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15/01/2019 : 

15/01/2019 : CHQ News

Meeting with GM(Pers), GM(SR) and DGM(Pers):

GS, President, AGSs Com P P Rao and Com Sanjeev Sharama, Jt Sec Com Sumit Saxena, CS/BSNLCO Com G K Das and CS/UP(W) Com R P Sharma met Shri Arun Kumar, new GM(Pers) on 14.01.19 and held discussions on JTO to SDE and DE to DGM promotions.

Later on we met DGM(Pers) and held further discussions on promotions.

BSNL sought the legal advice from ASG on OWN MERIT, in reservation. AGS reply is expected by this week.

On DE to DGM promotion, the demand for publishing the provisional seniority list is under examination. Review DPC as per 206 is not formally completed to publish the seniority list.

In a sudden move, BSNL transferred GM(Pers) and DGM(Pers) last week immediately after the developments on contempt petition in Kerala. Top management is upset with the developments.

In the evening GS, AGSs Com P P Rao and Com Sanjeev Sharama and Jt Sec Com Sumit Saxena met GM(SR) and held further discussions on DE to DGM promotions.

Com Sumit Saxena, Jt Sec will be available at CHQ for few days.

14/01/2019 : 

Join SNEA, Strengthen SNEA and Strengthen Executives Unity to settle the pending issues of BSNL Executives:

Strengthen SNEA for the Revival of BSNL.

Strengthen AUAB by joining SNEA, one of strong constituent of AUAB to settle 30% Superannuation benefits and 3rd PRC.

Strengthen SNEA to settle E2, E3 pay scales. The court cases at Chandigarh and the contempt petition lead to hurriedly notifying lower pay scales of E1 and E2 by DoT. SNEA is committed to reverse the DoT decision and working for that.

Strengthen SNEA for the promotions in all the cadres, parity in promotions, uniform promotion avenues and for Time Bound Functional promotion for all.

The court cases complicated and delaying the promotions, SNEA is trying to remove the hurdles one by one.

Strengthen SNEA for your Social Security and implementation of Group Term Insurance (GTI).

Strengthen SNEA for the settlement of other issues, through continuous persuasion.

All SSA/Branch/Circle Secretaries and office bearers are requested to ensure enrolment of maximum membership. Till tomorrow, 15.01.2019, new members and changes in membership can be done.

12/01/2019 : CHQ News

Meeting of the Committee for Periodic Interaction and meeting between the AUAB and the Additional Secretary.

A meeting of the Committee for Periodic Interaction (Institutional Mechanism) was held in the Sanchar Bhawan on 10-01-2019. From the AUAB, Com.P.Abhimanyu, GS/BSNLEU & Convenor, Com.Chandeswar Singh, GS/NFTE & Chairman, Com.K.Sebastin,  GS/SNEA and Com.Prahlad Rai, GS/AIBSLEA participated. Shri.R.K.Khandelwal, Joint Secretary(Admn.) Shri S.K.Jain, DDG(Estt.), Sri Rajeev Sing, DDG(Budget)  and officers participated from the DoT. Shri.P.K.Sinha, Advisor(Finance), DoT, who is a member of the Committee did not participate attend as he is on tour. Ms.Sujata Ray, Director(HR) and ShriA.M.Gupta, GM(SR) represented the BSNL.

It may be remembered that the AUAB strongly demanded that this Committee should be chaired by the Additional Secretary and that no result would be achieved if it is presided over by the Joint Secretary level officer. Whatever we predicted has proved to be correct. The Joint Secretary(Admn.) and the DDG(Estt.) were not able to give any worthwhile information about the status of the issues, viz., 3rd Pay Revision, Allotment of 4G spectrum, Payment of Pension Contribution on actual basic pay and Pension Revision. Both the officers are completely negative on our issues. No worth mentioning outcome came from this meeting.

Hence, after this meeting, the AUAB leaders went and met Shri Anshu Prakash, Additional Secretary and expressed their total dissatisfaction about the outcome of the meeting. Shri R.K.Khandelwal, Joint Secretary (Admn.), Ms.Sujata Ray, Director (HR) and Shri A.M.Gupta, GM(SR) were also present. Thereafter, full fledged discussion took place with the Additional Secretary on our demands.

3rd Pay Revision

Detailed discussion took place. The Additional Secretary told that the DoT is ready to settle the 3rd Pay Revision. But, he categorically told that it will be very difficult for the DoT to get the approval of the Cabinet for 15% fitment, since BSNL’s financial position does not allow payment of such high salary. He requested the AUAB and the BSNL Management to discuss and come back to him by next week with a workable solution which can be convincing to other ministries also. DIR(HR) informed that she will start negotiation with AUAB immediately.

4G spectrum to BSNL.

As regards the allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL, the Additional Secretary confidently told that the DoT would do it’s best to get the Cabinet approval for the allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL. He expressed hope that the Telecom Commission meeting to be held in the 1st week of February would give the necessary clearance, after which it would go for the Cabinet approval. Reservation on the part of Niti Ayog and Dept of Expenditure will be sorted out in the Telecom Commission meeting with the support of the recommendation of the consultant, IIM Ahmedabad. BSNL response on IIM report will be submitted by Monday and thereafter it will be processed to discuss in TC meeting.

Payment of Pension Contribution on actual basic pay.

As regards the issue of Payment of Pension Contribution on actual basic pay, the Additional Secretary told that the Department of Expenditure (DoE) has sought certain details and that the DoT has already written to the BSNL in this regard. The Director (HR) replied that within 1 or 2 days, BSNL would send a reply to the DoT. The Additional Secretary assured that thereafter prompt action would be taken to get the approval of the DoE.

Pension Revision.

On this issue, the AUAB representatives expressed their dissatisfaction and demanded that prompt action should be taken by the DoT. Thereafter, detailed discussion took place with regards to the fitment, etc. Finally, the Additional Secretary requested the Director(HR) to provide with copies of relevant documents like Government orders related to payment of Pension to the BSNL employees, etc.

Outstanding issues of 2nd PRC.

On this DIR(HR) informed that there are two parts, one pertaining to BSNL and the other one pending with DoT. DIR(HR) informed that an understanding has been reached between AUAB and the CMD BSNL in respect of increasing the contribution towards Superannuation Benefits. She also assured that a record of discussion would be issued for the meeting held on 02.12.2018 between CMD BSNL and the AUAB.

On the second issue of approval of E2 and E3 pay scales, DIR(HR) told that DoT issued PO by lowering the pay scales to E1 and E2, degrading the cadres which BSNL is not agreeing. It is to be reviewed as requested by BSNL.  

GS explained the matter further and requested for early settlement. In the last meeting on 03.12.2018, Hon Minister agreed to reconsider the DoT decision and assured early action as it can be decided within DoT. AST finally told directed Director(PSU) to process the case and brief him on the subject.

At the end of the meeting, the Additional Secretary suggested that the AUAB representatives could again meet him next week.

