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Lunch Hour Demonstration on 17/10/2017 successfully conducted at all SSA HQs and Circle HQ under the banner of "All Unions and Associations of BSNL " demanding (1) 3rd PRC implementation in BSNL. (2) No Subsidiary Tower Company. We thank Comrades of all Unions & Associations for the huge participation everywhere and making the event a grand success. View Photos



Get Ready for the Lunch Hour Demonstration on 17/10/2017 at all SSA HQs and Circle HQ under the banner of "All Unions and Associations of BSNL " demanding (1) 3rd PRC implementation in BSNL. (2) No Subsidiary Tower Company. Ensure maximum participation and make the event a grand success.


CS writes to PGM(Finance) regarding Pension Revision consequent on implementation of 7th CPC for Pre-2016 pensioners View Letter || DoT letter

The basic data for revision of pension based on 7th CPC is the pension fixed on revision of pension on 1-1-2006 based on 6th CPC which is not available with the SSAs as the same was done by the CCA. Most of the documents as listed in the DoT letter in connection with the work remains in DoT, and similar revision was done by DOT/CCA during the implementation of 6th CPC. More over the actual life status of the pensioner/ family pensioner etc is only known to the CCA. The PPO was issued by CCA and all revision is solely based on the records available in O/o CCA.

In spite of the laborious work being carried out in BSNL owing to the implementation of GST and the never ending works related to 78.2% DA merger which was started in mid 2016, this additional burden of implementation of 7th CPC pension revision to pre 2016 pensioner is creating immense pressure in the concerned section. Moreover, the number of pension cases due for retirement is moving at an enhancing rate and has already occupied the daily works . Adding to this the review of additional increment on adhoc cases already crossed the so called mark and officials are struggling to cope up without compromising the delay of any of the above works.

The direction to carry out a work which has nothing to do with BSNL is directly hampering the morale of the employees. In the above context and based on the specific direction of DOT to CCAs to undertake the work of revision of the pension cases under 7th CPC based on the record available with them it is requested to take up the matter at appropriate level- BSNL Corporate Office/ CCA –DOT so as to avoid unnecessary additional burden on BSNL human resources for the work purely related to DoT .


CS writes to CGMT regarding reviewing of JTO vacancies under LICE quota View Letter
The JTO vacancy under LICE for year 2015-16 in OC category had worked out to be 110 in Kerala circle.. The above figure was arrived by considering the vacancies filled during 2012-13, 13-14, 2014-15 and notionally by considering all eligible hands. But the actual vacancies filled and under training are less than the notional figures. In fact many have declined the post on account of other job like JAO, joined in other department or not inclined to join due to personal reasons etc.. and some cases are on genuine medical ground. It is requested to re-verify the actual number of post filled for the year 2012-13 to 2015-16 and to fill up the remaining post after reserving the post on genuine ground in compliance with instruction on the subject. It may be noted that many JEs after qualifying the LICE are waiting for appointment for want of JTO vacancies while the JTO strength in Kerala circle is less than 40% of the sanctioned strength.

13/10/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

All Unions and Associations of BSNL served notice for trade union actions to secretary/DoT and CMD/BSNL. BSNLEU, NFTE, SNEA, AIBSNLEA, FNTO, AIGETOA, SEWA BSNL, BSNL MS, BSNL OA, ATM and TEPU signed the notice.


1) Settle 3rd PRC with 15% fitment and left out issues of 2nd PRC
2) No Subsidiary Tower Company.

Agitation programme:

a. Lunch Hour demonstration on 16.10.2017 at BSNL CO, Circle/ SSA HQs.
(In Kerala it will be on 17/10/2017)
b. "Human Chain" on 16.11.2017 at BSNL CO, Circle/ SSA HQs.
c. Two days strike on 12th and 13th December, 2017.
d. If the issues are not settled, indefinite strike will be organized.

CHQ Notice for Trade Union actions || Kerala Notice

13/10/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

BSNL Board meeting on 12.10.2017:
It is learnt that BSNL Board meeting held on 12.10.2017 discussed the following issues:

a) Balance sheet and accounts for 2016-17 approved. Details will be updated.

b) On 3rd PRC, AS(T)/DoT, the Govt nominee strongly opposed the proposal citing Cabinet decision and affordability clause. It is learnt that Govt (DoT) has informed BSNL that since BSNL is insipient sick CPSU as per DPE, 3rd Pay Revision cannot be considered at all. Now the question is whether Board is competent to taken a decision in this condition?

c) 2% increase in the Superannuation benefits: Govt nominee is having reservation on this also on financial implications.

d) SDE RR amendment: Board didn’t agreed to the proposal for withdrawing it from Board agenda. RR amendment is within the powers of Management Committee and BSNL proposed to withdraw it from Board.

These issues as well as other HR issues will be again considered in the next Board meeting on 24.10.2017.


CS, CT, ACS and DS-CO met PGM(Finance) on 9/10/2017 to discuss about the pending issue of Higher Pension option in EPF for BSNL DRs: We expressed our concern over the stalemate in this issue even after issuing clear-cut guidelines from Hon’ble Supreme Court. PGM(F) informed that he has gone through the court orders and has written letters to Shri Ranjay Mooshahary, Regional PF commissioner, Trivandrum for early implementation of Higher Pension option. But it seems that Regional PF commissioner has taken a negative stand and has replied negatively. In this scenario, we will take up the case with EPFO Head Office through our CHQ.


Circle Executive Committee meeting is scheduled to be held on 26th Oct 2017 (10 A.M) at Hotel Elite, Thrissur. All Circle office bearers, SSA Secretaries, CEC members and Branch Secretaries are requested to attend the meeting in time. View Notice

10/10/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

Meeting with Shri Anupam Srivastava, CMD/BSNL and Smt Sujata T Ray, DIR(HR), BSNL on 09.10.2017.

JF leaders met CMD/BSNL and DIR(HR) on 09.10.2017 and held discussions on approval of E2 and E3 pay scales by DoT as recommended by BSNL. The note sent by DoT to the office of Hon Minister is negative, justifying their decision for lowering the pay scales. JF strongly demanded the urgent intervention of CMD and DIR(HR) to convince DoT to approve the BSNL proposal of E1A to E2 and E2A to E3 w.e.f 01.01.2007. If DoT is taking any precipitatory action, JF will be forced to prepone the agitation programms from 30.10.2017, JF informed CMD.

Both of them assured that they are taking necessary steps to convince the Ministers office and to get the BSNL proposal of E2 and E3 approved by the Hon Minister.

09/10/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

Developments of E2, E3 pay scales:

It is learnt that DoT has sent a very negative note to the Hon MoSC office, fully justifying the Presidential order issued by DoT on 28.03.2017, lowering the pay scales from E1A to E1 and E2A to E2. Minister office called the file and sought the status of the case from DoT due to the continuous efforts of JF. AS(T)/JS(T) prepared the note themselves and submitted it to MoSC office directly. They had cited mainly affordability clause, huge expenditure, wrongly quoted BSNL proposal etc to justify it. DoT want to inform BSNL to implement the PO, the note says.

Comrades JF is trying to convince the Minister through various sources, through CMD and DIR(HR) and through political sources. However we should be at the highest level of organizational preparedness. The issue reached a crucial stage now.

All our CS/SSA/Branch Secretaries should mobilise the Joint Forum to start the organizational programmes on 30.10.2017. In case of urgency, we should be fully prepared to start the agitations even prior to 30.10.2017.


Policy for provision of GSM Mobile Service connection to the Officer Bearers of the Recognized Association reg.... View order

06/10/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

JF leaders were called by the concerned officers for discussion on the various issues raised in our letter dated 23.08.2017 and 14.09.2017 and we had a detailed discussion with the management on 04.10.2017.

a) Purchase of Cordless Phone: We reiterated our objection on purchase as BSNL will not be able to procure quality material and it will not help to retain the customers. Instead of this, BSNL should procure materials like dropwire and other materials to maintain the external plant, fault free. Focus should be on improving the external plant, instead of equipments at customer premises. For this, SSA heads should be enpowered to procure materials like jumper wire, UY connector, CT Boxes etc. Business Area concept taken away the powers of small SSA heads, TDMs or TDEs. First their financial powers are to be restored. Management agreed to consider our suggestions.

b) Free Call Diversion Facility from Land Phone to Mobile: Management welcomed our suggestions and assured early actions.

c) Empanelment of vendors and no procurement of modems: It is informed that management seriously considered this demand from us and decision is already taken:
i) for empanelment of vendors.
ii) to procure quality/branded modems only and if required, tender document will be amended/modified for that purpose.

We further stressed that purchase, if at all required should be restricted to branded items with additional features, 3G inbuilt data card etc with latest software. Management agreed to consider this points also.

d) Empanelment of EPBTs and incorporating memory and Information handling facility in EPBTs: After discussion management agreed for empanelment of vendors for EPBTs also. During new procurement and empanelment, the demand for EPBT with memory also will be considered positively.

05/10/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

Unanimous decisions taken in the All Union / Association meeting held at New Delhi on 04-10-2017.
(1) Hereafter, the unions and associations of BSNL will function under the single banner of "All Unions and Associations of BSNL", for conducting struggles on common issues such as settlement of wage revision and stopping the formation of Subsidiary Tower Company.

(2) Notices to be issued to the Management / government will be signed by all the general secretaries of the unions and associations.

(3) The following issues are identified for immediate struggle and settlement.

a) Settlement of Wage Revision from 01-01-2017 and settlement of left out issues of the 2nd PRC, viz., Superannuation benefits of the Directly Recruited employees.

b) Stopping formation of the Subsidiary Tower Company.

(4) The following agitational programme are decided to settle the above issues:-

a) Demonstration at Corporate Office, circles and SSAs on 16-10-2017.

b) Human Chain at Corporate Office, circles and SSAs on 16-11-2017.

c) Memorandum to be submitted to all the MPs by 15-11-2017.

d) Two day strike on 12th and 13th December, 2017.

e) Indefinite Strike is to be organised thereafter, if the issues are not amicably settled. The date of the indefinite strike will be announced subsequently.

(5) Next meeting of the All Unions and Associations will be held at 11:00 hrs on 23.10.2017, at BSNL MS office.


An Appeal from Secretary, BSNL Engineers’ Co-operative Society Ltd, Trivandrum View Appeal

BSNL Engineers’ Co-operative Society Ltd No. T.950, Trivandrum, the brainchild of erstwhile JETA(I), has entered into its 31st year of functioning after rendering fruitful services of three decades to the Engineers’ community of erstwhile DOT and BSNL. It is the only co-operative society in India run for BSNL Engineers exclusively and approved by Government of Kerala and DOT. The society could purchase a valuable land property at Trivandrum and is about to start construction of its own office complex for which the sanction has already been received recently from the competent authority.

