2 and E3 scales alone. Otherwise the history will never forgive them. All the members of AIBSNLEA should force the leadership to change the stand on E2 and E3 scales and support the agitation.

We have pursued with BSNL management for sending the proposal limited to replacement of E1A & E2A pay scales by E2 & E3 scales. Management has considered our request and finally BSNL has sent the DO letter from CMD to Secretary DoT requesting for replacement of intermediary scales alone. The meeting on HR issues with Director (HR) and the HR team could not take place due to busy schedule of Director (HR).

1/5/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

In continuation of the meeting held on 27.04.2017, JF writes to Secretary, DoT on approval of standard pay scale of E2 and E3 from 01.01.2007: Approval of BSNL recommendation dated 06.06.2016 for the revision of the intermediary pay scales of Rs 9850-250-14600 (E1A) for JTO equivalent cadres and Rs 11875-300-17275 (E2A) for SDE equivalent cadres with standard pay scales of E2 and E3 w.e.f 01.01.2007 as per 2nd PRC. Request to review the Presidential order issued by DoT on 28.03.2017, totally negating the recommendations of BSNL Board by lowering the pay scales of the entry level cadres of JTO and SDE equivalent from the proposed E2 scale to E1 and E3 scale to E2. About 42,000 Executives directly affected by this order and facing demotion to the lower scales of E1 and E2. 15,000 Executives recruited after 01.01.2007 till today, completely demoralized as their basic pay has come down by atleast Rs 4200/-. Status of the company as well as the quality of the directly recruited Executives will be affected as similar CPSUs are making recruitments in E2 or E3 scales.
View Copy of the letter.


30/4/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

Indefinite Day long Relay Hunger strike (09.30 am to 05.30 pm) at BSNL HQ and Circle HQs starts from 01.05.2017 onwards.

Various SSAs should join the Relay Hunger strike at Circle HQs in rotation to make the programme successful. All our members should voluntarily come forward to participate in the Hunger Strike. This Relay Hunger Strike will continue till the issues are resolved to our satisfaction. CSs and other activists to chalk out the strategy accordingly.

The agitation programes will be further intensified after two weeks as reported earlier.

29/4/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

JF, CHQ congratulate thousands and thousands of Executives joined their hands in the MASS CASUAL LEAVE on 28.04.2017 for protecting JTO/JAO and SDE/AO cadres from demotion, for protecting the status and dignity of the cadres. Thousands of Executives, irrespective of Association affiliation supported the agitation. As per the report, lot of Non-Executives and Office Bearers of Non-Executive Unions also took CL in support of the agitation.

However Office Bearers at various levels to identify the SNEA member not joined this programme, if any.

The 72 Hours Day and Night Relay Hunger Strike from 10.00 Hrs of 25.04.2017 to 10.00 Hrs of 28.04.2017 became a big success due to the Unity among the Executives. Irrespective of membership, large number of Executives joined the Relay Hunger Strike under the banner of JF. The resentment against the DoT on the rejection of standard pay scales of E2 and E3, non approval of HR issues in the Board, non settlement of HR issues in BSNL was clearly visible among the Executives. Most of the Executives observed hunger strike atleast one day. Congratulations to each and every one of them.

At Ahmedabad, more than 800 Executives who were on Mass Casual Leave protested infront of BSNL Board of Directors, DIR(HR), DIR(CFA) and DIR(EB) and western Zone CGMs who are at Ahmedabad for West Zone review meeting. All of them assured to the protesting Executives that they are with the Executives and all the issues will be resolved in a time bound manner.


Congratulations..!! JTO(T) Induction Training for the LICE candidates (VY 2014-15) is scheduled. SNEA Kerala wholeheartedly wishes for a very successful training to all. We once again welcome you all to the Executive Fraternity.
View Letter || List of Candidates || Undertaking


In the discussions held with JF on 27.04.2017, DoT in principle agreed to review the PO issued on 28.03.2017. As decided in the meeting, BSNL will be sending the letter for review positively on Monday. Management has informed that they are arranging a joint meeting with MoS(C) office shortly. DoT/BSNL has sought some time to process the proposal again and for conclusive resolution of the pending HR issues. The discussions on HR issues will start from Monday onwards.

However, this is only half work done. We have to go miles ahead for resolution of HR issues in totality and for that a sustained and intensive struggle is required. We have to keep the momentum as it is and continue discussion with management and DoT.

In view of the above developments, JF decided to continue with the indefinite Day long Relay Hunger strike (9.30 am to 5.30 pm) at BSNL HQ and Circle HQs from 01.05.2017.

Other trade union programs of Indefinite Work According to Rule, Non Cooperation and Relay Hunger Strike at SSA HQs are deferred for a period of two weeks from 01.05.2017. The Executives from various SSAs should participate in the Relay Hunger Strike at Circle HQs and keep the momentum on.

Activists at all levels to keep organizational preparations to launch more intensified trade union programs immediately after two weeks.


After the meeting in DoT on 27.04.2017, JF leaders met CMD and DIR(HR) and thanked them for their strong and open support in the meeting held in DoT for E2 and E3 pay scales. Both of them assured that BSNL is committed to get E2 and E3 scales implemented and both are using their good offices for the intervention of Hon MOSC and Secretary. BSNL assured to send the letter to Secretary, DoT on Monday itself with all the additional points and justification for E2 and E3 scales. It is understood that Management already written to Hon MOSC to call JF for discussion as situation is not under their control. CMD met Secretary, DoT on 26.04.2017 and briefed the situation and sought his intervention. Earlier he briefed the situation to Hon MOSC.

Comrades, DoT may take two to three weeks to review the decision if the same organizational pressure is maintained. Meanwhile other HR issues are to be discussed with BSNL. We have to keep the same tempo and organizational pressure and further in an intensified manner after two weeks. As we informed earlier, it will be a tough and prolonged agitation where we have to keep the momentum as it is for a longer period. Make preparations accordingly.


Meeting in DoT: DoT invited Jt Forum for discussion on the charter of demands. In addition to Jt Forum leaders, CMD/BSNL, DIR(HR), PGM(Estt) and GM(SR) also present in the discussions. DoT represented by Addl Secretary(T), Jt Secretary(A) and other officers.

At the outset we told Addl Sec that DoT is destabilising BSNL by creating industrial unrest in the company. If that is the intention of DoT, it is better to dismantle BSNL Board, BSNL can be run by DoT and all the employees can be taken to DoT. Otherwise DoT should allow BSNL Board to run the company.