AUAB Circular

12/01/2019 : CHQ News

On 10.01.2019, AGS Com P. Padmanabha Rao, CHQ Treasurer Com R. Rajan and Jt Sec(S) Com A. Chandrasekhar met GM(BW) Sri. A. D.P. Keshri & GM(LD) Sri. D. K. Shinghal and  discussed land management, about discrepancies in the SDE(C) Seniority list, publication of year wise vacancies, Seniority list of JTO(C).GM(BW) assured to settle the issues within BW Unit based on individual representations received. If any legal issues arise, they will be sent to legal for clarification and will be placed accordingly. Regarding JTO(C) seniority, provisional seniority list is under preparation, for the approval of the competent authority. Around 205 JTO(C) data is available for the preparation of the seniority list. We also discussed about promotions of JTO(C) to SDE (C), SDE(C) to EE (C) & SE(C). Administration is trying to settle the seniority related issues and afterwards promotions will be issued for the availability vacancies.

Land Management issue discussed with GM(LD) and he informed that a draft on Land Management policy for BSNL has beensubmitted to DoT for approval. He also informed that with this Land Management, within three years span, there is a possibility of generating Rs. 8,000/-Cr per Annum as revenue to BSNL. This will become major source of income for BSNL revival. Leasing of open lands, extending leasing period upto 30 years under the purview of BSNL are notable points in the policy.

12/01/2019 : CHQ News

Meeting with GM(Pers): GS, CHQ Treasurer and AGSs met new GM(Pers) Shri Arun Kumar and held discussions on JTO to SDE and DE to DGM promotions. In view of the contempt proceedings against CMD/BSNL and GM(Pers), management is not at all thinking about further promotions rather the entire focus is to file appeal against the contempt proceedings in the HC and Supreme Court. Ernakulam CAT directed the personal appearance of CMD and GM(Pers) on 24.01.2019. Indications are that management will consider JTO to SDE promotions only after getting relief on contempt petitions.

However we are trying our level best to get the promotion orders issued at the earliest as majority of the DPC related work is already completed. We are committed to see that promotion orders are issued at the earliest for the JTOs as most of them are waiting for more than 17 years for their first promotion and they are in no way connected with the mess created by others.

As anticipated, the court cases and the contempt petition is badly delaying the promotions eventhough all the DPC work is completed. It is really unfortunate that the stubbornness of AIGETOA activists (many of them are already SDEs) for the personal appearance of CMD and others really casting shadow on the prospects of thousands of JTOs waiting for SDE promotions.

On DE to DGM promotions, new GM(Pers) assured to have discussion on Monday as the entire Pers section is busy in filing appeal against the contempt petition in higher courts.

11/01/2019 : Circle News

CS writes to CGMT serving Notice for Organisational Actions : View Notice

Kindly recall the discussion held at your chamber on 19/12/2018 and also refer our letter No.SNEA/Kerala/2018-19/II/13 dtd 27/12/2018 submitted by this Association in connection with the consideration of transfer requests of Executives who have completed 2 years service at their present BAs and other HR issues.   In the letter we categorically mentioned that the issues may be resolved within a stipulated period otherwise we will be forced to initiate organizational programs.  It is painfully noted that nothing has materialized so far in this regard and we felt that the genuine issues of Executives were fallen in deaf ears.

Circle Executive Committee meeting of SNEA unanimously decided to start the following organizational programs :

1. Lunch Hour Demonstration at all Dist Headquarters on 17/1/2019

2. If the demands are not settled on or before 31/1/2019, we will be compelled to intensify our agitations including non-cooperation which may seriously affect the developmental progress of Kerala Circle.

To protest against the

1. Negative attitude of the Circle Administration to the genuine issues of Executives in Kerala Circle.

2. Inept Circle Administration who failed to supply adequate infrastructure facilities for providing efficient service to attain the assigned target and increasing the revenue of Kerala Circle.

10/01/2019 : CHQ News

AUAB meeting with the Secretary, Telecom.

Representatives of the AUAB met Ms. Aruna Sundararajan, Secretary, Telecom, on 09.01.2019. Shri Anshu Prakash, Additional Secretary, Telecom, was also present. From AUAB, Com.P. Abhimanyu, GS/BSNLEU & Convenor/AUAB, Com. Chandeshwar Singh, GS/NFTE and Chairman/AUAB, Com. K. Sebastin, GS/SNEA and Com.Prahlad Rai, GS/AIBSNLEA took part. AUAB expressed their concern to the Secretary, Telecom, over the slow implementation of the assurances given by the Hon MoS(C). In reply, the Secretary, Telecom, told that a status report on all the issues would be given to the AUAB, by the DoT, in the Committee (Institutional Mechanism) meeting to be held on 10.01.2019. The Secretary, Telecom, suggested that the AUAB could meet her thereafter, and apprise her of the actions needed to be taken. In the discussion, AUAB demanded the inclusion of four representatives from AUAB in the Committee (Institutional Mechanism). This was accepted by the Secretary, Telecom.

AUAB Circular

10/01/2019 : CHQ News

Implementation of Group Term Insurance:

GS, CHQ Treasurer Com R Rajan, AGS Com Dilip Saha, AGS Com Sanjeev Sharma, AGS Com Pandurang Nayak, Jt.Sec (South) Com Chandrasekhar, Jt.Sec (East) Com I H Mandol and AGS Com Jagdish Rout met Sr GM(Estt), GM(Trg) and GM(CA) on 08.01.2019 and held discussions on implementation of GTI w.e.f 01.02.2019.

The Estt section is nominated as the nodal section for the implementation of GTI. Estt section issued direction to ERP cell to take action to deduct the amount from the salary of January, 2019 onwards. CA section will implement the premium deduction and accounting.

SNEA requested for some mechanism for the Executives on deputation to other Depts like TERM Cell for exercising the option for GTI. In principle it is agreed and modalities will be worked out. Further monthly or quarterly premium payment for the Executives above 50 years as the premium amount is higher. This also will be discussed with LIC. Next meeting with LIC will be held on 11.01.2019 for finalizing the MoU and the policy document.

We requested for a mechanism to monitor the contribution towards the Pension fund (5%). For this necessary modifications are under process in ERP to monitor the contribution from BSNL. The fund status in LIC also can be monitored for that LIC will extend a link for the BSNL employees. This is already under testing for individual cases and will be implemented at the earliest. pension fund, GM

Increasing the Gratuity from 10 lakh to 20 lakhs for BSNL direct rects: We requested to issue a separate order in this regard. GM(CA) informed that BSNL Board approved the gratuity at par with Central Govt employees for the future also and any change for Central Govt employees will be automatically implemented for BSNL Direct rects. For notifying the enhancement of Gratuity from 10 lakhs to 20 lakhs, the intimation is already given to Income Tax Dept and on their clearance, separate orders will be issued to all the field units, it is assured.

08/01/2019 : CHQ News

Beware of the mal-propaganda by the so called saviours of DRs and BRs,

just for the sake of luring membership.