While progressing with these glorious activities it has been suggested from many corners that the membership of Engineers Cooperative society shall be widened so as to extend its benefits to a large section of BSNL Executives as well as to expand the operations of the society. The Director board of the BSNL Engineers co-Operative society accordingly made an appeal to all executives to become a partner of the Co-operative movement by enrolling as members and strengthen its activities by making maximum deposits for the mutual benefits of the executive community.
Registration certificate || Recognition from DOT || Membership Form


SAD NEWS: We deeply mourn the sad demise of Shri.Subramanian Potti, SDE (Aryanad) today the 02.10.2017 at S K Hospital Trivandrum. Funeral Tomorrow at 9.00 A.M at his residence at Veliyannoor. view location of his residence on google maps
SNEA Kerala Circle conveys its deepest condolences to the bereaved members of his family for this greatest loss.




Meeting with Shri Aupam Shrivatava, CMD BSNL on 29.09.2017: GS and CHQ President met CMD and held discussions on the following issues:
i) approval of E2, E3 scales: We informed CMD that by the intervention of the JF, now the file reached the Hon Ministers office. It is learned that DoT officers are trying to confuse the Ministers office again to justify their action on lowering the pay scales. On this we requested CMD and DIR(HR) to impress upon Ministers office to approve the BSNL proposal of E2 and E3 as it is.

ii) implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy: As all post based promotions are held up due to various reasons, we requested to expedite CPSU Hierarchy which will give uniform promotional avenues to all wings/cadres. CMD assured positive action.


CMD BSNL held a meeting with the Core Committee of the Assns and Unions, ie. GS/SNEA, GS/BSNLEU, GS/NFTE and GS/AIBSNLEA on 29.09.2017 to discuss various developments in BSNL.
During the India Mobile Congress, held at New Delhi till yesterday, Reliance Jio promoter Mukesh Ambhani appreciated BSNL and CMD BSNL for the stiff competition offered by BSNL to Reliance Jio. Mukesh Ambhani has told CMD BSNL that BSNL is the only operator giving a tough competition to Reliance Jio. The entire Non-Executives and Executives share this credit together with the BSNL Management for their contribution through SWAS programme, CMD told.

Since IUC charges are slashed from 14 paise to 6 paise, more competitive tariffs and aggressive marketing is required. CMD informed that BSNL is shortly going to provide mobile connections, bundled with handsets having features of smartphone for Rs.2,200/- in collaboration with Micromax. In this scheme, called BharatOne, BSNL is planning to provide unlimited voice and data for Rs.97/- per month. Reliance Jio is providing handset and mobile connection at Rs.1,500/- with plan of Rs.150/- per month.

Due to implementation of GST, BSNL worst affected in the month of July, 2017 where the cash collection gone down by 67%. BSNL forced to take Over Draft during July, 2017 for disbursing the salary. During this crisis period for last three months, the Finance wing done a commendable job to overcome the cash flow issue. The officers in BSNLCO and the Circle IFAs under the leadership of DIR(Fin) done a splendid job to overcome the problems and they deserves all the credit. SNEA congratulates all the officers in Finance wing for their excellent performance at difficult time.

As reported earlier in the meeting with CMD, BSNL is planning to start 4G services in Kerala and Odisha circles by purchasing spectrum in the 2100 MHz. BSNL is exploring the possibility of 4G services in 2600 MHz (Wi-Max) spectrum as recently some technical breakthrough has happened to use this spectrum also for GSM services.

CMD asked our opinion on the Phase VIII expansion with 2G/3G/4G BTSs. All these new BTSs are 2G or 3G or 4G compatible. 2G BTSs are planned mainly for replacement of old Motorola/Nortel/Nokia BTSs without having data facility. 2G services are working in 700/1800 MHz and 3G services in 2100 MHz. So direct change over from 2G to 3G may create coverage problems unless large no of BTSs are added, CMD opined. 2G BTSs can be converted to 3G/4G BTSs later on also.

The 3rd PRC proposal with 15% fitment approved by the Management Committee has been sent to the DoT also for examining. It has to be approved by the BSNL Board. CMD informed that the recent meeting with Secretary, DoT, she was positive on 3rd PRC and she suggested to meet the Hon Minister together for this purposes. CMD mentioned that Hon MOSC also wants to implement 3rd PRC in BSNL.

On Tower subsidiary, we expressed our serious concerns and strong opposition agist Tower Subsidiary formation. CMD also agreed that there are advantages and disadvantages and Unions and Assns has to take the stand after analyzing all aspects. Immediately it is beneficial for BSNL as long as it is a 100% Subsidiary of BSNL, CMD informed.


Congratulations..!! to All BSNL Recruitees.....
Superannuation Pension scheme fund formation notified.

Implementation of Superannuation Pension Scheme as per BSNL Employees Superannuation Pension Trust Rules: View Letter || View Trust Rules
View Nomination Form || Form B || Form C


Hearty Congratulations to Com. Anoop K Jayan and Com. Aneesh T K for Winning #BeatTheCompetition Challenge by BSNLCO. SNEA Kerala Circle Sincerely congratulate Com. Anoop K Jayan, JTO OMCR, EKM and Com. Aneesh T K, JTO IN, Paravoor for getting selected as winner of #BeatTheCompetition Challenge by BSNLCO.

#BeatTheCompetition Challenge by BSNLCO, was to get the Innovative Ideas, strategies, Business Plan from BSNL Employees through social media for developing the survival and competing plan for BSNL in the present competitive scenario. There are 20 winners in various Streams.

Com. Anoop K Jayan has bagged the award for his innovative idea about BSNL Mobile whereas Com. Aneesh is selected as winner for his Ideas about FTTH. Hearty Congratulation Comrades. SNEA Kerala Extend our sincere congratulation to all other Winners too.


Congratulations..!! to all DR-JTOs…. Training schedule for all 280 JTO candidates approved by BRBRAITT Jabalpur. 30 candidates at RTTC Rajpura (Punjab) from 25/9/17, 70 candidates at RTTC Jaipur from 23/10/17, 30 candidates at RTTC Hyderabad from 30/10/2017, 90 candidates at ALTTC Ghaziabad and 60 at RTTC Ranchi from 6/11/2017.
We thank Administration for their sincere efforts in scheduling the training as there is acute shortage of JTOs in the Revenue generating Kerala Circle.

It is also learnt that only 87 JTO candidates have reported for the Document Verification process at Circle Office, Trivandrum and we are taking up the issue of remaining unfilled 41 vacancies with our CHQ leaders for releasing further waiting list so that the complete allotted DR-Vacancies for Kerala Circle are filled.

CS, ACS and DS-CO met GM(HR) on 20/9/2017 and discussed various pending HR issues:
Rearrangement of training centre for JTO Phase-I: We discussed the various requests received for the change of training centre from CTTC-Indore to RTTC-Trivandrum. GM(HR) assured that after studying each request case by case and based on extreme compassionate grounds, the orders would be released.
We thank GM(HR) for considering three cases on extreme compassionate grounds. View Orders

Long pending MutualTransfer case of JTOs between Malappuram SSA and Malappuram STR: GM(HR) agreed to process the case of Com.Vinod from STR to SSA and Com.Haskar from SSA to STR.

DR-JTO Induction Training: We expressed the acute shortage of JTOs in the field in the revenue generating Kerala Circle.GM(HR) assured that training for all 280 candidates will begin this year itself and they are in constant touch with BRBRAITT Jabalpur for scheduling the training.

Declaration of JAO LICE result for the six candidates: GM(HR) assured that the result would be declared without delay. We thank Administration for declaring the result. View Orders

Long pending and leftover TBP cases: We expressed the delay in processing of around 50 leftover TBP cases. GM(HR) assured to clear asap. Based on the progress done by HR section, we are expecting the orders in this week.


SAD NEWS: We deeply mourn the sad demise of Shri.GANGADATHAN V V, JTO BSS Ernakulam. Funeral today(22/09/2017)at 2:30 PM at Mulavaukad residence.
SNEA Kerala Circle conveys its deepest condolences to the bereaved members of his family for this greatest loss.


Meeting with Shri Anupam Shrivatava, CMD-BSNL:
JF leaders met Shri Anupam Shrivatsava, CMD, BSNL and held discussions on the following issues.
a) 3rd PRC implementation: On behalf of all the Executives and BSNL employees we thanked CMD and all the Directors for approving the 3rd PRC proposal with full 15%. In earlier meetings with CMD and DIR(HR), we had taken up the issue of PRC with full 15% fitment and all the pensionary benefits including superannuation benefits. JF thanked CMD for agreeing to our demand with 15% fitment and the pensionary benefits in revised pay. JF could not meet DIR(HR) as she is out of station.

b) Approval of E2 and E3 pay scales: The file with regard to E2 and E3 reached the Ministers office. Few days back we met Shri Mahesh Girii, Hon MP and BJP National President. He responded very positively and immediately spoken to the Ministers office. Later on he had spoken to the Hon Minister also. We will be meeting him again in few days to pursue further. CMD informed that he is in touch with Secretary and the Ministers office and will try to discuss the matter today when he is going to the MoSC office for some other purposes. DIR(HR) is also in touch with the PS to Hon MoSC in this regard.


3rd Pay Revision: Management Committee of BSNL Board approved the proposal of 3rd Pay revision with full 15% fitment w.e.f 01.01.2017. The IDA will be neutralized as on 31.12.2016.
According to the proposal all the allowances, HRA, Medical and other Perks will be frozen as on 31.12.2016. The proposal will be now placed before the Remuneration Committee of BSNL Board headed by an external Director before sending to the BSNL Board. SNEA extend its sincere gratitude to CMD-BSNL, DIR(HR) and other functional Directors of BSNL Board for approving the proposal in the MC of BSNL Board.


Congratulations..!! FR 22.1.a.1 fixation for officiating JTOs upheld by High Court of Kerala.
WPC 23407/10 & 23850/10 filed by BSNL against the CAT EKM order allowing fixation under FR 22.1.a.1 to officiating JTOs dismissed by Hon.High Court of Kerala on 15-9-2017. This should bring an end to decade old legal battle of these comrades. Various CATs had followed the order of CAT Ernakulam subjected to be pending outcome of the appeal before Kerala High Court. Now we appeal to BSNL Management to accept this judgment as final one and extend the benefits to all officiating JTOs and allow all other denied benefits like 78.2% DA and pay protection on regular Promotion etc. without any further delay.


Mass protest against the decision to form a Subsidiary Tower Company
Circle Office, Trivandrum

RTTC, Trivandrum









Hold Lunch Hour demonstrations on 15.09.2017, opposing Union Cabinet’s decision to form Subsidiary Tower Company.
The Union Cabinet has taken decision to form a Subsidiary Tower Company and if this decision got implemented, will ruin BSNL. It’s 70,000 mobile towers would be snatched away. Without it’s mobile towers, BSNL will become more or less a skeleton. It is the duty of each and every BSNL Employee, to stop the formation of the Subsidiary Tower Company. As a first step against formation of Subsidiary Tower Company, powerful lunch hour demonstrations would be conducted throughout the country at BSNLCO, Circle and SSA HQs on 15.09.2017. All Unions and Associations are participating in this programme. All District secretaries are requested to coordinate with all the other Unions and Associations and to organise the programme very effectively. Future programmes will be decided by next week.