On pay scale issue, we categorically told DoT that JF rejects the PO approved by DoT and will not accept demotion of the cadres. The pay scales of E2 and E3 approved by BSNL has to be approved as it is. AS(T) and other officers justified their action. Again we told them that DoT don’t have any power to lower the scales unilaterally and as per the Union Cabinet decision, pay scales are to be decided by Administrative ministry on the recommendations of the Board only and administrative ministry does not have any power to devise its own proposal.

On pay scale issue CMD/BSNL made its stand very clear by telling DoT that BSNL want to get E2 and E3 pay scales approved replacing E1A and E2A and DOT decision has to be reconsidered.

Finally DoT told BSNL to send a formal letter to Secretary, DoT for reconsideration of the issue and the same will be examined.

On other HR issues pending in the Board like SDE RR, E1+5 increments, MT quota diversion for CAO promotion etc, AS(T) made a comment that Board approval is not required when all other decisions are taken by MC. Then we demanded to record it as minutes of the board instead of making a verbal statement, on which he was non committal.

Comrades, AS(T) will not change the stand by his own. It requires tremendous organizational pressure and the intervention of the Hon Minister. So further organizational pressure is to be mounted. Though pressure created so far is having its effect but more pressure is required to break the ice in DOT and resolve the burning HR issues.

By evening all our CSs and SSA Secretaries should ensure that 100% of our Executives have submitted their Leave applications for tomorrow. All Executives should remain on leave and they need not come to office.


Glimpses of Relay Hunger Strike in Kerala Circle - Day-2(26/4/17)
View Google photos


Meeting of Joint Forum with DIR(HR):

DIR(HR) called a meeting of the Joint Forum today to discuss various demands. PGM(Estt), GM(SR) and DGM(Estt) also present. At the outset DIR(HR) clarified that BSNL is fully committed to the demand of E2 and E3 pay scales and written to DoT to reconsider the order issued on 28.03.2017 approving E1 and E2 scales and requesting to approve E2 and E3 scales as recommended by BSNL on 06.06.2016. DIR(HR) further informed that she didn’t told the PS to Hon MOSC that the PO is as per the BSNL proposal, in fact it is based on the earlier proposal of 2009, rejected by DoT twice. BSNL want to get E2 and E3 scales implemented. Another reminder has been issued by BSNL to DoT to approve its proposal of E2 and E3 scales. Further we had discussions on the meeting called by DoT, tomorrow.

Discussion on HR issues will be held on Monday in the presence of DIR(HR) after her return from tour.


Glimpses of Relay Hunger Strike in Kerala Circle - Day-1(25/4/17)
View Google photos



All the Executives, irrespective of their membership should join this agitation programme and make it a grand success. JF appeal to all the Executives to make a sacrifice for the cadre which had given everything to us. The number will give a clear picture to the management and DoT, how much the Executives are agitated. It will give further momentum to our agitation and settlement of other HR issues.

Meeting with PS to Hon MOSC:
JF leaders met Sri Nitheswar Kumar, IAS and PS to Hon MOSC and had further discussions on standard pay scale issue. We explained to him that the PO issued by DoT recently is based on the 2009 proposal which was rejected by DoT twice, in 2011 and 2014. After rejection of the proposal, BSNL modified its proposal on 06.06.2016. But DoT didn’t acted on this revised proposal.

PS told us that these facts are not known to them and BSNL management didn’t briefed the issue to the Ministers office so far. Surprisingly it was also told by the PS to MOSC that when he contacted, DIR(HR) informed that this new PO issued is as per the BSNL proposal. We had given details of the letter written by DIR(HR) to DoT on 03.04.2017 requesting to reconsider the PO issued by DoT. On this PS assured to speak to DIR(HR) again.

Comrades, this shows that so far CMD and DIR(HR) seriously not taken up this burning issue with MOSC or his office. We have to mount tremendous organizational pressure on CMD and DIR(HR) which compel them to seek the intervention of Hon MOSC.

First day of Relay Hunger Strike:

Outstanding response from almost all the Circles. Hundreds of Executives are on Hunger strike in all the Circles even during night hours. Executives taken this issues into their hearts and decided to fight for the cadre till the resolution of the issues. Joining of SNEA, AIGETOA and all other Assns together given momentum to the agitation. Further mobilisation required in HR and UP(West) Circles.

Large number of activists of AIBSNLEA also joined the Hunger Strike in various Circles. JAOs of 2010, 2012, 2015 and 2016 batches participated in the hunger strike expressing their concern over the issues. This shows the concern of the Executives towards core HR issues irrespective of Association affiliation.

JF reassure all the Executives participating in this crucial struggle for protecting the dignity and prestige of the cadres and settlement of other important HR issues, that it will not allow any victimization by the management.

Management invited the JF for a discussion today at 12.00 Hrs. However in protest against the management decision not to allow JF to erect tent at BSNLCO, JF decided not to go for discussions. In the evening police again denied permission to continue the Hunger strike after office hours. JF leaders categorically told the police officers that even if permission is not given, we will continue the Hunger strike up to tomorrow morning (24 Hrs) till next batch joins. Then police threatened to arrest all of us on Hunger fast and remove from the premises. We told police to do what they want to do and we are ready for arrest but will not leave the place. All the volunteers for hunger fast of 24 hours were ready to court arrest. This all happened at the instance of the management. However, after our strong stand, the police left without arresting us.

All the Executives should be prepared for a long struggle, without losing their conviction and commitment on the issues. Ultimate success will be ours.


download banner in docx format

download banner in pdf

72 hours Relay Hunger Strike from 10 AM Tomorrow.

MASS CL ON 28th April 2017.

Indefinite Relay Hunger Strike and Work According to Rule from 1st May.

The agitation to protect the Cadre from demotion, struggle for justified E2 and E3 pay scales is starting from tomorrow...

The pay scales of all the Executives recruited after 01.01.2007 either through direct rect or promotion (2007, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016 batch JTOs and JAOs) will be decided by the agitation. The pay scales of the future rects and the recent LICE JTOs also will be decided by this. Other HR issues promotions, Superannuation benefits, pay parity, first TB promotion, E1A and E2A from 01.10.2000, cancellation of DGM and MT RR etc are equally important.

Join the agitation programs irrespective of membership. Success of this agitation programs will decide our future. Gear up for the toughest struggle till the issues are settled.

All the Associations are joined or supporting the agitation.