It has come to the notice of CHQ that lot of mal-propaganda unleashed by the sections about JTO to SDE promotions, who are directly responsible for the mess in JTO to SDE promotions, creating innumerable obstacles from 2007 onwards in the form of court cases. When they miserably failed in other fronts, they resorted to court cases which ultimately hit the career of thousands of seniors, juniors, young and old JTOs. Thousands lost their lifetime dream of a promotion as SDE before their retirement and thousands lost their precious service as SDE which will delay all their future promotions.

They attribute each and everything which is not settled so far like E2/E3 scales, pay parity, 3rd PRC, promotion for the remaining Executives, ---- etc as failure of SNEA, without doing anything.

Conveniently, they will not even mention about the issues settled by SNEA like a) contribution towards growth related issues of BSNL, b) E1A and E2A pay scales for all in 2002 without discrimination, c) EPF full pension without the ceiling of Rs 6500, d) EPP 2007, d) BSNLMS RR 2009, e) SCF and LDCE promotions in various cadres, f) LDCE Exam for JTO to SDE promotion made objective type and very transparent, g) settlement of pay anomaly of 2005 batch, h) no MT, i) amendment in BSNLMS RR for changing the quota from 50% to 75%, j) JTO RR amendment, k) E2/E3 scales approval by BSNL, l) 5% contribution on SAB, m) CPSU Cadre Hierarchy approval, n) more than 13,500 promotions this year, o) GTI, etc. Rather, they will try to take credit for everything settled.

Their ideology is very simple: “DO NOTHING, TAKE CREDIT FOR EVERYTHING”.

This is compelling SNEA to explain the Executives about the negative role played by the so called well wishers of DRs and BRs for the last few years, especially in JTO to SDE promotion. The present mal-propaganda is simply to confuse the JTOs for the sake of membership.

How they intentionally stopped the promotions through court cases?

Let us see what the so called saviors of DRs done for the JTO cadre? (changed DRs to BRs sometime back and now again changed to all Executives. After 17 years, they realized that all the Executives in BSNL are BRs and they are not untouchables)

I. In 2007, LDCE from JTO to SDE notified for the vacancies upto 2004-05. Due to the efforts of SNEA, 2005-06 vacancy year also got included for which 2001 rect JTOs are eligible.The same section filed court cases in different CATs for stalling the LDCE but could not succeed fully due to the efforts of SNEA. After some delay, SNEA ensured conduction of LDCE and promotion orders issued in November, 2008 and about 900 JTOs of 2001 rect itself passed the LDCE.

II. In 2010, two court cases filed at CAT, Chennai with the following prayers:

a) 1:1 interpolation between Dept promote JTOs of 1995 batch and DR JTOs of 2001 batch and so on.

b) Instead of training centre marks, date of joining should be the criteria to decide the inter-se seniority.

c) Reservation roster is not followed.

Both the cases dismissed by the Hon CAT after 3 years, a big ACHIEVEMENT!

During the interim period, promotion orders issued on 30.03.2011 for the vacancies upto 2008-09 and part of 1995 rect JTOs got promotion. After few weeks, the promotion orders stayed which continued till July, 2013.

III. Immediately after that, cases filed at CAT, Ernakulam with the same prayers (first two prayers) which are dismissed by the Chennai CAT. Meantime, EKM CAT stayed operation of the AIEL for the promotion.

Subsequent AIEL could not prepare due to court cases. However by 2014, the AIEL for the JTOs upto 2001 recruitment year prepared and published for the vacancies of 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13 and 2013-14.

If the stay orders are not issued by Ernakulam CAT, all the vacancies upto 2013-14 would have filled and promotions orders would have issued in 2014 itself for the JTOs upto 2001 year.

The LDCE also could have conducted parallally for all the vacancy years.

Hon CAT dismissed the petitions on both grounds!

IV. Another court case filed challenging the excess promotion of the JTOs working in supernumerary posts. All the three court cases at CAT and High Court continued till the judgment on 05.06.2018.

All the three prayers rejected by Hon HC, inter-se seniority quashed for DRs and excess promotes and directed to fix the inter-se seniority of Direct rect and excess promotes by date of appointment/promotion. Hon HC did not disturb the inter-se seniority of the promotees recruited within their quota.

In the meantime more than 3,000 JTOs in the AIEL retired without getting a single promotion, another achievement for them!

The promotion order for the remaining JTOs upto 1999 rect year (part) issued on 15.06.2018 for the 2009-10 and 2010-11 vacancy year. The promotion for the JTOs of remaining rect years from 2001 onwards held up due to quashing of seniority on the Direct Rect JTOs by the High Court.

If there was no court cases, all JTOs including 2008 and part of 2012 rect year would have become SDEs from the years 2014 onwards through SCF or LDCE, in the years 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

They did not played the same game of court cases in the case of JAO to AO promotion. So, all the JAOs upto 2012 rect also got the promotion as AO. See the difference!

Now also they are trying to delay the JTO to SDE promotions by fighting with the management in the court, in the name of contempt petition. All these are done mainly by some SDEs through remote control who are not going to lose anything as they got the promotion and seniority.

Beware of the mal-propaganda and read How they intentionally stopped the promotions through court cases?

08/01/2019 : CHQ News

Newly elected CHQ Office bearers held a meeting at New Delhi on 07.01.2019 and held review of various issues. A committee of CHQ office bearers were formed to have more focus on the BSNL growth related issues, details will be published.

In the evening we met CMD and DIR(HR) and introduced the new CHQ Office bearers. We requested CMD and DIR(HR) to implement the CPSU Cadre Hierarchy immediately for giving promotion to thousands of Executives waiting for promotion for want of vacancies and bringing parity in promotions by any means. We also requested them to issue the promotion orders from JTO to SDE (which will ensure smooth implementation of CPSU Hierarchy) and DE to DGM immediately for filling up all the vacancies for which the formalities are completed.

Our AGS Com Pandurang Nayak and Jt Sec Com A Chandrasekhar will be available at CHQ for the whole week. Next week, Jt Sec Com Sumit Saxena will be available at CHQ.

07/01/2019 : CHQ News

JTO to SDE contempt case at Ernakulam:

The contempt case came up today. The reply affidavit filed by BSNL on the contempt petition is not accepted by the CAT. Hon Court decided to frame charges against CMD and GM(Pers). BSNL lawyer informed the court that BSNL proposed to issue promotions for another 5,000 JTOs which will cover some of the petitioners also. However court replied that they are not concerned about the welfare measures of BSNL to give promotion to its employees and will proceed with contempt.

BSNL was represented by senior lawyer and the AIGETOA activists are represented by their lawyer. Since SNEA is not a party in the contempt case, no lawyer appeared for SNEA.

Some rumours are spread through social media by those vested interests that SNEA lawyer also present in the court, that to confuse the members. It is another lie by them, again to befool the innocent JTOs, which they were doing since long and to save their face. It is a matter of shame that BSNL Executives are stooped to such level of dishonesty and spreading lies for misleading their own members.