14/9/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

Meeting with Sri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNL on 12.09.2017: GS, CHQ President and AGS met CMD, BSNL and held discussions on the following issues:

a) Proposal for 3rd PRC implementation with full 15% fitment: We demanded that 3rd PRC proposal should be with full 15% fitment. The pensionary benefits (pension and Superannuation) are linked with fitment, so fitment cannot be less than 15%. It is learned that the internal committee is considering fitment with 0% and 5%, 10% in subsequent years which is not acceptable. We demanded that the committee also should recommend only 15% fitment. Reduction and varying fitment will lead to anomalies for the pensioners. CMD assured to consider our demand positively.

b) 4G spectrum: CMD informed that BSNL demanded spectrum in 700 spectrum band for 4G/5G services. Alternatively BSNL demanded another 5MHz spectrum for 4G services in 2100 band. BSNL requested spectrum free of cost or through adding Govt equity. In worst case BSNL is even ready for payment in installments. Govt so far not agreed to the proposal. Considering the performance and huge data traffic, there is a proposal to purchase 4G spectrum for Kerala and Odisha Circles. KRL Circle alone giving more than 1/3 of data traffic of entire BSNL. For Phase VIII expansion, PO issued to Nokia (L1, South and West Zones) and PO will be issued shortly to ZTE (L2, North and East Zones) with more than 40,000 new BTSs.

c) CPSU Hierarchy implementation and promotions in various cadre: The proposal for CPSU Hierarchy with time bound functional promotion upto AGM grade is moved for the administrative approval (the reporting done by some sections that the proposal is only upto SDE equivalent grade and AGM promotion is post based is not correct. This may be due to the fact that they do not know what the actual proposal is). Assn demanded that the bench marks should be as recommended by the Khan Committee. Since post based functional promotions are blocked due to reservation and seniority issues, this can be the only viable alternative. Further it will ensure promotions to all the cadres having shortage of vacancies like DE(T) and all cadres of Civil/Elect/Arch/TF etc. Uniform promotional avenues can be achieved by this. The efforts for posts based promotions are to be continued till CPSU Hierarchy is implemented, Assn demanded.

d) Approval for E2 and E3 pay scales: CMD informed that again he had written a DO letter to Secretary, DoT for expeditious approval of the BSNL proposal of E2 and E3 scales. This is in addition to the persuasion in person with the Secretary. Still the file is with the Secretary where she is yet to take a final call on the matter.

Last week JF met Sri Mahesh Girri, Hon MP and BJP National President and sought his intervention once again to get the proposal approved. Last time, he has taken us to Hon MoSC for the meeting. He immediately spoke to the PS to Hon MoSC to get the details. He assured to meet the Hon Minister again.

e) JAO rect in E1 scale: Assn requested to review the decision to rect JAOs in E1 scale which will further damage the prospects of E2 scale. The actual requirements of various Circles can be worked out after HR plan finalization. We requested to keep the proposal pending till the E2 pay scale is approved by DoT. CMD agreed to examine the case.

Meeting with Sri N K Mehta, DIR(CFA & EB), BSNL on 12.09.2017: GS, CHQ President and AGS met DIR(CFA & EB), BSNL Board and held discussions on the following issues:

a) Review the proposal to purchase BB Modem. Instead of purchase, BSNL has to go for empanelment of vendors: Assn strongly objected the move for procurement of 7 lakhs new BB modems. The quality of the modems procured during last few years is very very poor leading to customer dissatisfaction and disconnection. Same vendor after black listing is supplying the modem in the new name. Modems are supplied without any additional features and Wireless range is very poor. Thousands and thousands of faulty modems are lying in the stores of various exchanges without repair or AMC. BSNL has to take the data before going for any new purchase, Assn demanded. Instead of purchase, BSNL has to go for empanelment of vendors which was very successfully implemented few years back. Purchase if at all required should be restricted to branded items with additional features and for the connections given to Govts depts, banks etc which are demanding modems, not to ordinary customers. When BSNL is not having sufficient fund, why we are going for purchase of such items. DIR informed that he himself is convinced on the poor quality of the modem and will take adequate care. The demand for empanelment will be considered positively. He asked to give our suggestions immediately.

b) Shortage of FTTH eqpts and OLTE: There is a huge demand for FTTH connections but shortage of OLTEs coming on the way. We have to take immediate actions to capture the market as Jio is moving very fast in this area. Assn demanded proactive steps in this regard.

c) Poor Maintenance and support by M/s Huwaei in NGN and other equipments: We are getting severe complaints from the field units regarding very poor support given by M/s Huwaei in NGN mtce as well as mtce of other equipments supplied by M/s Huwaei. In fact they are blackmailing BSNL. The AMC payments centrally made by NCNGN Circle should be reviewed immediately and it should be entrusted to respective Circles to ensure quality in the service. Further the maintenance of NGN equipments and the payments should be made over to the respective Circles for effective maintenance and NCNGN Circle can coordinate the mtce activities.

d) Non supply on NGN equipments by M/s Huwaei, strict actions to be initiated: In the previous tender, M/s Huwaei awarded the PO for certain Circles almost 2.5 years back. They had supplied hardly 1/3 equipments so far. The entire NGN project is getting delayed due to the poor performance of vendor. Surprisingly BSNL is not taking any action against the vendor for these serious lapses. It seems that the vendor is getting undue support from some officers and they are protecting the vendor for undue favours compromising the interest of BSNL, Assn told. Assn demanded tough action against the vendor which failed to supply the equipments for more than two years. The tender should be cancelled and LD has to be charged. We expect stern action from new DIR(CFA), Assn told.

Filing petition in Hon Ernakulum HC: BSNLCO directed to file a complaint petition before the Hon Chief Justice of HC against abnormal delay in pronouncing the judgment. It is learned that KRL Circle had some apprehension over this as it may go against BSNL interest in other cases and written to BSNLCO accordingly. On reservation issue, the IR is expected to be filed in the Hon Supreme Court today, praying for allowing BSNL to go ahead with promotions with reservation subject to the final outcome of the SLP.


Congratulations..!! to the DR-JTOs: RTTC Rajpura (Punjab) has agreed to accommodate one batch for JTO Phase-I training for the DR-JTOs commencing from 25/9/2017. As reported earlier, one batch is scheduled to commence at RTTC Hyderabad from 30/10/2017. We are pursuing for accommodating others also so that training is completed at par with other Circles.

We thank GM(HR&Admin) and his team for the positive efforts. We also thank our CS Madhya Pradesh Majumdar Dutta, AGS Com.Manish Samadhiya and other comrades for pursuing the case at BRBRAITT Jabalpur. We also thank RTTC Rajpura for accommodating a batch in the busy schedule.


ACS and DS-Circle Office met AGM(HR & Rectt) on 7/9/2017 for discussing the following pending HR issues:
1. Induction Training to DR-JTOs: Administration informed the confirmation of one batch (30 candidates) at RTTC Hyderabad from 30th Oct 2017 onwards. We are pursuing for accommodating additional batches for remaining candidates.

2. JTO Phase-I Induction Training for the two leftover erstwhile officiating JTOs: We once again requested Administration for sending the two leftover erstwhile officiating JTOs for the Phase-I Induction training. It is to be noted that Telangana Circle has recently issued orders on 24/8/2017 for all the 8 leftover officiating JTOs and are being sent for the training from 18/9/2017. Administration informed that these JTOs are to be accommodated in VY2016-17 and the vacancies of 2015-16 are yet to be filled completely. We requested to obtain necessary undertaking from these two erstwhile officiating JTOs and send them for training. Administration informed that file has been moved and is under process.

3. Pay Fixation issue at Palakkad BA: Administration informed that reply letter to GMT Palakkad is under process and assured for an immediate resolution of the issue.




Congratulations..!! to all JTO Trainees…. Field Training Orders issued
View Covering Letter || RTTC Trivandrum list || RTTC Chennai and Nagpur
As reported earlier and as assured in the meeting held by Administration with this Association, field training orders are issued for the JTO trainees with not much disturbance. Majority of them got their Home Business Area. We thank CGMT, GM(HR&Admin) and his Team for the favourable orders and welcome all JTO Trainees to the Executive Fraternity.

Champions and warriors need no introduction, so is SNEA. The one and only association which always stood by the employees and took the lead role of not only the executives but also the entire workforce of this great company has fought many evils, which tried to destabilise and dismantle this government company. Needless to say the struggles and interference made by this mighty association has caught the attention of entire PSU employees of this neoliberal India, where PSUs are becoming extinct day by day. Rightly our executives elected us as the one and only association to speak and negotiate for them with the management. Now, at the time of your postings as JTOs we solicit your unstinting support and enthusiastic efforts to regain the pristine glory of this company thus fulfilling the dreams of thousands of employees of this organisation. Comrades we have many things to achieve but very little to lose, let's join together to become a proactive workforce that the entire PSU sector of India is keenly watching.



Meeting with GM(HR&Admin) on 30/8/2017: CS, CT, ACS and DS-Circle Office met Shri Robin Poddar, GM(HR&Admin) on the morning of 30/8/2017 to discuss the postings of JTO trainees who are going to complete Phase-1 training this month. Shri James Sagayaraj DGM(HR) was also present in the meeting.

We requested Administration to do the postings without much disturbance to the candidates as sufficient numbers are available from almost all Business Areas. GM(HR&Admin) assured us that there would be less disturbance, almost all would be posted in the same Business areas except Trivandrum and Ernakulam where comparatively the working staff strength is much better than other BAs. Though Administration has informed that lady comrades of Trivandrum and Ernakulam would be retained and others would be posted in nearest BA, we are trying our best for accommodating everyone in their choice BA. The options received from Ernakulam Comrades for posting in Iddukki and individual compassionate representations received from JTO Trainees for posting based on medical grounds and other compassionate grounds were discussed and handed over to GM(HR&Admin) for his consideration. GM(HR) responded positively and assured to look into the cases.

We also reminded Administraton for speedy disposal of leftover Time-bound promotion cases. All District Secretaries are requested to project the leftover EPP cases, if any.


Lunch hour Demonstration by Joint Forum on 28-08-2017 against vindictive actions taken by BSNL management towards Trade Union leaders. View Glimpses of LHD

The Valiant Comrades of both SNEA and AIGETOA assembled at Circle Office and all SSA HQs and joined the lunch hour demonstration. At Circle Office Com Mohan CS-BSNLEU along with other Leaders and members of BSNLEU attended the LHD and addressed the gathering. Com Suseelan, CS-SEWA BSNL have also attended the lunch hour demonstration and addressed the gathering. We are thankful to these leaders who had extended solidarity for our struggle and condemned the attack of the management on sabotaging the trade union movement for the achievement of legitimate demands.
Com Santhosh Kumar CS-SNEA and Com Saheer CS-AIGETOA also addressed the gathering and condemned the attack of administration on the CHQ leaders of SNEA and AIGETOA.
After lunch hour demonstration, the delegation went to meet CGMT and handed over the memorandum to CGMT Secretariat since CGMT was away on official tour. View Memorandum


Dear Comrades,
Once again it is established that Jungle Raj is Still prevailing in BSNL and the negative attitude of Management to the Employees is still not changed... Years of Our patient waiting... Promises..Assurances of management... Today the real face of Management came out.... It is came to know that BSNL management had dared to issue Charge Sheet to our GS Com K Sebastin, for raising our legitimate issues. Our association has been waiting and fighting for years after years for promotions, standard pay scales, social security measures. Even when agitational programmes were deferred on the request of the management, personally by CMD, this atrocity is imposed. And it is a black day for BSNL Trade Unions and Associations...