Message from CHQ

The 72 hours Relay Hunger Strike will be from 10:00 AM of 25th April 2017 to 10:00 AM of 28th April 2017. One batch will sit for 24 hours and will be replaced by another batch after 24 hours and so on. All Other will sit on Dharna. Maximum Participation of all the executives should be ensured in Dharna. Ladies Comrades should participate during day hours.

All the office bearers should apply leave for four days beginning from 25th April 2017 to 28th April 2017. The members sitting on hunger fast should also apply leave. All the Circle Secretaries and District Secretaries should serve the copy of the protest action programs under the banner of Joint Forum to their CGMs and SSA heads. Mass Casual Leave by all executives for 28th April 2017 should be ensured by Saturday, the 22nd April 2017.

Office bearers and members should start preparations for intensifying the agitation programs and work according to rule w.e.f 1st May 2017.


Request Transfer Orders in Accounts wing released by Circle Office:
View Orders

We thank PGM(F) for considering Transfer Requests for two years completed cases in the present SSA and releasing the orders. As per our suggestions and deliberations, for the first time in the History of Accounts wing - transparency was maintained in releasing the transfer orders by operating longstay in the required SSA.

For the first time Longstay was published....., For the first time List of transfer requests received were published....., For the first time options were called from officials in longstay list for choice posting....., and For the first time longstay was operated to accommodate request transfers.....

We once again thank PGM(F) and his team for the systematically well executed transfer orders.

In this hour we recall the views expressed by our support association:

It is open for the knowledgeable Executives of Finance wing to make their own assessment on this issue. It was our Promise to all Executives of Telecom Engineering, Finance, Civil, Electrical etc that SNEA will stand for justice, transparency and a system without any favour in respect of transfers and promotions. We have proved our worth with these orders and the recent developments in Civil and Electrical (calling options for LA by notifying for all vacancies) towards the promise made by us and to the members who have reposed their faith in SNEA.
Though these are the facts, we will not be surprised if some association may claim its Consistent and Persistent efforts for bringing out these orders.


Meeting with Shri Sanjay Kumar, GM(HR & Admin) on 20/4/2017:
CS, CT and ACS met Shri Sanjay Kumar CE(Civil) who is now holding the charge of GM(HR & Admin) consequent upon the relieving of Shri D.Mohan to Tamil Nadu Circle. The following points were discussed:

1. Pending Request Transfers in both Accounts and Technical wing: GM(HR) informed that he has already approved the file related to request transfers in Accounts wing, and the cases in technical wing is under process and expected to release the orders in the next week.

2. Pending EPP cases: We reiterated the delay in processing EPP cases: GM(HR) informed that Shri D.Mohan, before relieving has completed the processing of 164 cases of E4-E5 and the remaining pending cases also will be cleared very soon.

3. JTO Vacancy recalculation: We explained the case to the new GM(HR) and informed him that around 200 LICE qualified candidates are waiting for promotion and due to nonavailability of vacancies, we are not able to utilize the services of these candidates in Executive cadre. It is to be noted that JTO working strength in Kerala Circle is the lowest in BSNL with only 39% of the sanctioned strength.

4. Pending SDE(LA) in Civil wing: GM(HR) assured to speed up the process.


Congratulations..!! NATFM has scheduled the Induction Training Phase-1 for JAO LICE qualified candidates based on the revised result. We thank our CHQ, Circle Office team and NATFM for releasing the orders. We were continously persuing the case at every stage. Out of the 256 candidates, 7 are from Kerala Circle and all of them are allotted RTTC, Trivandrum.
View Orders || View Annexure


Sad News:
Com.CJ Joseph, SDE , our former Dist. Secy Kottayam expired today at 8pm. Funeral on Saturday at Muvattupuzha. SNEA Kerala Circle conveys its deepest condolences to the bereaved members of his family for this greatest loss.


Congratulations to all..!! Due to our continous persuasion, Cirle office has partly completed the process and issued E4-E5 Time Bound Financial Upgradation orders for 164 Officers (except Kannur, Ernakulam and Alleppey BA).
Covering Letter | Annexure | Corrections

Dear Comrades, We are persuing the remaining cases also.

Attention to District Secretaries:
In spite of repeated assurances regarding EPP it is seen that most of the cases are pending . All District secretaries are requested to collect the details with category wise E2,E3,E4,E5 etc and status like whether screening committee report in the revised form forwarded to Circle Office with date. Please report immediately.


Gear up for the Agitation by Joint Forum

Joint Notice to Secretary, DOT | Joint Notice to CMD, BSNL

Joint Forum of BSNL Executives' Associations :

Urgent attention of all CSs, SSA and Branch Secretaries... If joint meeting not held so far, convene Joint Forum meeting at Circle and SSA level urgently and form Core committees at Circle and SSA level to monitor the agitation programs. Start combined campaign at all the levels.

The status should be sent to CHQ by all Circle Secretaries on a daily basis.

The issues are very complex and through toughest struggle only we can have breakthrough. Almost 80% of the Executives (approx 40,000) are JTO/JAOs or SDE/AOs and the pay scale of these cadres lowered to E1 and E2. The pay scale of more than 40,000 Executives working as JTO/JAO, SDE/AO equivalent lowered to E1 and E2. Other HR issues like promotions, Superannuation benefits, first TB promotions, pay parity, E1A and E2A for Civil/Elect/Arch/TF/PA/ PS etc, scrapping of DGM and MT RRs etc are the need of the hour and a very tough struggle is needed ahead. If we think that the issues will be resolved sitting in the comfort of the offices, then we are simply befooling ourselves. Each one of us shall have to be part of this program with 100% commitment and without any apprehensions in mind. Those trying to enjoy sitting on fences and trying to weaken the struggle should be reprimanded by each and every Executive and such persons should be shown their true worth.

Toughest agitational programmes are announced in a short notice. The participation, involvement and the impact of this struggle will decide our destiny. So make all out preparations to face any challenge.

72 hours relay hunger strike (day and night) from 25th to 27th will be the first programme. List of Executives participating the Hunger strike may be prepared in advance. All the office bearers should apply leave for four days immediately and all the executives should ensure hundred percent participation.

28.04.2017 is the day of Mass Casual Leave by all the Executives. It requires massive campaign. Make sure that 100% joint forum members and other supporters also are submitting CL applications for 28.04.2017. We should ensure that each and every Executive who cares for the issues should apply leave.