We appeal all our members to be very cautious and do not get trapped in such rumours /misguiding messages in social media.

This court cases filed by AIGETOA activists are really working against the JTO to SDE promotion. The JTOs of 1999, 2001, 2002, -----2007 and 2008 rect year are becoming the real sufferers now. Earlier it was the JTOs from 1995 onwards to 2008. Those who are already become SDEs in the last three LDCEs are piloting and remote controlling the cases by collecting huge amount as legal fund and delaying the promotion for the remaining  JTOs.

It is high time for the JTOs from 2001 onwards to open their eyes and analyse who is really working against their interest and whose action is stopping their promotion. For the last 8 years, SNEA is trying to remove the hurdles for JTO to SDE promotion, created by AIGETOA and its activists, one by one.

06/01/2019 : CHQ News

SNEA extends solidarity and support to the General Strike by Central Trade Unions on 8th and 9th, January, 2019.


04/01/2019 : CHQ News

GS writes to Shri Anupam Shrivatava, CMD/BSNL: GS letter to CMD

Immediate action to implement BSNL Executives Promotion Policy & Recruitment Rules-2017 (CPSU Cadre Hierarchy) w.e.f. 01.07.2018 which is approved by the BSNL Board on 28.05.2018, to address the huge disparity in promotions and bringing complete Uniformity and Parity in promotions in SDE/AO and AGM/CAO equivalent cadres of all the streams. This is also part of terms and condition for absorption in BSNL. Delay in implementation leading to wide spread resentment among thousands of Executives waiting for promotion:

One of the main objective of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy to end litigations and smooth career progression is partially defeated by the recent post based promotions.

Through post based promotions, the main objective of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy, Parity and Uniformity in promotions among various streams for the equivalent cadres could not achieve, rather more disparity, anomalies, disputes and court cases created now. If vacancy based promotion is continued, no one can ensure Parity or even timely promotion in different cadres.

The status of promotions in different cadres after the recent promotion orders is given below to understand the huge disparity:



to AO

JTO(Arch) to SDE





Executives waiting for promotion from























Executives waiting for promotion from






1. More than 2,000 SDEs in list 8 who are very seniors, most of them are promoted in 2004/2005 as SDEs and completed 14 years of service are waiting for promotion. Their juniors are promoted on 29.06.2018 which created wide spread resentment among the seniors. Another 1,200 SDEs are there, promoted in 2007/2008 also.

2. More than 9,500 JTOs from 1999 rect year to 2013 rect year are waiting for promotion. The promotion for about 4,500 JTOs upto 2007 rect year is in the final stage. Still about 5,000 JTOs, from 2008 rect onwards are waiting for promotion to bring-in parity.  

3. Similarly about 800 SDEs (400 each in Civil and Electrical), promoted from 1998 onwards waiting for promotion as EE.

4. AOs of 2008 batch numbering about 900 are waiting for promotion.

5. More than 6,500 SDEs promoted in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2013 are waiting for promotion to Sr SDE grade.

6. More than 1500 AOs promoted is 2009 & 2015, waiting for promotion to Sr AO grade.

7. The situation in some small stream like Arch is precarious; JTO(Arch) joined in 1988 is still waiting for first promotion. Stagnation prevails in other small streams like CSS, PA/PS, TF, Arch, Official Language etc.

Bringing Parity in promotions in SDE and AGM equivalent cadres for all the streams were demanded by SNEA vide letter No: SNEA/CHQ/CMD/2015-18/95 Dated 04th July, 2018, through upgradation of posts as done in the case of JAO to AO and SDE to DE cadres. However, this demand is not accepted by the management.

Any delay in implementation of the new promotion policy will be demoralizing and detrimental to the overall interest of the Executives. If the notification and date of effect is delayed beyond 01.07.2018, all will miss their opportunity to get the promotion on 01.07.2018, at par with their juniors in other streams who got the promotion on 29.06.2018. Evenif the promotions are given one day later than 01.07.2018, all such Executives will become juniors and subordinate to the Executives already promoted on or before 01.07.2018 as per CPSU Cadre Hierarchy provisions. Consequently, it will also affect the future promotions of thousands of Executives who got promotions recently.

In view of the above submissions, it is requested to take appropriate actions to bring parity and uniformity in promotions in all the wings for all the equivalent cadres, ie. Telecom/ Finance/ Civil/ Elect/ TF/ Arch/ CSS/ PA/ PS etc as a permanent measure by implementing the Uniform Time Bound Functional Promotion Policy (CPSU Cadre Hierarchy) immediately, w.e.f. 01.07.2018.

04/01/2019 : CHQ News

JTO to SDE promotion : SDE Roster is approved by the CLO yesterday evening. The DPC is not started due to the confusion over reservation issue and it seems that management is waiting for the outcome court case at Ernakulam which is coming up on next Monday. The court case is badly delaying the promotions. The delay is only on account of these issues, otherwise it is ready for conduction of DPC. After deciding how to go ahead with the promotions by frequent interactions with us, management acted very fast to complete the preparatory works.

DE to DGM promotion : Management is sorting out some issues related to 1966 seniority raised by some sections. In fact the matter is subjudice as the BSNL SLP is pending in the Hon Supreme Court. All other DPC related work is completed.

03/01/2019 : Circle News

The DE to DGM promotion DPC is underway and orders are expected by tomorrow.
This association apprised the following points to CGMT Kerala and also to our General Secretary:

The present vacancy position of the Kerala circle is not sufficient to accommodate the officers under consideration. There is a proposal to allot the more than 100 unfilled  DR-DGM post among various circles. Kerala being the most revenue earning circle it is requested to take up urgently with Corporate office for posting of all officers to Kerala circle by alloting more DGM posts against the unfilled DR-DGM posts. Further 12 DGMs are retiring before June 2019.

03/01/2019 : CHQ News

JTO to SDE promotion updates: Overcoming all the hurdles created by the numerous court cases which delayed the JTO to SDE promotions since 2010, the preparatory work for all the SDE vacancies including 2017-18 is almost completed. The reservation and roster related issues almost sorted out which was pending for few days and approval of roster is expected any time. The DPC will be started as soon as clearance is given. Including the unfilled vacancies of 2008-09 (ST) & 2010-11 (SC&ST), total vacancies are about 4870. However as per the DPC procedure, DPC will be held for all the JTOs. It is expected that almost all the JTOs of 2007 will be covered, SC & ST from 2008 and some ST posts will remain unfilled which will be filled subsequently.    

Our continuous interaction with the management, demanding going ahead with promotions on recruitment year basis as per the interim measure suggested by the Hon HC of Ernakulam, finally accepted by the management and paving the way for further promotions. An affidavit also filed by BSNL in the EKM CAT on the same lines.