Valiant Comrades of Kerala, We never kept tight-lipped when such atrocities were happening on employees and Trade Unions.. It is high time to resist, react and protest from our heart when Management is curtailing the legitimate trade union rights... Being a role model, Kerala is always on forefront of any such movements.. We had shown our courage and unity many a times against curtailment of trade union rights , arrogance, jungle raj, mismanagement and corruption and more,.. Once again the time arrives... We have to show our protest.... for our legitimate right... We have to show our Unity when the management curtailing the legitimate trade union rights... Beware Not the Management, but the trade Unions/Association is fighting for the survival of BSNL.. We fought against Liquidation.. We fought against VRS... We fought for Developmental Activities of BSNL.. We fought against illegal 3G Intra Circle Roaming... We fought against Non Standard spectrum.. All these success are the fruits of our strong Trade Union movements. When Trade Union Fails... Entire BSNL will collapse.. Come together and fight for our BSNL and Fight for our existence.

To protest against this unethical and unscrupulous act of issuing chargesheets by the Management to both General Secretaries of SNEA and AIGETOA, it is decided to conduct Lunch Hour Protest Demonstration at Circle HQ and Dist HQs on 28/8/2017.. It is an attempt by the Management to curtail the Trade Union rights. Comrades, it is the time to react sharply against the unethical and unpardonable offence made by the BSNL top-level management. Wide publicity may be given among our members and participate entire members of Joint Forum to the program and make it a grand success. We appeal all Unions and Associations in this protest against Trade Union Rights.
Inquilab Zindabad!!!
Employees Unity Zindabad!!!
Trade Union Rights Zindabad!!!
BSNL Zindabad!!!


Meeting with JTO Trainees at RTTC Trivandrum on 22/8/17:
This association had an interactive meeting with the JTO Trainees at RTTC Trivandrum on 22/8/2017 after 5P.M. Around 70 JTO candidates attended the meeting. Com.Dr.VG.Sabu, District Secretary-Trivandrum welcomed the gathering. Circle President Com.George Varghese addressed the gathering, explained the history of our past struggles, achievements and the present and future challenges before us. CP also explained the actual field realities and responsibilities which would be faced after assuming charge as JTOs. Circle Treasurer Com.Premkumar.G delivered vote of thanks. DS-Circle Office Com.Suneer, ACS Com.Ramana, CEC Members Com.Vidya, Com.Kumarji and other SNEA activists of RTTC attended the meeting which was highly interactive.


Meeting with GM(HR&Admin) on 22/8/2017:
CS, CP and ACS met Shri Robin Poddar, GM(HR&Admin) on 22/8/2017 for discussing pending HR issues:

1. Posting of JTO Trainees on completion of training:
On analyzing the Home BA of JTO Trainees, it clearly indicates that there is an equal distribution of numbers in all BAs. It is pertinent to note that the persons undergoing training were working in their respective BAs in core areas and their absence seriously affect the development works of the BAs, particularly the field unit is suffering much in this regard. Within 2 to 3 months, another 110 JTOs will be completing their training and can be utilized to fill the further shortages in BAs. Besides 280 JTOs recruited from outside will also join in Kerala Circle within 4 to 5 months. In this context, we requested that JTOs who will be completing their training on 1-9-2017 may be posted in their respective BA itself so that we can overcome the shortages presently faced by the BAs and considerable amount of TA/DA can be saved and also family disturbance to the employees owing to transfer can be avoided. GM(HR&Admin) responded positively and assured favourable orders.

2. Release of blocked JTO vacancies for the year 2015-16 and declaration of results:
We once again expressed our protest over the delay in releasing the blocked vacancies and declaration of the result and requested to process the same without delay. GM(HR&Admin) informed that the file is routed to BSNL Corporate office for further clarification and advise. We are following up the case.

3. Imparting Training to the DR-JTO Candidates:
Kerala Circle has completed the verification process of 280 Direct recruit JTO’s recently. The next process is to send the selected candidates list to BRBRAITT, Jabalpur for scheduling their training. Kerala Circle is facing acute shortage of JTO’s compared to any other circles in India. It is learnt that majority of Circles have sent their list to Jabalpur for scheduling the training. We requested Administration to send the list to Jabalpur at the earliest or else training will be delayed like the one happened to LICE JTO’s case. Since majority of candidates are from outside Kerala state it is suggested to mention the home state of the candidate while sending the list, so that the training can be arranged in their nearest RTTC. GM informed that the list is sent to Jabalpur. We are following up the case.

4. Denial of Pay fixation under FR 22(1)(a)(1) on Promotion – case of Palghat BA:
Palghat BA has denied pay fixation under FR 22(1)(a)(1) to TTAs promoted to JTO cadre. Palghat BA administration has denied the pay fixation provided under FR quoting irrelevant matters in no way connected with fixation of pay on promotion from a lower post to a higher post. One of the points raised by the BA is regarding granting of increment on functional promotion to executives who are presently working in the same scale under EPP. In the present case a non-executive (TTA) is functionally promoted to higher post of JTO under the recruitment rules for which pay is to be fixed under FR 22(1)(a)(1) which clearly stated in the promotion order itself from the Circle office.
Another point quoted by the BA is regarding option exercised by DOT employees to continue in the CDA scale at the time of absorption into BSNL till next promotion. This is totally irrelevant to the present case and only to defy the Circle office order and thereby denying benefit to the employees.
In the above circumstances, we requested Administration to instruct Palghat BA to obey the Circle office order by granting the fixation under FR 22(1)(a)(1) allowing the option for DNI for pay fixation. It is to be noted that one of the JTO is due for retirement in this month and the pay fixation under FR 22(1)(a)(1) with option for DNI was implemented in the Circle long back except Palghat BA. GM(HR) responded positively and necessary instructions and clarifications are sent from Circle office to Palakkad BA in this regard.


As per the decisions taken in the CEC meeting held at Hotel Town Tower, Trivandrum on 20/1/17 and 21/1/17, a panel is formed for the successful distribution of Diaries before coming New Year.
Convener: Com.Harikrishnan.G, Area Secretary South
Members: Com.Narendra Kumar, Circle Vice President
                  Com.Dr.Sabu.VG, DS-Trivandrum
                  Com.Joseph Lukose, DS-Ernakulam
                  Com.Abu Rezzal, DS-Kozhikode


CS writes to CGMT regarding imparting training to the DR-JTO Candidates: View Letter
Kerala Circle has completed the verification process of 280 Directed recruited JTO’s recently. The next process is to send the selected candidates list to BRBRAITT, Jabalpur for scheduling their training. Kerala Circle is facing acute shortage of JTO’s compared to any other circles in India. It is learnt that majority of Circles have sent their list to Jabalpur for scheduling the training. In this context, we humbly request you to give necessary instructions to the concerned, to send the list to Jabalpur at the earliest or else training will be delayed like the one happened to LICE JTO’s case. Since majority of candidates are from outside Kerala state it is suggested to mention the home state of the candidate while sending the list, so that the training can be arranged in their nearest RTTC.


Congratulations..!! to the Seven JTO LICE candidates for VY 2015-16 Based on the Interim order of CAT Ernakulam OA No.677/2O17, Administration issued orders for sending the seven applicants to JTO induction training at CTTC lndore on a provisional basis without the declaration of the results. We thank Administration for taking the positive step and allowing the candidates to join for training. View Orders | View Undertaking


CS writes to CGMT regarding releasing of the reserved vacancies for JTO LICE Vaccancy Year 2015-16: View Letter
We have already requested several times to the competent authority to release the entire withheld vacancies as no court has issued any order to reserve the vacancies. During discussion we were assured that these vacancies can be released after obtaining legal opinion in this regard. Though favourable legal opinion was received these vacancies were not yet released.

Now as per the OA No: 180/00677/2017, Central Administrative Tribunal, Ernakulam Bench has issued a direction that the seven applicants also be deputed for the training as requested on a provisional basis. We expect that the order was received to your office on 14/8/2017 itself as the court directed to issue the order to both sides on the day of verdict ie on 14/8/2017.

In this context, we humbly request to your goodself that necessary instructions may be given to the competent authority to release the withheld vacancy at the earliest and take adequate and immediate measures to include the lone candidate, Sri. Prajin Kumar K, Junior Engineer, Telephone Exchange, Pookoottumpadam, who is the only candidate required the Prebasic I among the seven applicants, for the training batch at Indore which just commenced on 14/8/2017.


CS writes to CGMT regarding posting of JTO Trainees: View Letter

On analyzing the Home BA of JTO Trainees, it clearly indicates that there is an equal distribution of numbers in all BAs. It is pertinent to note that the persons undergoing training were working in their respective BAs in core areas and their absence seriously affect the development works of the BAs, particularly the field unit is suffering much in this regard.

Within 2 to 3 months, another 110 JTOs will be completing their training and can be fill the further shortages in BAs. Besides 280 JTOs recruited from outside will also join in Kerala Circle within 4 to 5 months.

In this context, it is requested that JTOs who will be completing their training on 1-9-2017 may be posted in their respective BAs itself so that we can overcome the shortages presently facing by the BAs and considerable amount of TA/DA can be saved and also family disturbance to the employees owing to transfer can be avoided.

Moreover, it is also requested that in the last JTO posting few Ex-Service men were posted away from their home town and their request for posting back to their hometown may also kindly be considered. In addition to these some requests on medical ground are pending at BAs , which may also be considered.



Congratulations..!! to the 10 JTO LICE candidates: vacancies released.... result declared.... training scheduled.... all in a single day
Declared Result | Revised Vacancy notification | Jabalpur Letter | Training schedule |

With the committed efforts at various levels both by the Administration as well as the Association, 10 JTO vacancies were released for the VY 2015-16 and the training is also finalised in a record time so as to ensure the regular appointment in 2017 itself along with the other circles.

It was an almost impossible task as the 10 vacancies were released today afternoon and concurrence has to be obtained from BRBRAITT Jabalpur and also from CTTC Indore for sending them for training which is scheduled to begin from 14/8/2017(Monday). Tomorrow being holiday on account of second Saturday the orders from BRBRAITT Jabalpur has to be obtained today itself and the same has to be communicated with SSAs for relieving the candidates. Due to our continuous followup at each level, the impossible became possible and in a record time of one and half hours(3.30pm to 5pm), with the help of our CHQ leader AGS Com.Manish Samadhiya and CS-MP Com.Dutta Majumdhar, the favourable orders were received from BRBRAITT Jabalpur and the same was communicated with the SSAs.