From 1st May onwards, agitation programmes will be intensified. Indefinite Relay Hunger Strike and Work According to Rule will be starting from 01.05.2017.

Join the programs enmasse and make the programs a big success.
Success of this struggle will lead to resolution of the issues. It is going to decide our future. It is going to decide the implementation of Pay, Promotion and Pensionary Benefits for all the BSNL Executives for ever.

Comrades, As the upcoming agitations would be done on the banner of Joint Forum, the Strike Notice served earlier by SNEA was withdrawn and a fresh Strike Notice is issued in the name of Joint Forum (SNEA, AIGETOA, BSNLOA, BEA, BASE(I), TSOA).

As our CHQ website is having some server issues, we thank AIBSNLEA CHQ and AIBSNLEA Kerala for reporting in their website on 17/4/17 regarding withdrawal of our notice and for uploading Corporate office letter in this regard.

Accordingly, a Circle level Joint Forum meeting was convened at SNEA Bhavan, Trivandrum on 17/4/2017. Circle Secretaries and other leaders of SNEA and AIGETOA participated in the meeting and formulated strategy for the upcoming agitational programmes. Joint Forum is trying its best to request support and participation from all Associations and Unions of BSNL.
View Minutes of Circle level JF meeting

Message from our GS Com.K.Sebastin:
Dear Com, convene Joint Forum meeting at Circle and SSA level urgently. Form core committees in Circle and SSA level to monitor the agitation programs. Start combined campaign at all levels. All the coming programs are very crucial and make full preparations for the successful agitation programs. Our website will be restored fully by tommorrow morning.
With regards


CS writes to CGMT regarding Calculation of JTO vacancies as per DOPT OM dated 19-1-2007 and Filling up of all JTO posts (Promotee quota) in Kerala Circle through LICE for the year 2014-15 and 2015-16 View Letter

It is a matter of proud that Kerala circle is the most revenue earning and profit making among all other Circles in BSNL. To retain and enhance the performance of the Circle, ensuring proper manpower as well as motivation to the existing manpower deserves a serious consideration. As per our information the percentage of JTO filling in Kerala Circle is only 39% of the sanctioned strength which is least among all other circles in BSNL. In the matter of recruitment and promotions it appears that the Circle is not interested to fill up maximum posts to meet the man power requirement as well as to extend promotions to its own highly performing employees. Many other Circles with less assets and revenue were able to get more JE/JTO posts sanctioned for direct recruitment. Many of our executives are transferred to other Circles on promotion or on long stay without any incoming.

As far as the present subject under consideration Kerala Circle has calculated internal vacancy of JTO posts as 758 for the vacancy year 2013-14. Had the vacancies were calculated as per DOPT OM dated 19-1-2007 from 2007 onwards the vacancies would have been much more than that of 758. Out of the 758 posts 215 vacancies were reserved in the name of some pending court cases without any order from the court. Though later 160 vacancies were released, 55 JTO vacancies are still reserved without filling in the name of court cases. There is no order from any court for reserving vacancies to the applicant pending disposal of the case. It is pertinent to note that one of the OA pending before the Hon.CAT is challenging the JTO RR 2015 and with a prayer to fill up vacancies up to 2015 under pre-amended RR. We are failed to understand the logic and rational behind this decision while number of promotion orders are issued by the corporate office wherein court cases were pending subjected to the final disposal of the court case. In this case the Circle administration has chosen to not to fill up these posts to the disadvantage of its operations as well as to eligible candidates. This stand of the administration will only strengthen the argument of the petitioners. The petitioners can point out to the court that BSNL itself is not having faith in the correctness of its arguments as it have reserved posts for the petitioners anticipating the prayer in the OAs are allowed . As there is no order from the courts for the reservation of the posts against the applicants it is requested to release all the vacancies without any further delay. It may be noted that 9 more qualified hands of 2014-15 is yet to be accommodated and 196 candidates have qualified in the LICE for promotion to JTO against 2015-16 and only 17 posts are declared as vacant.

It was expected that the number of vacancies under promotee quota would be increased as per the latest instruction from corporate office which is now kept under abeyance. Hence it is requested to take all out efforts to declare all vacancies so as to ensure promotions to all qualified hands. It is requested to calculate the vacancies from 2007 onwards as per DOPT OM dated 19-1-2007 and declare all the vacancies including the reserved posts so that all qualified candidates of 2014-15 and 2015-16 can be promoted which will ensure better manpower and motivate the employees to improve the performance of the Circle.



Congratulations..!! to the JTO-LICE qualified candidates.
JTO Induction training schedule is preponed to one week:

BRBRAITT Lr dtd 13/4/17 || CS Lr dtd 3/4/17 || Circle Off Lr dtd 6/4/17

Comrades, it was only due to our continuous persuasion at Kerala Circle Office and at BRBRAITT, Jabalpur that we could succeed in the preponement of Induction training to one week to avoid litigations in future. Kindly refer to our website dtd 3/4/2017 wherein we discussed this matter with GM(HR) and based on our inputs(CS Letter), Circle Office has sent a letter to BRBRAITT, Jabalpur on 6/4/2017(see letter).

We thank our SNEA Circle Secretary of Madhya Pradesh, Com. Dutta Mujumdhar who pursued the issue with GM(Admin) Smt.Nidhi Mathur at BRBRAITT, Jabalpur. Yesterday when our CP Com.George Varghese called Smt.Nidhi Mathur GM(Admin) and Smt.Charu Sharma DGM(Training Management), BRBRAITT, Jabalpur, they assured that orders would be released immediately. We thank them for understanding the issue and releasing the orders as promised.

During the meeting with Administration on 12/4/17, GM(HR) assured that based on the clarification received from Corporate office and based on the recalculation of vacancies, the result for the remaining qualified candidates would also be declared and will be sent to training along with others.

We once again welcome these officials to the Executive fraternity.


Sad News: Com.TS Prakash, DE Thaliparamba (former SDE Ernakulam and Kottayam) expired.
SNEA Kerala Circle conveys its deepest condolences to the bereaved members of his family for this greatest loss.

Cremation at 3 PM, 14.04.2017.
(Place: Near Brilliance College Jn, Pala, Kottayam)



As agreed by GM(HR) in the meeting with this Association on 12/4/2017, Circle Office has published a revised Longstay list of SDEs and JTOs. We thank GM(HR) for the positive response and for considering the shortage and difficult areas like Iddukki, Wayanad, Kannur, Malappuram etc….