03/01/2019 : Circle News

Watch Television Interview with our Circle President Com.George Varghese, as he opens up on the Telecom Explosion happening around, various issues of Telecom sector, how BSNL as a PSU with its own limitations is surviving and giving tough competition to the aggressive private operators, tariff wars, how BSNL is the only operator which operates even in remote areas with its social obligations and national responsibility, how time and again it has been proved that BSNL is the only operator that works even during natural calamities, what is the role of Unions and Associations for correcting the policies of Government/Management for the growth and survival of the company, 4G Spectrum allotment, FTTH expansion, what are the future challenges, requirements and struggles for the company and many more.... from the Subharatri programme on Jeevan TV, telecasted on 5/12/2018 9.30 PM.

02/01/2019 : Circle News

SNEA organised BSNL Recruits Grand Gathering at Calicut scheduled on 3/1/19 is postponed due to Hartal. Rescheduled date will be intimated soon.

01/01/2019 : Circle News

SNEA organizes BSNL Recruits Grand Gathering on  03/01/19, 2 pm at Calicut

SNEA Circle President Com.George Varghese will interact and present the following topics:

a) E2-E3 / 22820 - What's the status ?

b) What about 30% Superannuation benefits ?

c) When CPSU cadre hierarchy will come ?

d) What about JTO to SDE and SDE to DE promotion ?

e) Stand of SNEA on MT recruitment 

f) Why to opt GTI ?

g) EPF Full pension and other issues  / EPF Issues of recently recruited JTOs/JAOs

h) 4G spectrum allotment- Present status

i) Policy of SNEA on various cadre issues

j) Financial viability of BSNL - Role of United move

k) Development on recently deferred  agitation - Pay revision and other issues

l) HR Issues pending at Circle level.

m) Any other issues to be taken up / Pending  at Circle/ CHQ level

All Executives of Calicut and nearby BAs, irrespective of association , are cordially invited.

01/01/2019 : Circle News

NEED for UNITY in resolving the issues in BSNL

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

Wishing you all, a very Happy New Year 2019…..

On this New Year, We wish you all very exciting Days to come. May be we are Passing through some Shadows now... but dear friends, our strong unity is enough to surpass any shadows and break all obstacles in our way. Let’s once again believe in Unity and together  we can achieve our goals. Please stay selfless and committed, that is the only way we can achieve  the goals in our life.

The first and foremost challenge  we are facing toady is the Financial Viability of BSNL which is issue of all BSNL family members more particularly affecting the BSNL recruits as they have just started their career and their  family is yet to be settled. The solutions to the issues being encountered by  BSNL can be addressed by the unity of not only of BSNL executives and non-executives but also from the support of all Trade unions even outside BSNL. While this is now realised by all prudent persons in the country, some group feel that unity of BSNL Recruited Executives will  be the panacea for the resolutions of the issues and they themself keep aloof from the activities happing around the society and others are untouchable to them till recently . We are sure as time passes, they will realize no one is untouchable and unity means not the Unity of BSNL Recruited Executives but the unity of all BSNL Executives and Non-Executives and beyond.

The history of SNEA spanning more than six decades from in its initial form of TESA (Telecom  Engineering Supervisors Association) is a true testimony to the concept of Employees unity .When JTO was a Group-C cadre, we were moving along with Group-C unions in all historical Struggles including corporatization of DOT. When BSNL was formed it has embraced all Executives who were under more than 11 distinct associations like  Finance, TES Gr-B, Civil, Electrical, CSS, PA, PS etc. Even BSNL recognition rule forbid unity between executive and non-execute unions, SNEA took the challenge to become part in leadership role in AUAB. Today all the issues of BSNL whether pertains to BSNL viability or of  Employees / executives, AUAB is a formidable Force to reckon with. We know some of the new generation  were very much critical about  non executives and absorbed executives and remained aloof from such programmers earlier has now realized that they alone cannot move a little finger and so today they are also compelled to be part of some of the activities of AUAB at least for name sake. 

Our experienced wisdom calls upon all Executives not to be trapped by the  slogan of unity of BSNL Recruits and  be part of main stream as already done by majority of  BSNL recruited executives. These are the days even trade unions like CITU,INTUC,AITUC, BMS etc… irrespective of their political differences  joined hands together to surmount the crises being faced by the common public in general and the working class whether private or public in particular.  Fully acknowledging the call of the day and taking lessons from history wherein challenges were faced when unity is forged irrespective of caste, creed, religion, race, SNEA believe unity not only of all executives but that of non-executives also in addressing the challenges being faced by BSNL. It is due to this belief, SNEA became part of NCOA, AIPCOC representing all public sectors including Banking, Insurance and Central Government services etc…

Those who believe in unity, those who believe in trade union  strength, those who believe in democratic process, those who are ready to struggle in real sense and not running court after courts as branch office of law chambers cannot become pray to the call of unity  in the name of BSNL recruits.

31/12/2018 :


29/12/2018: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT regarding request transfer of JAO/JTO’s who have completed 2 years service and Relieving of Executives whose transfer orders already issued. View letter

Kindly recall the meeting held with this Association on 19/12/2018.  The following issues were discussed in the meeting.

  1. Request Transfer of JAOs who have completed 2 years service
  2. Request transfer of JTOs who have completed 2 years tenure period.
  3. Relieving of  Executives  whose transfer orders issued after completing 2 years tenure period.

Now 9 days has elapsed after our discussion on above items, however nothing has materialized so far from administration side in this regard though it was assured to consider the  views expressed by us.  It is very painful and unfortunate  to note that the present administration is not at all considering the genuine HR issues of Executives wherein solutions are in hand.

An agreement was made between the Kerala Circle Administration and the Executives Associations in the year 2007 to meet the HR requirement of various SSAs as well as  genuine aspiration of Executives regarding transfer and posting.   As per the policy the   additional staff requirement and the request of the  2 year tenure completed  executives  will be considered against   new recruitment/ promotions. In the absence of new recruitment   the request of the executives completed their tenure will be considered by posting substitute if necessary on long stay basis during March/ April.  This procedure is continuously following before the start of every academic year ie during April/May with an instruction that Executives may be relieved after the completion of 2 year service at the BAs.  This procedure of issuing transfer orders in 2 years either against new recruitment/ promotion or against substitute on  long stay transfer, had  given a confidence in every Executives and they could also prepare themselves for going out to remote BAs, who give maximum efforts since they know that they would be automatically brought back to their parent BAs without any external influence.  However the administration tried to deviate from the agreement in one particular year (  ie in the year 2015)  after the implementation of the agreement made in 2007, and unfortunately it resulted in industrial unrest and badly affected the total productivity of Kerala Circle as well as loss of confidence in administration due to that deviation of the well executed agreement.

As far as request for transfer of JAOs are concerned, there are only 17 requests in the circle and recently around 30 new JAOs were posted in the circle. The new posting of JAOs were worked out in such a way to meet the substitute against the transfer request pending. But even after posting of these  new JAOs for more than 2 months no transfer orders are issued against the request pending as pointed out by us during the discussion.  This is nothing but totally negative attitude to the executives. Further these  DR JAOs  who has joined  the organization with much expectations  about BSNL is now just waiting for a seat and job assignment for months together. It may be noted that since most of them  were working in  many organizations  previously this kind of HR management would have gave them a  bad image about BSNL within this short period of time .