We thank CGMT Dr.P.T Mathew and his team GM(HR) Shri Robin Poddar, DGM(HR) Shri James Sagayaraj, AGM(HR) Shri Makesh, SDE(Rectt) Smt Sudha.P.Nair, SDE(Estt) Smt Renu Viswanathan for their very active actions in this regard.

We also thank CS SNEA MP Com Majumdar Dutta & AGS Com. Manish Samadhiya who were on constant touch with BRBRAITT Jabalpur and were eagerly waiting for the release of vacancies and result declaration for the scheduling of the training.

We thank officers at BRBRAITT Jabalpur for responding positively. Once again our special thanks to Shri Manish Shukla, Principal RTTC Nagpur for his valuable support due to which permission is granted at CTTC Indore for accommodating two more candidates.

Congratulations to All 10 JTO Aspirants.....
We are continuing our persuation for releasing the remaining 10 vacancies also.


Update: Release of vacancies and declaration of select list for the JTO LICE VY2015-16
This Association is in constant touch with Administration for the release of remaining blocked vacancies and for the declaration of select list for sending them for the training commencing at CTTC Indore on 14/8/2017.
CS and ACS once again met GM(HR&Admin) Shri Robin Poddar on 10/8/2017 for the urgent release of blocked vacancies. GM(HR&Admin) responded positively and promised to clear the file immediately.
Today the file was cleared by CGMT and we are trying for the training allotment from BRBRAITT Jabalpur. We are trying our best at Jabalpur with the help of our CHQ Leader AGS Com.Manish Samadhiya and CS-MP Com.Majumdhar for the positive orders.

10/8/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

Development on 3rd PRC implementation:
CMD called a meeting of the GSs of Major Assns and Unions to discuss about the DPE OM dated 03.08.2017 on 3rd PRC implementation.

At the outset CMD narrated the present status of BSNL on revenue front. After the demonetization effect, Jio entered into the market. Again GST hit the mobile business further. Mobile revenue has come down by 25% to 30%. This can be compensated by focusing on EB business only. This month cash flow problem is coming and BSNL may be forced to borrow money for paying the salary at the end of this month.

On pay revision, CMD informed that BSNL will not be covered in the normal situation. We have to get special permission from Govt. Hon Minister is in favour of pay revision but DoT stand is not favourable. We all have to work together for achieving this goal.

The paragraph in the DPE OM which states that:
No fitment or any other benefit of pay revision will be implemented in the CPSEs where the additional financial impact of the revised pay package is more than 40% of the average PBT of the last 3 financial years.

is the most dangerous clause which seals the benefits of 3rd PRC to BSNL in normal situation. Other clauses giving exemptions may not be applicable for BSNL. BSNL has to seek exemption from the affordability clause, that is the only viable option to get 3rd PRC. CMD informed that the expenditure for 3rd PRC with full 15% fitment will be around 2800 Cr per annum. Honestly telling, 3rd PRC implementation is a very difficult task.

CMD assured that the Management would continue to take all out efforts for pay revision and trying to get the support of Extl Board members also. He also requested that the employees should ensure that the financial position of the Company is improved.

Comrades, as we are honestly reported earlier, 3rd PRC implementation will be the toughest job, after the formation of BSNL in 2000. All preparations are to be made for a big show down with Govt for getting 3rd PRC. Otherwise BSNL also will be one among the CPSU where pay revision not implemented. Management is having its own limit, we have to understand. Positive stand of BSNL management will not be sufficient to get 3rd PRC. DoT and Govt stand and the cabinet decision on 3rd PRC will be the biggest challenge. We will be utilizing all other options before we are going for next phase of trade union actions. We have to maintain unity among all the sections of employees, it is a must. We will be meeting all the Hon MPs and prominent political leaders to mobilize political support also.

10/8/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

Meeting with Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNL:
JF leaders met CMD, BSNL on 08.08.2017 and held discussions on the following issues:

1) Approval of E2 and E3 pay scales w.e.f 01.01.2007 by DoT: JF expressed its strong resentment over the undue delay in resolving the issue eventhough DoT and BSNL management repeatedly assured positive action. On the firm assurance of DoT and BSNL management, JF postponed the agitation programmes for almost 3 months in order to resolve the issue. Now 3rd PRC order has come and we are not able to contain the resentment of all the Executives, especially the JTO/JAOs recruited after 01.01.2017, till recently. All are getting less pay, by thousands of rupees.

CMD told that he requires some more time to pursue with DoT and he is in regular touch with Secretary, DoT to settle the issue. Minister assured that lowering of pay scales will be reviewed and BSNL proposal will be considered. JF informed CMD that on his assurance, JF may consider to postpone the agitation for some more time but if it is not resolved by that time, we will be forced to start the agitation once again, in the near future.

2) 3rd PRC and the DPE OM dated 03.08.2017: We discussed the various options before us and the strategies to get 3rd PRC implemented in BSNL. CMD informed that, Hon Minister pleaded for pay revision for the BSNL employees in the Cabinet meeting. As per affordability clause, BSNL is out of the purview of 3rd PRC. However, we have to make all out efforts to convince DoT and Govt for relaxation/exemption for BSNL considering the social obligation, important role played by BSNL in tariff regulation, improvements in BSNL revenue, implementation of Govt projects by BSNL etc. The demonetization, entry of Jio and the implementation of GST put more stress on BSNL and revenue is going down which is a serious issue at this crucial time. We all have to ensure that our revenue is improving, otherwise it will become more difficult.

On fitment, we told CMD that full 15% fitment has to be extended as fitment is having long term impact on pensionary benefits (pension and superannuation benefits). There cannot be any compromise on this. Anything less than 15% fitment will have an adverse impact on pension revision also as DoT will try to link it.

3) Implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy w.e.f 01.01.2017: We requested CMD to spare some time to finalise the draft CPSU proposal prepared by Pers section so that it can be taken forward. It will give promotion to all categories of Executives. Now promotions are held up mainly due to reservation issue. The ongoing promotions will be completed by September and immediately after that, BSNL should be in a position to implement it. CPSU Hierarchy only can give uniform promotional avenues to all the streams which are suffering for years together. CMD assured to examine it by next week.

4) HR plan finalization: We requested CMD to finalize the HR plan at Corporate Office itself as all data is available here. If data has to be taken from field units, it will be delayed so much and approval of all the HR issues pending in the BSNL Board also will get delayed. CMD assured to discuss with DIR(HR).

Meeting with PGM(Pers) on 08.08.2017: JF leaders met PGM(Pers) and held detailed discussions on the ongoing DPC related works. PGM informed that they are in constant touch with Kerala to get the updates on the court cases. Meanwhile all the preparatory work is getting completed for promotion to SDE, DE and EE(C ) cadres. Similarly promotions to AO and CAO also is in progress.

10/8/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

View Glimpses of Photos
The 1st All India Conference of AIPCOC, held at Chennai on 05.08.2017 attended by the Associations representing the CPSUs of all the sectors and Central Govt officers. Associations representing Banking sector, Telecom sector, Power sector, Insurance sector, Oil sector, Coal, Defense sector, Central Govt Gazetted officers confederation, Railway, ITDC etc attended the Conference.

Leaders from different sectors addressed the Conference about the issues faced by the sectors and how the Govt policies affected it. Central trade Union leaders also addressed the conference. CSs of AP, CHTD, CTD, KTK, KRL, MH, MP, RAJ, OR, TL, TN and WB Circles also attended the convention. Jt Sec(C ) and Jt Sec(E) also attended.

The conference adopted resolutions against disinvest & strategic sale of CPSUs, merger of banks and PSUs, proposed move for privatization of Railways etc. The conference adopted resolution demanding removal of affordability clause for 3rd PRC for CPSUs.

All India Bank Officers Confederation (AIBOC) Secretary General Com D T Franco unanimously elected as the Secretary General of AIPCOC. NCOA President Com V K Tomar elected as the President of AIPCOC. GS/SNEA Com K Sebastin elected as Vice President of AIPCOC.

State level conventions will be held shortly to elect the state level office bearers.

NEC meeting of NCOA at Chennai on 06.08.2017
National Executive Council meeting of NCOA held at Chennai on 06.08.2017 to discuss the 3rd PRC, the DPE OM on pay revision, HRA etc. NEC condemned the Govt order on 3rd PRC with affordability clause, making majority of the CPSUs out of the purview of 3rd PRC. NEC taken various decisions to oppose the Govt decision and decided to struggle organizationally for the implementation of 3rd PRC benefits for the Executives of all the CPSUs. Legal options also will be examined. GS, Jt Sec and CSs attended the NEC.


Congratulations..!! Training schedule for LICE JTOs 15-16 of Kerala Circle finalized. View revised order
With the committed efforts at various levels both by the Administration as well as the Association, training of Kerala JTOs are finalised so as to ensure the regular appointment in 2017 itself along with the other circles. We thank CGMT Dr.P.T Mathew for his very active actions in this regard. The issue was pointed out to him on last Satruday at EKM. GM HR Sri.Robin Poddar has also taken pro active steps including contacting Training Centers to ensure the preponement. DGM HR, AGM HR and DE Trg RTTC also played a significant role materializing this issue. CS SNEA MP Com Majumdar, Area Sec. Jabalpur Com. Pankaj Rai, AGS Com. Manish Samadhiya was on constant touch with BRBRAITT Jabalpur for the rescheduling of the training. For the first time, CTTC Indoor has agreed to conduct the training of JTOs considering our request. Our Special thanks to whole SNEA Team at Circle and CHQ and also to CTTC Indore, BRBRAITT Jabalpur, DGM and AGM Training. Our special thanks to Shri Manish Shukla, Principal RTTC Nagpur for his valuable support due to which permission is granted at CTTC Indore. Congratulations to All JTO Aspirants… We are continuing our pursuation for releasing the remaining vacancies also immediately so that they can also join in the same batch.


Congratulations..!! Time Bound Promotion orders released for E1-E2, E2-E3 and E3-E4
E1-E2 list || E2-E3 list || E3-E4 list
We are persuing the left over cases.


Meeting with GM(HR&Admin) on 1/8/2017:

CS and ACS met GM(HR&Admin) Shri Robin Poddar to discuss the preponement of JTO Induction Training for VY 2015-16 LICE JTO candidates. As GM(HR) has recently joined and was not aware of the issue, we apprised him and requested for sending a letter to BRBRAITT Jabalpur in this regard. GM(HR) assured positively and instructed AGM(HR) who was also present in the meeting to send the letter immediately. We also shared the information with the administration regarding availability of vacancies at RTTC Indore and Pune and also exploring possibilities for conducting training at RTTC Trivandrum or Mysore. GM(HR) who has recently joined from Karnataka Circle assured us that he would use his contacts for accommodating the trainees at RTTC Mysore.

The letter is expected to reach tomorrow at BRBRAITT Jabalpur. Our leaders in Madhya Pradesh - Circle Secretary MP Com.Majumdar and AGS Com.Manish Samadhiya (former SNATTA leader) are in the loop for getting the positive orders from BRBRAITT Jabalpur for the preponement of JTO Induction training.