View Covering Letter | Longstay list of SDEs | Longstay list of JTOs


Meeting with GM(HR) on 12/4/2017:

CS Com.Santhosh Kumar, CT Com.Premkumar.G, ACS Com.Ramana met GM(HR&Admin) ShriMohan.D on 12/4/2017 for discussing various pending HR issues. DGM(Admin) ShriSatheesh and DGM(HR) Shri James Sagayaraj were also present in the meeting which began at 4PM and went on upto 5.30PM.

The following issues were discussed:

1. Publication of Unjustified Longstay list:
We expressed our protest for including officials in the longstay list without considering difficult and shortage areas like Iddukki, Wayanad, Kannur, Malappurametc causing much unrest among hundreds and hundreds of Executives.

GM(HR) also expressed his displeasure for not publishing the list with remarks about the service details of officials in Iddukki and Wayanad. GM(HR) assured that these Officials would not be disturbed and a revised list would be published.

2. Strategy for considering the Request Transfers:
We requested Administration to consider all request transfers who have or are going to complete 2 years’ service in the present SSA. We also requested to operate longstay transfer to the bare minimum for considering the request transfers and also for relieving the already transferred officials in various SSAs who are waiting for substitute. We informed GM(HR) that many of the 21 JTOs coming on Rule-8 from Karnataka belongs to shortage SSAs and are expected to arrive in May/June 2017. Kerala Circle will be soon getting around 160 JTOs through LICE and around 400 JTOs through external recruitment(GATE).

GM(HR) heard us and positively assured that the longstay transfers will be kept minimum , the cutoff date for considering the request transfers for those who did not complete 2 years service in the present SSA would be 30-SEP-2017 and the staff shortages in various SSAs would be addressed through inflow of around 600 JTOs from Rule-8 inflow, LICE JTOs and GATE JTOs.

We have requested the Admin to issue necessary substitute without delay so that the officers waiting for release from Malappuram, Thrissur etc.. can be relieved and also to issue orders in respect of pending request cases. GM HR assured that this will be done before his release on transfer to TamilNadu.

3. JTO Vacancy recalculation:
We enquired about the status of clarification sought from Kerala Circle to Corporate office regarding JTO Vacancy recalculation based on the revised DoPT guidelines. During the course of our meeting GM(HR) got a call from PGM(Estt),Corporate office regarding the same, informing about the clarification. GM(HR) informed that Corporate office Letter dtd 15/3/2017 regarding vacancy calculation is kept in abeyance.

Comrades, we are taking up this issue with our CHQ as with the new clarification, the number of vacancies may not be much increased and the candidates who cleared the LICE seems to be more than the vacancies available.

4. Long Pending EPP cases:
We once again reiterated our protest regarding long delay in processing EPP cases. GM(HR) assured that he will complete the job before his relieving to Tamilnadu Circle in this month.

5. Preponement of JTO Induction Training:
GM(HR) informed that they are in touch with BRBRAITT Jabalpur and are trying to prepone the training to avoid further litigations in the future. Comrades, our Circle Secretary Madhya Pradesh Com.Dutta Mujumdhar met GM(Admin) Shri Nithin Mathur at BRBRAITT, Jabalpur and discussed the same for the preponement of JTO Induction training . We are expecting positive news.


The DHARNA programme call given by CHQ was conducted enthusiastically throughout Kerala on 11/4/2017. AIGETOA supported and participated at various places. AIGETOA Office bearers - Circle Secretary Com.Saheer, ACS Com.Prasadraj, DS-Trivandrum Com.Sekhar and other leaders and members of AIGETOA actively participated at Circle Office dharna. View Photos

Dharna at Circle Office

AIGETOA DS-Trivandrum Com.Sekhar addressing dharna at Circle Office

Circle Treasurer of SNEA Vanitha Vedhi Com.Vimala addressing dharna at Circle Office

ENK District Convenor of SNEA Vanitha Vedhi Com.Nileena.KP addressing dharna at Ernakulam


Due to our continuous persuasion, finally Circle office has released Looking After orders in STS cadre. Congratulations to All..!! View DE LA orders


Joint Forum of BSNL Executives Associations comprising of SNEA, AIGETOA, BEA, BASE(India), BSNLOA and TSOA served notice to Secretary, DoT and CMD/BSNL.

Joint Notice to DOT Secretary | Joint Notice to CMD BSNL


1. Approval of BSNL recommendation to replacement of non-standard pay scales of E1A and E2A with standard pay scales of E2 and E3 w.e.f 01.01.2007 as per Union Cabinet decision and DPE orders.

2. Approval of pending HR issues in the BSNL Board:

1. Immediate Issuance of Promotion Orders from JTO (T) to SDE (T) under DPC/LDCE quota and issuance of Promotion Orders in all other cadres, in all the wings under both quotas.
2. Extending 30 percent Superannuation Benefit to the BSNL recruited employees along with revision in date of implementation from the beginning.
3. Extending initial basic of Rs. 22820/- to the Executives recruited post 01.01.2007.
4. Uniform 1st Time Bound Promotion in Four Years for all Executives.
5.Extending E1A and E2A scales notionally to JTO/SDEs of Civil/Electrical/Arch/TF wings and PA/PS cadres w.e.f. 01.10.2000.
6. Scrapping of ongoing DR-DGM recruitment and DR-DGM/MT RRs.
7. Resolution of other long pending HR issues.

Protest Action Program:

1. 25th, 26th and 27th April 2017: 72 hours relay hunger strike at SSA and Circle Headquarters, Sanchar Bhavan/BSNL Headquarters.

2. 28th April 2017: One day Mass Casual Leave by all Executives of BSNL.

3. 1st May 2017 onwards: Indefinite relay hunger strike at SSA, Circle and BSNL Headquarters and Work According to Rule along with Complete Non-Cooperation till resolution of the issue.

4. The program shall be intensified further from 10th May 2017 on wards through more vigorous actions, if the issues are not settled within this period.

Comrades, It is a Do or Die battle for us. On pay scales, DoT already issued PO and we have to mount tremendous pressure to reverse the order. For the Seniors, it is their responsibility to protect the cadre and its dignity. What struggle they had done in 1986, 1996 and 2002 for the upgradation of the cadres remind us how important this issue for all of us. If we allow demotion of JTO and SDE cadre, tomorrow same fate may follow for other cadres also. The status of the company also will be degraded by the lowering of pay scales. For the youngsters, they have to understand that their pay and status is going down for ever. They should not allow the office bearers to be complacent and should mount pressure at each level by fully participating in the struggle. They have to take the lead in this crucial struggle to shake the DoT establishment. This will be the last opportunity for all of us to get this prestigious pay scale for the cadres, for the post 2007 rects and the future rects.