As far as the request pending from JTOs  it is to be noted that during the last 2 years around 700 JTOs were posted in Kerala Circle and this posting were made to different BAs after considering all shortages and anticipated transfers from BAs.  Even after the posting of new JTOs well before many months, still administration has not issued the transfer orders of Executives who were posted to remote BAs and completed 2 years.

After continues persuasion by this Association with Administration some transfer orders were issued by the circle office in DE/ SDE/ JTO  cadre in the month of Sep-2018. These orders are simply ignored by the BAs in total defiance and none of the executives are relieved yet. The circle office has become a mute spectator to this kind of defiance by the BAs. We are of the firm view that the Circle Administration  is  duty bound  to ensure that  the instructions/ orders from circle office is complied by the BAs in HR issues also like all other cases. We urge up on the circle administration to relieve these officers from ERP.

Sir, this type of attitude will result loss of confidence among the executives in the well maintained system in place and it  will further leads to industrial unrest. While  it is high time  for all- Management/ Executives/Non executives to concentrate single mindedly for improving the revenues of the company ,unfortunately the Circle administration is demotivating the executives by denying their genuine  aspirations and expectations .

 We are once again constrained to make it on record that the HR attitude of the Kerala circle administration on many issues – NOC for JTOs, Vacancy release in JTO/JAO cadre, promotion in case of JAOs , etc  are not to the expectation of the executives  and deserve a revisit.

In this context, we once again request  your good self to consider the above legitimate issues of the Executives in Kerala Circle within a time frame. Otherwise we will be forced to initiate organizational programs in the Circle.

27/12/2018: CHQ News

Update on JTO to SDE Promotions: GS, President and AGS met CMD and requested him to expedite the JTO to SDE promotion and to give approval for conduction of DPC from DE to DGM.

Today evening, DIR HR given approval for conduction of DPC from JTO to SDE.

27/12/2018: CHQ News

Rect of Management Trainee from outside kept in abeyance. As per our decision which is reiterated in the Ludhiana AIC, SNEA opposed rect of Extl MTs and management kept it in abeyance.

27/12/2018: CHQ News

JTO to SDE promotion: Today the proposal for conduction of DPC for all the SDE(T) vacancies upto 31.03.2018 is moved for the approval of competent authority. The DPC proposal is as per the suggestion given by SNEA.

The reply in the contempt case also sent for the approval of competent authority so that it can be filed latest by Monday, 31.12.2018. In the reply affidavit, BSNL is intimating the Hon CAT that BSNL is proposing to go ahead with promotion for the remaining vacancies, rect year wise, as per the interim measure suggested by the Hon High Court.

GS, President and AGS met GM(Pers) and held discussions to complete the process expeditiously and issuing the promotion orders at the earliest. We also demanded to consider all the Rule 8 request transfers while issuing the promotion and posting orders which is accepted by management. On our request to include the 2012 batch JTOs also, GM(P) assured to examine the case to the extent of vacancies and do the needful. We expect the promotion orders by early next week if everything moves as we planned.

27/12/2018: CHQ News

The proposal for DE to DGM promotion  cleared by DIR HR and file moved for approval of CMD.

DE to DGM promotion proposal is with DIR(HR) and after the clearance of DIR, it will be moved to CMD for approval. We requested DIR(HR) for early clearance of the proposal and she assured early action.

26/12/2018: CHQ News

Sanchar Soft issues in South Zone: Last few days, Sanchar Soft is not working for the South Zone, halting all the activities of provisioning, MNP etc in entire south Zone due to some hardware problem. This also during festival season when more connections are expected. There is no DR also for South Zone.

Earlier GS brought this to the notice of CMD/BSNL for his intervention. Today GS and AGS met DIR(CFA) also and held further discussions on the subject. Technical team is already on the job for the last 4 days and complete restoration is expected by today night. Meanwhile the system is restored temporarily with limited access.

26/12/2018: SAD NEWS

SAD NEWS: With heavy heart, it is informed that Com.Sabu.S.R (54), SDE Neyyattinkara, Trivandrum has left us today morning due to Cardiac Arrest. Com.Sabu.S.R was an Executive Committee member of SNEA Trivandrum, Ex-President of Circle office branch and participated in the recently held AIC at Ludhiana as delegate from Trivandrum BA. SNEA mourn the untimely departure. Let's together join the bereaved family.


24/12/2018: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT regarding upcoming JTO(T) to SDE(T) promotions, retaining and posting the officials on promotion to Kerala Circle itself and to the same BA units as sufficient number of vacancies in SDE cadre exists in all BA units due to the recent SDE to AGM promotion and for saving huge amount on transfer grants during this time of financial crisis experienced by BSNL. View Letter

24/12/2018: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT regarding upcoming DE to DGM promotions and posting in  Kerala  circle: View Letter

It is understood that the DPC for promotion from DE to DGM is under way and the posting is expected shortly. In this connection the following few points are brought to your kind notice so that maximum officers from the Kerala circle are posted in the circle itself on their promotion.

The total number of DGM posts sanctioned in the circle is 65 and the DEs under consideration for promotion is around 100. Out of the 65 posts one regular DGM and 18 Adhoc DGMs are working in the circle.   8 Adhoc  DGMs and one DGM LA from other circles have requested  for transfer back to their home circle as all of them are left with  very less  service  for retirement.  It is requested to consider the request of all these officers so that maximum officers from Kerala circle can be accommodated in the circle on their promotion as DGM.  This will be a great relief to the officers from other circles during last span of their service as well as to the officers of Kerala circle. Kerala being  the profit making circle,  it is also requested to take up the matter with Corporate Office  for filling up all the posts in Kerala circle from officers from Kerala circle. In addition to individual benefit, huge amount on transfer grant etc can also be saved during this period of financial crisis experienced by BSNL.

24/12/2018: Circle News

SancharSoft issues : Sancharsoft is down since Friday afternoon and has severely affected our business during the festival time when with more aggressive melas we could have grabbed more customers. Customers who are waiting for activation of the SIM are also agitated. This association has taken up the issue with CGMT and other concerned GMs for resolving the issue at the earliest. CGMT informed that there is some hardware problem at Trichy and is being attended.

We are in constant touch with our GS and are putting pressure on our CHQ for apprising the seriousness of the issue to CMD and expecting his immediate intervention in this regard.

22/12/2018: Circle News

Meeting with CGMT on 19/12/2018:

SNEA Kerala Circle Office Bearers - CP Com.George Varghese, CS Com.SanthoshKumar.T, CT Com.Suneer.S, ACS - Com.Dr.Premkumar.G, Com.J.V.Ramana, Com.Vivek.G, CWC Members – Com.Sureshkumar.R, Com.Vimal.R and Com.Harikrishnan.G attended the meeting with CGMT Shri.Dr.P.T.Mathew on 19/12/2018, 2.30 PM at Circle Office Trivandrum. GM(HR & Admin) Shri Robin Poddar also attended the meeting from Administration side. The following points were discussed.