Meeting with CGMT at Ernakulam:

Circle President Com.George Varghese and ADS-Ernakulam Com.Jas Prakash met CGMT Dr.PT.Mathew at Ernakulam and briefed about the issues related to the vacancy release of 15-16 LICE JTOs and the delay in scheduling induction training. The association requested the intervention of CGMT for scheduling the training of Kerala JTOs at par with JTOs of other Circles. CGMT assured to look into this matter.

The association brought to the notice of CGMT regarding the delay in processing of vigilance clearance in the Circle. The association requested the CGMT to follow e-VC procedure from ERP as followed by Corporate office and other Circles to avoid the delay. CGMT agreed to examine this as suggested by the association.


Congratulations..!! due to our continous persuation, Time bound promotion orders for E4-E5 under EPP issued: View Orders || View List
We are following up other pending TBP cases also and is under processing.


CS writes to CGMT regarding preponement of Induction training schedule for JTOs under LICE quota of VY 2015-16: View Letter
Pre-basic training for LICE JTO 2015-16 Kerala candidates has been scheduled to commence from October 2017 followed by Phase I training in December 2017. It is to be noted that LICE JTO training for candidates in all other circles has been scheduled to commence from August 2017 and those candidates would be able to join as regular JTOs well before 1-1-2018 after completing their Phase I training in the year 2017 itself. But, as per existing training schedule, LICE 2015-16 candidates in Kerala circle are not able to join as regular JTOs before 1-1-2018.

It may kindly be noted that different date of joining with respect to same year of recruitment is already a contentious issue which is repeatedly challenged by many candidates in various circles resulting in ‘n’ number of court cases in BSNL. Hence, in order to avoid those litigations and difficulties, BSNL Corporate Office had decided to schedule training of all candidates in different circles in BSNL on a common date from the last three years. LICE 2015-16 JTOs of Kerala circle will become junior to all other JTOs of same recruitment year in other circles if they are unable to complete their Phase I training in the year 2017 and join as regular JTOs before 1-1-2018. Further, as per the draft CPSU promotion policy which is under active consideration by the management for implementation in BSNL, January 1st is the reckoning date for all promotions and increments, as in other PSUs, and hence date of joining before and after January 1st would be highly critical as far as career progression/promotion of executives are concerned. It is also to be noted that Phase I training for DR-JTO 2017 batch can be scheduled only after completing training for 2015-16 batch JTOs. Hence, DR-JTO training and appointment in Kerala circle is also likely to be delayed which in turn will result in discrimination and dissatisfaction among DR-JTOs of same year of recruitment in various circles of BSNL. It is learnt that only 280 candidates have reported in the circle out of 408 candidates in selection list for Kerala circle. Also, it is most likely that, many selected candidates may be forced to join other organizations if their training and appointment is delayed inordinately.

It may kindly be noted that the training schedule of LICE 2015-16 candidates in Kerala circle couldn’t be arranged along with other circles only because of delay in timely publication of select list which was purely due to administrative reasons. We invite your kind attention to various communication made by this recognized association regarding vacancy calculation and release of select list of LICE JTO 2015-16 candidates pointing out discrepancies and delay in the matter. In order to mitigate the difficulties and delay caused on account of administrative reasons, it is suggested to consider the following proposals.

1. As there are only 23 candidates for undertaking pre-basic training in Kerala, it can be arranged by increasing number of seats in already scheduled trainings in other RTTCs or by conducting pre-basic training at RTTC Trivandrum itself by making lab arrangements utilizing facilities available at adjacent Polytechnic also, if necessitated.

2. Additional JTO Phase I training batches may be arranged at RTTC Trivandrum after providing sufficient faculty members. It may kindly be noted that though volunteers were called for appointment as faculty, selection process has not been completed, which may be completed at the earliest.

3. If additional batches cannot be arranged at RTTC Trivandrum, steps may kindly be initiated to arrange additional batches in other RTTCs or by marginally increasing strength of such trainings already scheduled in other training centers.

In any case, your personal attention may kindly be bestowed to arrange training and appointment of all LICE 2015-16 batch candidates as JTOs in Kerala circle well before 1-1-2018 to avoid any kind of loss and hardships to executives due to different date of joining in future.


Congratulations to all our District Secretaries, Branch Secretaries, Office bearers at all levels, each and every one who made the strike on 27.07.2017, a Great Success. Thousands and thousands of Comrades participated in the strike even defying the dictates of the Govt, BSNL management and some Assns.



Induction training scheduled for the LICE-JTOs of VY 2015-16
View Letter from BRBRAITT-Jabalpur
Due to our continuous persuation at Circle Office Trivandrum and BRBRAITT Jabalpur, the Induction Training for JTOs under LICE quota for the vacancy year 2015-16 is scheduled. Inspite of repeated requests from this Association for an early date for the training, Pre-Basic training is scheduled at RTTC Mysore from 23/10/2017 and Phase-1 at RTTC Trivandrum from 4/12/2017.
In all other Circles training for the same vacancy year has already commenced and inorder to align Kerala candidates with other Circles, we are trying our level best for an early date for the training at RTTC Trivandrum. The delayed training schedule is purely due to administrative reasons, Administration took much time to declare the select list and now all training centres are fully loaded and because of that Kerala candidates should not suffer in the future.
Comrades, we once again assure you all that an early date for the training will be arranged soon.


ONE DAY STRIKE ON 27.07.2017
from 00 Hrs to 24 Hrs

As part of mobilization, make door to door campaign and reach out to all the employees. Management is positive for PRC but DoT is adamant and not in a mood to give Pay Revision at all. This is evident from the fact that BSNL proposal for relaxation of affordability clause was not accepted by DoT. The BSNL suggestion to meet the additional expenditure of Rs 2800 by internal resources is simply brushed aside by the bureaucrats in DoT terming it as unrealistic. Even DoT does not care to respond to DPE on the draft cabinet memo. Finally Cabinet approved the 3rd PRC recommendation without much change, according to sources.

This may be the last PRC for almost 75% of BSNL employees. For others also it is equally important. The pay, pension revision and 30% superannuation benefits are linked with PRC.

When BSNL was profitable during 2nd PRC, we were compelled to go for strike for 78.2%, pension revision, 30% superannuation etc. So, in the present situation one can understand how much struggle and agitation is required for 3rd PRC implementation. One Assn, afraid of struggle, is simply befooling the Executives by stating that everything is fine and 3rd PRC will come as it is for BSNL. This shows their weakness to fight for the rights, for the Executives. They participated in the meeting of the Unions and Assns, presided over the meeting, taken a unanimous decision in the meeting to go for agitation and signed the minutes of the meeting as President of the meeting. But betrayed the employees, the very next day by not joining the strike, publically telling other GSs that he is afraid of vindictive actions. Don’t believe in the rumor spread by such sections. Even CMD, BSNL acknowledged the difficult situation we had and the difficulty in convincing DoT. In the case of Central Govt employees, three senior Union Cabinet Ministers assured all the Unions that their demand for perks and allowances will be positively considered by the Govt and persuaded them to withdraw the strike. What happened to the commitments of the senior Union Ministers afterwards is known to everybody and become history. While acknowledging the positive stand of BSNL management, we have to be aware about their limitations before the indifferent DoT /Govt.

Side by side it is the responsibility of each and every employee to protect the Trade Union rights. Management is turning to the Govt line, leaving aside its authority and independence to weaken the Trade Unions by suppressing their rights by vindictive actions.

The success of the strike on 27.07.17 should be a clear message to all, the Govt and the political establishment. 3rd PRC will be implemented only through the political intervention, minimum at the level of MoSC.

Comrades, the battle for 3rd PRC just started and the One day Strike on 27.07.2017 is the beginning. We have miles to go. Gear up for the biggest battle which BSNL never witnessed so far. Ultimate victory will be ours.


CS writes to GM(HR & Admin) regarding Denial of Pay fixation under FR 22(1)(a)(1) on Promotion – case of Palghat BA View Letter
This is to bring to your kind attention that Palghat BA has denied pay fixation under FR 22(1)(a)(1) to TTAs promoted to JTO cadre. Palghat BA administration has denied the pay fixation provided under FR quoting irrelevant matters in no way connected with fixation of pay on promotion from a lower post to a higher post. One of the points raised by the BA is regarding granting of increment on functional promotion to executives who are presently working in the same scale under EPP. In the present case a non-executive (TTA) is functionally promoted to higher post of JTO under the recruitment rules for which pay is to be fixed under FR 22(1)(a)(1) which clearly stated in the promotion order itself from the Circle office.

Another point quoted by the BA is regarding option exercised by DOT employees to continue in the CDA scale at the time of absorption into BSNL till next promotion. This is totally irrelevant to the present case and only to defy the Circle office order and thereby denying benefit to the employees.

In the above circumstances, it is requested to instruct Palghat BA to obey the Circle office order by granting the fixation under FR 22(1)(a)(1) allowing the option for DNI for pay fixation. It is also brought to your kind notice that one of the officer of JTO is due for retirement in the month of Aug-2017 and the pay fixation under FR 22(1)(a)(1) with option for DNI was implemented in the Circle long back except Palghat BA.


CS writes to CGMT regarding reconciliation of CSC collection with Bank remittance
View Letter || Lr dtd 15/3/17

We have submitted a letter in connection with the subject matter on 15-3-2017, however nothing has materialized so far in this regard. So we are forced to submit the letter again for your kind consideration.
As we all know, reconciliation of CSC collection with bank remittance on a daily basis is one of the most important and routine activities to be carried out as far as accounting of revenue collection is concerned. At present, the above critical activity is carried out as per the statement prepared manually by the CSC-in charges on a daily basis. After introduction of ERP and S&D module in the CSCs, the workload of CSCs has increased manifold. Most of the CSC-in charges are having multiple charges of many sections and exchanges making it almost impossible for them to prepare these statements every day. In fact, many CSCs are manned by non-executives and sometimes even by contract labourers who are not that much conversant even with simple accounting procedures. In order to simplify the procedure and to ensure error free accounting, the following suggestions are made for carrying out reconciliation of CSC collection with bank remittance.

Collections in the CSCs are out of two accounts; (1) PMS collection of telephone bills etc and (2) Other collections through sale in S&D module. As both collection details are available in the two portals, there is no need for reporting these details by the CSC-in charges by preparing manual statements daily for the use of CA and Banking wing. The reconciliation section may take details of these two collections from the portals and compare the same with bank remittance statements received from the bank and discrepancies if any to be brought to the notice of CSC-in charges. This will not only ensure accuracy in comparing collection and bank remittance but also avoid unnecessary preparation of manual statements by the CSC-in charges. Also, the stock details of materials such as top up cards and SIMs at each SLOC (CSC) can be easily monitored and reports generated through simple ERP commands by the AO (Sales) at each BA. These steps, if implemented, can also bring some relief to the work load of CSC-in charges as well.

It is understood that uniform procedure is not being followed among BAs for CSC collection reconciliation with bank remittance. Also it is high time to find out a mechanism for integrating all collections in PMS and S&D module along with Kenan FX.

Hence, it is requested to consider the above suggestions positively and issue necessary instructions to all BAs in this regard for adopting a streamlined and uniform procedure for reconciliation of CSC collections with bank statement more efficiently and accurately.