Similarly other HR issues also to be addressed without further delay. Promotions in all the cadres, Superannuation benefits, pay parity of 22820 for post 2007 rects, 1 st TBP uniformly after 4 years, E1A and E2A for C/E/Arch/TF/PA/PS etc from 01.10.2000, scrapping of DGM and MT RRs are the main issues.

All the issues will be settled only through struggles and continuous persuasion. Notice is already served and the success of the struggle fully depends on the participation of the members. Success of the struggle will lead to resolution of the issues. Make all the preparations along with all other Assns. Make meetings at all levels and prepare every Executive to come out and join the agitation.


Unjustified Longstay list published by Circle Office:

Covering Letter | Lonstay list of SDEs | Longstay list of JTOs

Circle Office has published the long awaited longstay list of SDEs and JTOs. The list published contains names of Officers of all SSAs without considering the actual requirement of the transfers and the difficult and shortage considerations like Malappuram, Kannur, Wayanad, Iddukki etc.

It appears that the Circle Administration is finding as an achievement in publishing a “Lengthier” longstay list. The said list contains more than 500 officials whereas the actual requirement is only around 31. Even after mulling for more than 3 months on this issue, the Administration failed to understand the actual requirement. The administration is yet to decide what actually is to be done.

In this connection we may appreciate the Finance wing, though they have decided to resort to longstay transfer policy for the first time to meet the transfer request requirement, they were able to prepare a list with minimum numbers of Officers, also providing them opportunity to register their options.

SNEA strongly protest the manner in which the matter is being handled in a most irresponsible and insensitive manner causing unrest in the minds of hundreds and hundreds of Executives.

We are constrained to recall the INDUSTRIAL UNREST imposed by the insensitive Circle Administration by meddling with the then prevailing smooth and mutually agreed transfer policy in the Circle during 2014.

We urge upon the Administration to handle this matter sensitively and urgently so that the longstay officers are able to come back to their requested stations without creating turbulence in the Circle.

Circle Secretary has already registered protest to Circle Administration by sending SMS to CGMT and GM(HR). Immediately after the publication of the longstay list, ACS and DS-CO met DGM(HR) and AGM(HR) in the evening to register our protest. DGM(HR) informed that although they have published the complete list containing the names of Officers without considering the difficult and shortage areas like Malappuram, Kannur, Wayanad, Iddukki etc, these Officers would be exempted from longstay transfers.

Circle Secretary along with other Office bearers will be meeting CGMT and GM(HR) today to discuss this unjustified longstay list which has caused unrest among hundreds and hundreds of Executives who worked/working in difficult and shortage areas.


Gear Up for the Full Day Dharna on 11/4/2017

Download banners: Vertical.pdf | Horizontal.pdf | Vertical.docx | Horizontal.docx

In the final battle to get E2 and E3 pay scales, make all out preparations for the Full Day Dharna on 11th April and the Relay Hunger Strike from 25-28 April, 2017 at BSNL/Circle/SSA HQs followed by intensified programms by all the Associations on a joint notice from 1st May.

View Notice

All the Associations will be supporting the Agitation on 11th and 25-28 April and joining the SNEA programmes. Contact the office bearers at all level. Seek the support of Non Executives Unions also.The posters and banners can be printed in the name of Joint Forum of BSNL Executives Associations.

* The status of the cadre is at stake...
* The pay and pay revision for the post 2007 rects at stake....
* The pay parity for the post 2007 rects at stake....
* Even the pay revision for the 5 additional increments (E1+5) given for some batches is at stake as it [Rs 2620(19020-16400)] will be treated as Personal pay....
* The status of the company at stake...
* The power and authority of BSNL Board and BSNL management is at stake....
* Our future is at stake ....

This struggle is against the highhandedness of DoT in the day to day affairs of BSNL.
The success of this struggle decides our future, settlement of several other issues and the future of the company.


Annual General Body of Calicut SSA successfully held at YMCA Hall, Kozhikode on 8/4/2017:

GMT Calicut inaugurated the conference. Circle Secretary Com.Santhoshkumar and Circle President Com.George Varghese Addressed the meeting.

The following Office Bearers were unanimously elected for the next term:

President : Kanakadasan M SDE

Vice Presidents:
1. K.V Sasidharan DE
2. Sreedharan E DE

Secretary: Abu Ressal SDE

Asst Secretaries:
1. Manas CP JTO
2. Praveenkumar SDE

Treasurer : Krishnakumar VS SDE
Asst Treasurer: Prashobhan JAO

Org Secretaries:
1. Pradeepkumar E SDE
2. Rajeev B SDE

CEC Members:
1. Latheesn K
2. Suneesh CM

Executive Members:
1) Eldho Kuriakose JTO KPT
2) Sunilkumar K JTO BDA
3) Abdul Majeed SDE MVR
4) JOY George JTO KDY
5) Sreejith SDE KNM
6) Sreelatha ND SDE NLK
7) Abhijith JTO PRMR
8) Ranjitha VS SDE STR
9) Sudha Sasidharan JAO
10) Amrutha JTO BDA
11) Arjun JTO STR
12) Mohd Basheer PV STP JTO
13) Jacob JTO Civil
14) Sujith B SDE BSS
15) Rajesh A SDE TXN
16) Vineetha Satheesh JAO
17) Ulahannan JTO Meppadi
18) Komalan JTO Instln.

Congratulations..!! to the new team


Hearty Congratulations..!! to the Women Power of SNEA Kerala.

Kerala Circle level SNEA Vanitha Vedhi was formed at a function held at Hotel Woods Manor, Ernakulam on 7/4/2017. Chief guest of the function Smt.Sreelekha IPS inaugurated the SNEA Vanitha Vedhi. Adv.Radhika of HC of Kerala presented Key Note address. The inspirational speeches from Smt.Sreelekha IPS and Adv.Radhika motivated everyone.