  1. Request Transfer of JAOs who have completed 2 years: We requested CGMT to consider the transfer requests from the JAOs who have completed 2 years, as substitute for these officers were already posted from the recent DR-JAO batch. CGMT is of the opinion to issue transfer orders only on 31/3/2018 and informed that only genuine compassionate cases might be considered before that. We argued that already substitute was posted for relieving these officers and the recommendations of PGM(Finance) was also positive in these cases. We have made it very clear to the Administration that this Assn can not  accept the view of the Management and  it will be sending a  very wrong message  as far HR  relations prevailing in the circle.  We had further discussion with  GM HR and made it very clear that this Assn will be compelled to resort to organizational action if these requests are not considered. It is a well laid down  principle accepted  in the  circle that the transfer request of 2 year completed cases are considered as when substitutes are available on new appointment or through promotion and we can not allow a  situation diluting this time tested  policy. We  will continue pursuing for the release of transfer orders or will be taking suitable organizational actions .
  1. Request Transfer of  Executives w ho have completed 2 years: Transfer orders already issued for those cases who completed 2 years by Aug-2018. CGMT informed that orders for the remaining requests will be issued on 31/3/2018. We argued with Administration that Corporate office is regularly considering transfer requests and issuing orders round the year and the same may be done in Kerala Circle also. We are pursuing.
  1. Implementation of Transfer orders issued by Circle Administration:  Many officials whose transfer orders were issued couple of months back are yet to be relieved by BA units. We requested Administration to relieve through  ERP as done regularly by Corporate office since the circle administration is also responsible to ensure that the orders of the CGMT is honoured by the BAs.
  1. Releasing of JTO Vacancies: We requested to release the blocked 9 JTO vacancies as there is no court direction for blocking them. Around 30 LICE passed officials are waiting for vacancies for becoming JTOs. It was learnt that positive legal opinion was received more than year back for releasing the vacancies but instead of releasing the vacancies, unnecessary clarifications were sought to Corporate office for which the reply is still awaited.  We have pointed that while there are around 5000 JTO vacancies under LICE for the year 2016-17 on all India basis there is only 6 vacancies in Kerala Circle. While this is the situation even the declared vacancies are denied to the eligible candidates which is totally  demoralizing  attitude. CGMT asked for one week’s time for resolving the issue. We are following up.
  1. Releasing of JAO Vacancies: We once again requested Administration to release the JAO vacancies as done by Telangana Circle based on the clarification from Corporate office. CGMT once again instructed to look into the matter afresh. We are pursuing.
  1. Pay fixation / Pay Revision of JTOs promoted after officiating: We appraised the administration the  huge loss the JTOs are under going even after getting a positive judgment from  the Apex Court. We requested the administration for allowing the revision of pay w.e.f 1-1-2007  against the pay they were drawing  and as already done in the circle. Pending decision on the above  for revision of pay  w.e.f 1-1-2007  as per the pay drawn on officiating basis ,  We have  also gave a sample representation  submitted by 2008 regularized  JTOs  (as most of them are being retired and huge amount is  recovered from their   terminal benefits)  for  revision of pay  w.e.f  the date of their regularization  protecting the pay they have drawn on officiating capacity . CGMT and PGM F agreed to look into this matter and suggested to give representation by all similarly placed officers.
    View Sample representation submitted by Smt.Abassa, Ernakulam. All 2008 regularised JTOs may give similar representations which will be beneficial to them.
  2. Promotion of JAO- 2013 batch: We had detailed discussion on the subject, how these 33 JAOs initially denied their promotion as JAOs in spite of clear vacancies and  now again by denying them their legitimate  AO promotions. We have explained what has happened in other Circles on the same issue of carry forward vacancies of 2010 and all of them are now promoted as AOs. The JAOs of our circle alone has become the victim of the totally negative attitude of the administration and now the same is continued for their legitimate AO promotions. Administration is of the view that since the matter  of 2010 Exam is pending in Supreme Court as well as the AO promotion  case  in CAT Ernakulam,  They have to wait for the outcome of the court cases.
  3. Upcoming Promotion and Posting of JTO(T) to SDE(T): We apprised CGM of the upcoming promotions of JTO(T) to SDE(T) and requested him to take n/a for retaining and posting the officials on promotion to Kerala Circle itself and to the same BA units as sufficient number of vacancies in SDE cadre exists in all BA units due to the recent SDE to AGM promotion.CGMT responded very much positively and directed GM(HR) to write a letter to Corporate office immediately in this regard.
  1. Pending Confirmation to DR-JAO 2015: We requested CGMT to issue the long pending confirmation orders to DR-JAO 2015 batch which is due from 11/1/2018. CGMT responded positively.
  1. Grant of Grade promotion to ADOL: We have brought to the notice of the CGMT the pathetic situation being faced by ADOL in the Circle. Though most of them are working as ADOL on Adhoc basis without any break, for more than 25 years they continue to  work in the same scale without any up gradation either under NEPP or under EPP. We requested the CGMT to look to their case at least for grant of grade since the adhoc service can be counted for grant of higher grade as per  the provision under  EPP. We have  handed over a representation submitted by Smt.Medini ADOL Thrissur and relevant orders under EPP. CGMT was very much considerate and instructed GM HR to look into the matter.
  1. Temporary Advance settlement issues: We informed that there are instructions from Circle office to close the Temporary Advance in the same month itself whereas the advance is being received by the officer in the latter half of the month. CGM informed that Temporary advances to be settled within 30 days and not in the same month as per his information from the corporate office guidelines from time to time and it has to be followed in the circle also.
  1. O&M of BTS by M/s Mahindra: We expressed our strong concern on the proposal and requested CGMT to  take up the case with corporate office atleast to exempt Kerala circle from the proposal on account of the huge financial burden as considering the service efficiency in the circle. CGMT is also of the same opinion and agreed to address to corporate office on the same line and suggested to take up the matter at Corporate level by Assn also.
  1. KSEB Payments: We have suggested to take up this matter with KSEB  for getting exemption from disconnection for non-payment on due date, Disconnection fee, and penal interest  since 3 months advance is  deposited  with KSEB.  CGMT  briefed the  action taken from management side with Chairman KSEB and suggested to  take up the matter with Ministry through Association forum also. CGMT requested us that there should be liason with KSEB Officers at field level also.
  1. Property Tax payments on BTSs: We have explained the difficulties being faced in the field units and requested to have a permanent mechanism to resolve the issue. CGMT has told about the recent instructions issued to  handle exigency situation and remaining to  be  worked out as per legal advice.
  1. UTStarcom OLT issues: We apprised CGM about the hanging of UTStarcom OLTs which are creating dissatisfaction among our Customers. CGM informed that he is aware of the issue and has met the Chinese Engineers camped at Kottayam for the last 15 days and the issue is also projected to Corporate office.
  1. CDOT NGN issues:We apprised CGM that issues at Parur - Pilot CDOT NGN Exchange is not yet resolved.
  1. Pending EPP cases – Time bound promotions: We requested Management to release the pending EPP cases. GM HR informed that processing is completed and orders will be released soon.
  1. 4G issues: Regarding the recent launch of 4G services in Band 1 by switching off 3G by BSNL, we informed CGMT that many of the handsets in the market are not supporting the particular Band 1, namely some extremely popular models like the Redmi Note 4 and Redmi 4. Since 3G services are also shutdown for launching 4G, these customers as well as those with 3G handsets will be downgraded to 2G instead of upgradation to 4G. This is a major concern as these customers are more likely to port out than find any alternate solution.  View band 1 supported mobiles list-1 || list-2.
  1. 4G Wi-Fi devices with SIM slot: As a solution to the above problem of non supporting of band 1 by certain mobiles, we suggested tying up with some manufacturers to launch 4G WiFi dongles with sim slot which can cater to our customers lacking band 1 support as well as having 3G only handsets. These customers can easily connect their existing mobiles via WiFi to enjoy our 4G network via the dongle. We need to launch these 4G WiFi dongles at commercially competitive prices and bundle with some content solutions like Amazon Prime/Netflix for making the 4G service attractive and for easy adoption by customers.
  1. Expenditure of Marketing Fund: We pointed out that some BA heads are curtailing the expenditure on Marketing fund and diverting it for the payment of emergency expenditure like electricity bills etc. CGMT replied that Circle office has not issued any instructions in this regard for curtailing expenditure on Marketing fund and informed that the fund should be fully utilized.