JTO LICE Quota - Release of held up vacancies due to court cases.
Due to our continuous intervention Administration decided to obtain a legal opinion in this regard. We are expecting some positive steps by next week.


Pending EPP Cases.
Administration assured that pending time bound will be released by next week itself. Some more VCs are yet to be received at Circle Office especially from Kannur, Calicut, Kottayam and Malappuram etc. The respective D/Sec may please be taken up the case with Administration and request to send the VCs at the earliest.


JAO Ph II Training.
With our continuous persuasion, JAO Ph II Training was scheduled by NATFM, Hyderabad. Two JAOs who have not completed the Ph II training in their due course of training due to personal reasons. They are also included in this batch as the result of our interactions.

Smt. Srilatha M R, JAO requested to change her training center to RTTC TVM on medical ground. The case was taken up with NATFM, Hyderabad and her training center was reallotted to RTTC TVM.

We are also in continuous touch with administration for settling the cases of 6 more JAOs to be inducted in this batch.
View Orders


JTO Phase I training – Vacancy Year 2015-16.
For the last a few weeks, we have been continuously discussing with the administration to allot an early date for JTO Ph I Training for the 2015-16 JTO LICE Batch. Administration is in constant touch with apex Training Center Jabalpur to get an early allotment. It is intimated that main road block is that the entire RTTCs were completely engaged due to various training program.

However we trying in our own way to get an early date for training. Our Counter Part, Circle Secretary MP is also pursuing the case at Jabalpur. Hope we will get a favourable decision in the regard at the earliest.


Congratulations..!! Time Bound Promotion under EPP (E3 to E4) for 19 Executives in Electrical wing issued. View Orders
E3 to E4 orders issued for 19 Executives in Electrical wing which was due from Oct-2016. We are thankful to CE(Electrical), Circle HR team and all our SNEA Patrons who supported to clear the process from SSAs up to the release of orders. Further 29 cases are pending and under process and all VC from SSAs has reached Circle Office.


CS writes to PGM(Finance) regarding JAO Phase-II Training: View Letter
Phase II training of 56 JAOs was scheduled by NATFM recently. In this regard, following issues were brought to the notice of PGM(Finance) for his kind intervention.

1. Two JAOs, Smt.Vimala.K.N and Smt.Veena Mohan who have completed Phase I training and could not complete the Phase II training in their turn due to their personal inconvenience. They already requested to include their names in Phase II training, but their names were omitted in the scheduled list.

2. Smt.Sreeja.M R requested to allot training center RTTC Trivandrum as she is undergoing treatment for Cancer and it will be convenient for her to continue the treatment.

3. Six JAOs who have completed Phase I training on 2/6/2017 have not included in the scheduled list. As these JAOs qualified in JAO competitive examination against LICE 40% quota held on 17/07/2016, their Phase II training may be scheduled along with same batch.


View Glimpses of Photos of HUNGER STRIKE held on 13-07-2017 by Unions and Associations at BSNL CO, Circle and SSA HQs: View Photos

13/7/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

JF leaders met PGM Pers on 12-07-17 and held discussion on completing ongoing promotion work in various cadres. The proposal to file the MA in Kerala is under process. If it is going smoothly in Kerala, we may be able to come out with promotion orders in both quota before independence day. Simultaneously action will be expedited for SDE to DE promotion and other promotions. By that time we are trying to complete CPSU Hierarchy for further promotions.

Joint Forum leaders met the PS to the Hon MoSC on 12-07-17 and held discussion on standard pay scales and 3rd PRC. Since BSNL already submitted the reply, the proposal to be processed at the earliest, we demanded. Instead of seeking clarification, we requested to call a combined meeting of DOT and BSNL by Hon Minister to settle the issue. All the post 2007 recruitment Executives are getting less pay for years together. This issue has to be settled before 3rd PRC, we demanded. PS informed that the JF letter dated 03.7.17 is marked to him by the Minister and he will do the needful after making the opinion with Minister. On 3rd PRC, PS informed that the draft cabinet note and BSNL proposal is with him and will be discussing with Minister. We demanded positive action on this issue as the future of all the employees and BSNL revival is linked with it.


CS writes to GM(HR) regarding JTO Vacancy calculation and training: View Letter
During the meeting held with CGMT, Kerala Circle on 6/7/02017. The following issues were discussed in the meeting.
1. Vaccancy recalculation of JTO LICE after 2007
2. Release and filling up of all JTO vacanccies reserved due to the court case
3. JTO (Offg) Phase I training – left out cases

In connection with vacancy recalculation of JTO LICE, CGM instructed to complete the process in a time bound manner. The issues related to filling up of JTO vacancies reserved due to court case, it was decided to obtain legal opinion and decide accordingly. The matter related to JTO (Offg) Phase I training left out cases, it was decided to take appropriate measures to send them for training.
In this context, we requested GM(HR) to take immediate necessary measures to resolve the above mentioned issues at the earliest.


by Unions and Associations at BSNLCO, Circle and SSA HQs.
All DSs / BSs / Circle OBs / Activists / Members are requested to participate en masse and make it a grand success.


NATFM has scheduled 5 weeks JAO Induction Training Phase-II for Departmental candidates against LICE for promotion to the grade of 40% quota held on 17.07.2016. Training is commencing from 31.07.2017 to 01.09.2017. Batch-1 comprising of 35 JAOs would be at RTTC-Trivandrum and Batch-2 comprising of 22 JAOs would be at RTTC Mysore.
View Letter | View Annexure


Decentralisation of Powers to process EPP:
The process of EPP is decentralized at SSA level so that there will not be any delay in future. This is the result of the continuous persuasion of the association for a long time and It would be a huge relief to the executives since centralized DPC were taking much time by considering the delay in getting VC and APAR at Circle Office.
As approved by CGMT Kerala, it is decided to decentralise the process of conducting DSC(Departmental screening committee) for time bound upgradation of Executives of telecom stream for the upgradations E1-E2, E2-E3 and E3-E4. It is decided to conduct the DSC which is due from the review date of 1-4-2017 onwards at BA level. Minutes of the screening committee along with assessment sheet is to be sent to the DGM(HR) for administrative approval of CGMT and issuance of orders from Circle office. Any left out cases in previous review periods which are pending at BA level also to be included. View Orders

VC Pending Cases: Kind Attention..!! to Dist Secretaries
All DSs are requested to pursue the VC pending cases. View VC Pending cases


by Unions and Associations at BSNLCO, Circle and SSA HQs.


(i) Settle wage revision and pension revision w.e.f. 01.01.2017.

(ii) Settle superannuation benefits to the Directly Recruited employees.

(iii) Unconditionally withdraw the Corporate Office letter dated 08.05.2017, banning all trade union activities in BSNL and vindictive actions.

All DSs / BSs / Circle OBs / Activists / Members are requested to participate en masse and make it a grand success.


JTO Induction Training for the VY 2015-16: As assured to us by CGMT in the meeting held on 6/7/2017, the necessary letters are forwarded by the Administration to BRBRAITT-Jabalpur for the scheduling of JTO Induction Training for the VY 2015-16. We are also trying for the immediate release of remaining vacancies blocked in the name of Court cases and accommodating all LICE passed candidates for the JTO Induction training.


SAD NEWS: Com. Rejani.GS, JTO Kaithamukku, Trivandrum EXPIRED.
SNEA Kerala Circle conveys its deepest condolences to the bereaved members of her family for this greatest loss.


Meeting with CGMT Dr. P.T.Mathew.

CS, CP, CT along with Dist. Secretary TVM Com. V.G.Sabu and CWC Member Com. Suresh Kumar met CGMT Dr.P.T.Mathew on 6/7/2017 at his chamber. GM (HR) Sri. Sanjay Kumar also participated in the meeting from Management side. The meeting commenced at 4 PM and the following items were discussed. The meeting was very fruitful in all aspects.

Operational issues :

1. FTTH- Tie up with Local Cable TV Operators: CGM intimated that instructions were issued to the respective BAs to make agreement with LCOs.

2. FTTH/OF – Shortage of equipments and tools: It is suggested to take necessary steps to provide maximum equipments to the BAs . CGM informed that requirement can be projected by BAs and opined that available local facility also should be utilized for providing FTTH connections.

3. Centralised CAF Management: CGMT agreed to our views and opined that in the present environment of EKYC this may not be required .

4. Enterprise Business- Delay in processing ECT proposals: CGM intimated that necessary instructions were given to the concerned to the speedy disposal of ECT proposals from BAs and it is expected that all proposal at circle level shall be cleared in two weeks time. Any further delay may be brought to the notice.

5. Damages to cable network by external agencies: CGM agreed to have liaison and co-ordination at circle level but emphasized the need for local coordination for effective results at BA level.

6. Shortage of SIM : All efforts are being taken to avoid recurrence of such incidents and new tender is already floated in record time .

7. Mobile Expansion Phase VIII: Kerala Circle already requested to the Corporate Office to allot 4G with a separate Spectrum to Kerala Circle first. CGMT opined that spectrum for Kerala alone will not be hug financial burden for BSNL hence it can be easily roll out. We are confident that ROI can be ensured in two years considering the DATA usage of the circle. Kerala Circle projected the item in the last HOCC meeting also.

8. STR/STP and SSA can share their OFC trenching plan so that multiple trenching can be avoided: CGM intimated that instruction in this regard is already issued to the concerned.

9. Cable Fault Locator/Cable Route Tracer/CT modules – shortage: Adequate measures will be taken to supply the items.

10. NGN- MDF is not replacing, no BRI provision, no Swiping machine provision: Matter will be examined.

11. Petty Civil/Electrical work – Approval through LPC by Civil/Electrical work: CGM instructed CE (Civil) to look in to the matter and appropriate measures may be taken to resolve the issue.

12. Commissioning of EAs/ Certificate of electrical inspectorate: Instructions are being issued in the matter as there is orders to the effect that no certificate from electrical inspectorate is required for BSNL cases.

Service Issues:

13. EPP Pending cases: CGM instructed to the concerned to complete the pending cases at the earliest . It was informed that all pending cases E1-E2@, E2-E3, E3-E4 and 88 cases of E4-E5 is ready for DPC. It was also told that the process is decentralized at SSA level so that there will not be any delay in future. This is the result of the continuous persuasion of the association for a long time and It would be a huge relief to the executives since centralized DPC were taking much time by considering the delay in getting VC and APAR at Circle Office. GM(HR) intimated that few VCs are yet to be received from SSAs.

14. Vacancy recalculation for JTO LICE after 2007: CGM instructed to complete the process in a time bound manner.

15. Release and filling up of all JTO vacancy reserved due to court case: It is decided to take legal opinion in this regard and decide accordingly.

16. Looking after arrangements in DE cadre: We pointed out still there is acute shortage of DE post at various BA’s so step should be taken to fill up the vacant DE posts. It was agreed that the case will be considered as per the requirement from BAs.

17. VC case of SDE promotions: Entire VCs received and it should be submitted to Corporate Office soon. We have also suggested to have effective monitoring and procedure from circle office to avoid the delay in obtaining the VC/APAR from BAs. Our suggestions were accepted and it was agreed that here afterwards the list of candidates available in the circle will be shared to BAs for sending the reports.