Special CEC unanimously elected the following Vanitha Office Bearers:

Circle Chairwoman - Com. Asha. A. S
General Convenor - Com. Valsa Philip
Joint Convenor (North) - Com. Bindu (Palakkad)
Joint Convenor (South) - Com. Rajalekshmi (Kollam)
Treasurer - Com. Vimala (Trivandrum)

District Convenors:

Kannur - Com. Pushpavalli
Calicut - Com. Sreelatha
Malappuram - Com. Geethakumari
Palakkad - Com. Saraswathi
Thrisur - Com. Bency
Ernakulam - Com. Nileena.K.P
Alappuzha - Com. Manju. KS
Kottayam - Com.Divya. S
Pathanamthitta - Com.Santhi. C. Kaimal
Kollam - Com. Smitha
Trivandrum - Com. Sudha
CO - Com. Sunitha George


JTO vacancy re-calculation:
As promised to this association in the meeting with GM(HR) on 3/4/2017, Circle Office has sent Clarification letter to PGM(Establishment), Corporate Office on the same day. View Letter
We are pursuing the case with our CHQ for speedy disposal of clarification to Kerala Circle.

We do not intent to list the witnesses for our deliberations with the management to testify the genuineness of the actions of the Association, as we are confident that the Executives and the Aspirants have full confidence in our actions unlike some other Self-declared Agents.

There was no update in “their website” either on 3rd, 4th regarding this letter and finally on 5th - some other organizational actions were reported on that day. Suddenly on 5th the developments were reported as if they are reporting on 3rd. They may have to do more consistent and persistent efforts like this to take the interested groups into confidence.


JAO Phase-1 Training update:
Due to our continuous persuation, Kerala Circle has submitted the details to NATFM pertaining to pending cases of JAO Phase-1 training. Based on the letter received from Kerala Circle, NATFM has written to the remaining Circles for submitting the details of pending cases, if any. We have taken up the issue with our CHQ also for speedy submission of details from other Circles so that training can be scheduled without any further delay.

NATFM Lr dtd 22/3/17 | NATFM Lr dtd 4/4/17


CS writes to PGM(Finance) and CGMT regarding Recovery from Pay from Executives in gross violation of existing clear orders from BSNL corporate office/DOT/DOP&T in accordance with decision of the Hon'ble Supreme Court. View Letter

1 F.No. 18/03/2015-Estt. (Pay-I)Government of India Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions Department of Personnel & Training New Delhi, the 2nd March, 2016
2. No.1-06/2016 –PAT BSNL 9-9-2016
3. No.400-11/2011-Pers.I(Pt) dated 28th Feb2017

It is reported that recovery/reduction in pay is ordered in the Circle under following category in violation to the above orders:
1. Increment granted to executives on regular promotion who were placed in the same scale under EPP at the time of their retirement.
2. Fixation granted on officiating promotion from JTO to SDE, JAO to AO etc
3. Fixation granted on offg promotion from TTA to JTO and at the time of revision of pay on 1-1-2007 of Offg JTOs.

As per the reference 1, recovery from pay is impermissible in law under following cases"

"4. The Hon'ble Supreme Court while observing that it is not possible to postulate all situations of hardship which would govern employees on the issue of recovery, where payments have mistakenly been made by the employer, in excess of their entitlement has summarized the following few situations, wherein recoveries by the employers would be impermissible in law:-

(i) Recovery from employees belonging to Class-III and Class-IV service (or Group 'C' and Group 'D' service).

(ii) Recovery from retired employees, or employees who are due to retire within one year, of the order of recovery.

(iii) Recovery from employees, when the excess payment has been made for a period in excess of five years, before the order of recovery is issued.

(iv) Recovery in cases where an employee has wrongfully been required to discharge duties of a higher post, and has been paid accordingly, even though he should have rightfully been required to work against an inferior post.

(v) In any other case, where the Court arrives at the conclusion, that recovery if made from the employee, would be iniquitous or harsh or arbitrary to such an extent, as would far outweigh the equitable balance of the employer's right to recover.”

as per the letter under reference 3. It is ordered as follows :

From the above it very clear that the pay availed on officiating promotion is protected and there is no question of recovery as attempted by some SSAs/ units in case of fixation granted to executives on their officiating promotion.

All the cases are covered under clause 1, 2 & 3 of letter under reference 1 which is endorsed by BSNL and as per letter under reference 3. Considering the above position we requestedf Administration to instruct SSAs/Units not to make any recovery in violation of above orders. Any attempt to effect recovery from the pay granted to the executives which are covered as above will be a gross injustice, demoralizing the entire executives and will have significant negative impact on the circle performance.

6/4/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

SNEA strongly protests the decision of the management to declare the DGM DR result instead of scrapping the examination. Such actions will further demoralise thousands of Executives who are waiting for their promotion for years together......GS writes to CMD - View letter.

GS writes to CMD regarding suggestions pertaining to various clauses / conditions for necessary amendments in Recognition of Executives’ Associations Rules, 2014 notified on 06.01.2014.... View Copy of the letter.

GS writes to Director HR regarding First Time Bound promotion uniformly after 4 years instead of 4 to 6 years as per EPP order dated 18.01.2007 ..... View Copy of the letter.

GS writes to PGM (PF-II), BSNL CO, Chairperson of the Committee regarding the Pay parity of Rs 22820/- for the post 2007 recruited Executives joined after 01.01.2007 .... View Copy of the letter.

GS writes to CMD BSNL regarding immediate implementation of CPSU cadre Hierarchy w.e.f 01.01.2017 by replacing the Executive Promotion policy (EPP) comprising financial upgradation and functional promotions -- huge resentment among the Executives..... View letter copy.

On our strong protest, BSNL not endorsed the PO issued by DoT, with lower pay scales of E1 and E2. As per our demand, yesterday itself, BSNL written to DoT to reconsider its decision to lower the pay scales and approve the revised BSNL proposal of E2 and E3 scales. The earlier BSNL proposal of E1A and E2A was rejected twice by DoT on 24.01.2011 & 18.07.2014, then BSNL modified the proposal to E2 and E3 and now there is no proposal of E1A and E2A, BSNL stated. Further DoT approved two pay scales for the same cadre, E1A & E1 for JTO and E2A & E2 for SDE which is illegal. Comrades, this will strengthen our demand and the future struggles for E2 and E3.

Meeting with CMD on 03.04.2017 regarding the PO for E1, E2 pay scale: GS, President and AGS met CMD to discuss the issue. CMD informed that as discussed with us, BSNL will write to DoT to reconsider the decision as it is not BSNL proposal. BSNL will demand approval of the standard pay scales of E2 and E3 proposed by BSNL.