18. OMCR Ernakulam - Staff shortages, space issues and progress of integrated OMCR: Measures will be taken to complete the work of integrated OMCR for which the approval of the revised estimate is in the final stage and work study will be conducted to analyze the staff shortages at OMCR. We have given a suggestion to CGMT to form and exclusive Network Analysing Team (OSS) for improving the quality of the network by daily statistical analysis.

19. Centralized Mobile Service Model: We have appealed CGMT to reconsider the possibility of bringing back the highly successful model of Centralized Hierarchy of Mobile Services for better delivery of service and maintenance. We further suggested to bring back NQM team under a centralized technical control as a first step so that the erstwhile Bench marking drive, optimization activities and its constant reviews can be taken place more effectively to bring up the quality of the network.

20. MNP Port Out Cases: We have suggested to make appropriate arrangements to escalate the MNP Port Out Cases especially high ARPU cases to NQM/BSS Team where 70% of the cases are coming with a reason, “Network Issue”. Call Center or Marketing Team alone cannot be handled the situation. Proper Feedback to those cases will be arrest the Port Out in a considerable manner.

21. Co-ordination meeting with BSS at BAs: We have intimated the CGMT that there is no proper meetings are taking places in many SSAs with BSS/NQM Team. The CGMT replied that he would make appropriate direction to conduct meetings with BSS/NQM by BA heads during first week of every month.

22. Proper updation of BTS wise MSISDN for Marketing Activities: CGMT suggested to get the updated list from System Team of MS for giving promotional SMSs. Later DGM (System) Sri. Venugopal advised us to give the required BTSs list for giving the Database of MSISDN.

23. JAO Phase II Training, JTO (Offg) Phase I training, – left out cases: Measures will be taken to send them for training.

24. JTO Phase I training- 2015-16 Vacancy year: Assured that process will be initiated at the earliest as per corporate office order .

25. Inventory in CSC portal in the light of S&D,ERP, PMS modules: It is intimated that the case will be examined in detail.

26. Posting to RTTC: On our request CGMT instructed to conduct interview for the same immediately . It is intimated that the interview in connection with AO (Lecturer) is already completed.

27. Rule 8 Posting: We requested the management for humanitarian consideration to Rule 8 candidates while issuing the posting order. Since for the last 6-10 years they have been working remotest area of our country and they are coming to the home state with the hope of working in their home SSA. Management agreed that as far as possible convenient posting will be given to the Rule 8 candidates.

CGMT requested for all out efforts from all to improve our revenue for which marketing is one of the key area. The Association assured our all efforts and co-operation to meet the target of the circle for increasing the revenue by 10%. Meeting concluded at 1730 hrs.

9/7/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

DoT withdraws the additional increment given on post based promotion from same scale to same scale, in the EPP. This is another retrograde order of DoT after the recent Presidential directive lowering the pay scales from E1A to E1 and E2A to E2.

DoT order states that:

It has been observed that TBP of Executives of BSNL has been given advantage of double fixation of pay, ie. one at the time of time bound upgradation and another at the time of regular promotion to the same scale. This is contrary to the similar scheme of MACP for Govt employees under which fixation benefit is available at the time of financial upgradation while there is no further fixation of pay at the time of regular promotion to the same upgraded post.

1) Para I.II (V) of BSNL OM dtd 18.01.2007 regarding grant of one extra increment on post based promotion under EPP stands rescinded.
2) For serving employees, BSNL will revise the pay fixations to bring them in line with the Govt rules and in such manner as to ensure that no additional pensionary liability arises for the Govt when these officers retire. Recoveries from the employees on this account may be decided by BSNL.

It is not a double fixation or even a fixation at all as stated in DoT letter. It is an incentive equivalent to one increment on functional promotion in order to motivate the executives to take higher responsibility on functional promotion. This has been proposed by none other than the then Secretary(T) and incorporated in the EPP and approved by BSNL Board and DoT in 2007.

DoT order

7/7/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

GS writes to DIR(HR) regarding filling all the JE vacancies in Circles: Large number of selected candidates for DR JEs didn’t reported –request to go down in the waiting list of JEs candidates in the select panel and fill up all the notified vacancies.
Letter to DIR(HR)

Meeting with GM(Pers): AGS/SNEA Com P P Rao, Jt Sec(C ) Com Arvind Dahiya and AGS/AIGETOA Com Wasi Ahmed met Smt Anima Roy, GM(Pers) & Rect on 06.07.2017 and held discussions on a) calling gradation list particulars of the JTOs for SCF promotion against the shortfall in AIEL due to retirement/ promotions from JTO cadre and b) immediately sending all the JEs qualified the JTO LICE for the year 2015-16 for training.

GS writes to DIR(HR) regarding expeditious actions for starting pre-appointment JTO training for the JEs passed the LICE for the vacancy year 2015-16.
GS letter to DIR(HR)

GS writes to CMD, BSNL regarding Promotion and posting to the resultant DGM(T) posts on account of declining of promotions from the select panel.
GS letter to CMD


Review of EPP provisions w.r.t clarification dated 23/6/2009 - effect on date of next increment on post based promotion in terms of para II[V] of EPP View latest clarifications from Corporate Office
Stand of SNEA once again vindicated see our earlier letter View CS Letter

5/7/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

BSNL replies to DoT with respect to the queries raised by DoT on implementation of Standard Pay scales E2 and E3 for JTOs and SDEs and equivalent cadres...... View Copy of the letter.

Meeting with CMD: JF leaders met CMD, BSNL and held discussions on the following subject.
1) Reply to DoT for approval of E2, E3 pay scales: During discussion, CMD informed that all the points mentioned in the DoT letter is already considered by BSNL before sending the proposal. BSNL will be giving the reply accordingly.

2) 3rd PRC: CMD informed that BSNL has reiterated the proposal of 15% fitment and the taken up with DoT. The information sought by DoT is already supplied. CMD told us to focus for more revenues in view of 3rd PRC. Project Vasundhara has become a big success. BSNL value will increase to more than 1 lakh Crores. Through Samudramandhan project, last year BSNL achieved 272 Cr and this year target is 300 Cr.

3) Transfer of Land and building at Chandigarh by CGM, PB Circle: We protested the action of CGMT, PB Circle in transferring the land and building at Chandigarh worth hundreds of Crores to TERM Cell. We demanded that it should be immediately withdrawn and transfer of land has to be done only by Corporate Office and CGMs should not be given any power.

4) Implementation of CPSU Hierarchy and Finalization HR plan: We requested to expedite the implementation of CPSU Hierarchy and finalization HR plan. HR plan finalization is very much required as all the HR issues are pending in BSNL Board for HR plan. Final round of discussion is required with CMD and DIR(HR) on CPSU Hierarchy before the minutes of the discussions are issued. Present post based functional promotion will give relief to some cadres where vacancies are available (till finalization of HR plan) but all other cadres will suffer till CPSU Hierarchy is implemented, we told CMD. So both promotions and CPSU Hierarchy implementation to be expedited. CMD assured that it will be discussed in the review meeting of HR vertical on 05.07.2017.

Developments on 3rd PRC:
Immediately after the return of CMD from foreign tour, BSNL given its proposal, how it is going to meet the additional expenditure of about 2,800 Crores on account of 3rd PRC implementation with full 15% fitment for Executives as well as Non Executives. This figure of 2800 Cr is based on pension contribution on actual basic pay. If pension contribution has to be paid on maximum of the pay scales as done now, there will be an additional expenditure of about 1,400 Cr on account of pension contribution. Today, DIR(HR) Smt Sujata T Ray met Member(Fin), DoT and explained the BSNL proposal. The draft Cabinet memo circulated by DPE is being examined by DoT.

2/7/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

Withdrawal of support and cooperation to BSNL management from 01.07.2017:
Unions and Associations meeting held on 27.06.2017 at New Delhi reviewed the situation and expressed serious concern over the stubborn attitude of BSNL management in crushing the Trade Union rights. One side management promising that vindictive actions will not be taken but on the other side they are not allowing peaceful demonstrations/ Dharna at BSNLCO premises. Instead of resolving the issues through mutual discussions, management vitiating the atmosphere by wage cut instructions and issuing orders declaring Dharna/Hunger fast etc as STRIKES.

Employees and the Unions and Assns are extending all the support and cooperation to the management and the ongoing agitations are to support the managements efforts in 3rd PRC and other issues with DoT. The Non-Executives and Executives​ of BSNL are not only carrying out their own duties, but are also doing all extra works, keeping the larger interests of the Company in mind. On the other hand, the Corporate Management is issuing letter after letter, curtailing the legitimate rights of the employees, to conduct even peaceful agitations.

The meeting held on 27.06.17 reviewed the situation and severely condemned the high handed actions of the BSNL Management, in curtailing the fundamental rights of the employees to go on even peaceful agitations. After detailed discussion, the meeting unanimously decided to withdraw all cooperations to the BSNL Management from 01-07-2017. From this day onwards, the employees will only do their work and will not involve in any extra activities.
A letter in this regard is submitted to the management.

Meeting with PGM(Pers) and Jt GM(Pers):
JF leaders met PGM(Pers) and held discussions on the progress in promotions to various cadres. Management is taking some policy decisions to overcome the reservation issue keeping the DoPT guidelines and Hon Court orders in mind. The application seeking permission to conduct the DPC will be filed in Hon EKM HC. Similarly finding way outs for SDE promotion in LDCE quota and related RR amendments also. Meantime roster preparation working is going on for SDE and DE promotions for the latest vacancy years also. We requested to call the VC for DE promotion for the available vacancies. DPC section is working to get all the missing ACRs but the progress is not good. CSs may focus on this.
Considering the reservation issue and seniority related issues, management is considering Adhoc promotion instead of Regular promotion. We told PGM(Pers) that Adhoc promotion is not having much difference from the present looking after arrangement or Offtg promotion. By Adhoc promotion, employees will not get any benefit. Their service will not be counted, seniority will not be fixed and even fixation benefit also will not come as all are working in higher pay scales. All will continue to lose the precious service for the next higher promotion. Next result will be out of Circle transfer on Adhoc promotion. So we categorically told them to work out regular promotions only.

GS and CHQ President met GM(Admn) and discussed the proposal for CUG mobile connections for the office bearers of SNEA, the recognized Assn. SR section written to Admn for issuing the approval as per recognition rules. Regarding office accommodation, BSNL formed a committee to formulate guidelines for providing office Accommodation to Associations and Unions.


Congratulations..!! to the new body of SNEA Alappuzha:
AGB of SNEA Alappuzha held on 28/6/2017 at Hotel Brothers, Alappuzha has unanimously elected the following office bearers:
President - Com.C.Krishnakumar SDE
Vice President - Com.R.Pradeep DET
Secretary - Com.K.Vipin SDE
Asst Secretary - Com.Vishnu Amalendu JAO
Treasurer - Com.R.Sujith JTO
CEC member - Com.Thomas Sebastian SDE

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