Meeting with DIR(HR) on 03.04.2017 regarding CPSU Hierarchy implementation: GS, President and AGS had discussions with DIR(HR), PGM(Pers) and GM(SR) on the remaining contentious issues. The major issues discussed are the court cases going on regarding seniority and reservation issues and its likely impact on the new promotion policy. Management want to make it sure that the new promotion policy will be litigation free. During discussions, DIR(HR) suggested to have more clarity on the proposals and then discuss with PGM(Legal) regarding the legal issues.

On Standard pay scales, DIR(HR) informed that as per earlier discussions with us last week, BSNL written to DoT to reconsider its decision to implement E1 and E2 scales which are not recommended by BSNL and approve BSNL proposal of E1A to E2 and E2A to E3 scales.


Longstay list of AO Cadre pertaining to Ernakulam SSA is published by Circle Office. View List
In order to rationalise the vacancies amongst SSAs owing to consideration of the pending requests of executives in the grade of AO, Administration decided to transfer the longstanding AOs in Ernakulam to the resultant vacancies. Three options of choice of station is sought from each officer by email to on or before 15.04.2017.
Vacancies: MRX-1, TVM-1, CLT-3, TCR-1, ALP-1, PTA-1


Call Attention Day on 05-04-2017

download badge
(1)Settle Wage Revision of BSNL Employees w.e.f. 01.01.2017.
(2)Settle revision of pension from 01.01.2017.
(3)Implement 30% Superannuation benefits to DR employees.
(4)Calculate pension contribution on actual basic pay.
– Unions and Associations in BSNL


Administration has published the List of Transfer Requests recieved at Circle Office: View List
Kindly intimate errors/omissions/discrepancies if any, with the respective District Secretaries.


JTO Recruitment through LICE-recalculation of vacancies and preponement of Phase-1 training:

CS, CT and ACS met GM(HR) on 3/4/2017 and discussed various pending HR issues. We discussed the letter written by our CS to CGMT dtd 3/4/2017 regarding preponement of Phase-1 training and change of training centre from Nagpur to some other convenient RTTC in south. GM (HR) agreed to take-up with the BRBRAITT Jabalpur for preponement of the training.

Regarding recalculation of vacancies based on the latest clarifications issued by the Corporate office, GM(HR) told that they need further clarifications from corporate office for finalizing these vacancies, we have expressed our disappointment over this undue delay taken by the Circle office in this matter. Now the result of LICE conducted against 15-16 are declared and 196 officials has qualified in this exam and the vacancies announced is only 17. We told Administration that unless the above vacancy recalculation as per the latest clarifications is not completed, the result declared will result as futile exercise.

We once again urge upon the Administration to release all the vacancies which are reserved without any order either from the Court or from the Corporate office and to finalise these vacancy assessment at the earliest, without any further delay so that the candidates qualified against LICE for 14-15 and 15-16 vacancies can be given their eligible promotion.


Congratulations..!! Results declared for the LICE for promotion from Group ‘C’ to the grade of JTO (T) under 50% quota for the vacancy year 2015-16 held on 11.12.2016 .
196 officials from Kerala Circle have been declared qualified whereas the vacancies announced are only 17. We are in continuous dialog with Administration for the release of blocked vacancies due to various court cases.

View covering letter || View Result || View Final Key


CS writes to CGMT regarding Recruitment and Phase-1 training of LICE JTOs for VY-2014-15
View Letter
This Association was repeatedly requesting Administration for the early completion of the recruitment process and their training under LICE for the vacancy year 2014-15, considering the acute shortage of JTOs in Kerala circle where working strength is least among other Circles in BSNL. The publication of results was delayed in the Circle for obvious reasons. In fact the same is yet to be completed as per the revised method of calculation regarding DR and promoted quota as instructed by the corporate office.

In the meantime as per the letter No.TM-27/COL/1/2016-17/51 dated 28.03.2017 (from SDE(Trg Mgmt) BRBRAITT, Jabalpur) the training of the candidates against whom the results were published is schedule from 3rd July 2017. Among the batches scheduled, one batch is scheduled in Nagpur which is far off from the south end.

It may be noted that all JTOs of other Circle are completing their training before July 1st 2017 which is a crucial date reckoning for further advancement in their career. Further it may be noted that already one batch JTOs of same recruitment year 2014-15 of Kerala circle is presently under training.

Considering the above facts it is requested to consider the following at the earliest.

1. Finalise the JTO vacancy calculation as per the revised instruction from corporate office regarding DR and promote quota without any further delay.
2. Request BRBRAITT Jabalpur to pre-pone the Phase-1 training of these candidates so that all candidates of 2014-15 are trained before July 1st 2017.
3. Allot one batch in nearby RTTC instead of Nagpur for the convenience of the candidates from this Circle.


Pre-Appointment Training is scheduled for LICE JTOs by BRBRAITT, Jabalpur: It is noticed that the Phase-1 training is scheduled on 3/7/2017 and also for some of the candidates the training is scheduled at RTTC Nagpur. This Association will be trying to pre-pone the training to the earliest date and also for change of training centre from Nagpur to nearby RTTC.View BRBRAITT Letter


AGB meeting of Calicut BA on 8/4/2017:

It is proposed to Conduct District Conference and Annual General Body meeting of SNEA, Calicut BA on 08/04/2017 Saturday from 09:30 hrs to 17:00 hrs at Hotel Choice ,YMCA Cross Road, Calicut. Circle leaders and GMT Calicut will address the gathering. All members are requested to attend the conference in time and make it a grand success.


Lunch Hour demonstration on 31.03.2017 at BSNLCO, Circle HQ, SSA HQs and all important stations.

Protest demonstrations were held throughout the country, against the demotion of JTO/JAO, SDE/AO equivalent cadres and lowering the pay scales. Eventhough demonstration was on a very short notice, large numbers of Executives participated in the demonstration. Members from other Associations like AIGETOA, AIBSNLOA, BEA etc also participated in the demonstration at various places. At BSNLCO GS/AIGETOA, GS/AIBSNLOA, GS/BEA, Chairman/SNEA, President/SNEA and GS/SNEA addressed the gathering. All the speakers demanded that BSNL should not implement the order and it should write to DoT to reconsider the decision and approve E2 and E3 scales recommended by BSNL. It is a good beginning towards the Unity of all the Executives. We are trying to issue a common notice signed by all the Associations.
In Kerala Circle also the Lunch Hour Demonstration was successfuly held at all important places.

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