20/12/2018: CHQ News

Pension Contribution on actual basic pay: In a very positive development, Dept of Expenditure(DoE), Ministry of Finance in principle accepted the demand for Pension Contribution on Actual basic Pay instead of maximum of the pay scales. DoE asked clarification from DoT for the modalities of implementation in this regard. This was one of the important demands of AUAB which DoT agreed to settle. AUAB will demands its implementation from 01.01.2007 and refund of excess payment made to DoT.

19/12/2018: CHQ News

Meeting with Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD/BSNL on 19.12.2018:

GS, President and AGS Com Sanjeev Sharma met CMD/BSNL and held discussion on the following issues:

1) Status of Bank loan to tide over the present financial crisis: CMD informed that a loan for 500 to 1000 Cr is expected in another 10 days time by which the immediate requirements including vendor payments can be settled.

2) JTO to SDE promotion: We requested to expedite the JTO to SDE promotion. CMD assured that it will be done at the earliest. Management is keen to give the promotions but the court cases are creating hindrances in this regard. However CMD directed us to have more discussion with DIR(HR) in this regard.

3) DE to DGM(T) promotion: Since the stay is vacated, we requested to expedite the promotions. If the promotion orders are issued by 31.12.2018, those who are retiring in this month also can be promoted, we requested CMD. If the approval is given for conduction of DPC without taking into the MC for relaxation of qualifying service, it can be completed before 31st December, we informed. CMD assured to do the needful positively for issuing the promotion orders at the earliest.

4) CPSU Cadre Hierarchy notification: We requested to notify the same at the earliest so that all the eligible Executives can be given promotion w.e.f. 01.07.2018. Now the promotions are stopped due to shortage of vacancies in various cadres. CMD assured to do the needful.

5) Payment of EB bills, labour payment, temporary advance, payment of loan instalments to banks/societies etc: CMD informed that these payments will be done on priority for which Bank loan is under process. It is expected shortly by which it can be streamlined soon.

19/12/2018: CHQ News

Meeting with Smt Sujata T Ray, DIR(HR) on 19.12.2018:

GS, President and AGS Com Sanjeev Sharma met DIR(HR) and held discussion on the following issues:

1) JTO to SDE promotion: We requested to expedite the promotion. DIR(HR) assured that all possible steps will be taken in this regard. A proposal will be submitted to the Hon Court shortly for giving promotions. The applicants are also asked to withdraw the cases through AIGETOA leaders so that promotions can be done at the earliest. The court case at Ernakulam CAT is the only hindrances at present, DIR(HR) informed.

2) DE to DGM(T) promotion: Since the stay is vacated, we requested to expedite the promotions before 31.12.2018. DIR(HR) assured to do the needful at the earliest.

3) CPSU Cadre Hierarchy notification: We requested to notify the same at the earliest so that all the eligible Executives can be given promotion w.e.f. 01.07.2018. DIR(HR) assured to do the needful.

19/12/2018: CHQ News

Meeting with Shri Keshav Rao, GM(Pers) on 19.12.2018:

GS, President and AGS Com Sanjeev Sharma met GM(Pers) and held discussion on the following issues:

1) JTO to SDE promotion: GM(Pers) informed that a proposal for giving promotions will be submitted to the court after the approval of competent authority. Meanwhile, if the court cases are withdrawn, the DPC can be expedited, GM informed.  

2) DE to DGM(T) promotion: Since the stay is vacated, we requested to expedite the promotions before 31.12.2018. GM(Pers) informed that the proposal is under process and after getting the approval of competent authority (CMD/BSNL), VC will be called for. Based on the VC status, DPC will be expedited, GM(P) assured. The preparatory work will be completed by that time.

3) Soft tenure break: The revised proposal based on the discussions with SNEA will be submitted to DIR(HR) soon, it is assured.

19/12/2018: CHQ News

Preparatory work for JTO to SDE promotion is going on since last one month by verifying the Screening Committee reports (SCR) and VC status and regularly updating the missing cases in the Intranet and our websites. The concerned section is fully involved and we are trying to complete this process at the earliest by another one week time. This will enable early conduction of DPC once BSNL proposal is submitted in the Hon Court to promote the JTOs, rect year wise or the court case in CAT is withdrawn as we suggested. The roster also prepared for SC/ST reservation and submitted for the clearance of CLO.  

The court cases badly delayed the promotions and continue to affect the future of thousands of JTOs. The withdrawal of the petition from CAT by the petitioners will enable DPC in shortest time. Already court cases delayed the promotions for years together and further delay is detrimental to the JTOs when management is very much ready to give the promotions. We are regularly interacting with the management on a day to day basis to find some way out and management is agreed to give promotions immediately if court case is withdrawn. When management is ready for promotions, then what is the need for court cases? Seniority etc can be decided later on after the final decision.

Now only SDE(T) vacancies as on 30.06.2018 remain unfilled, due to the unnecessary court case filed at Ernakulam. In all other cadres, including CAO, we could issue the promotion orders for the vacancies upto 30.06.2018.

All CSs to monitor the progress in missing APAR grading and VC cases and sent it urgently.

18/12/2018: CHQ News

DE to DGM(T) promotion on Adhoc basis: The interim order copy is yet to be received. However we could move the proposal for promotion to DGM(T) today itself to the competent authority for approval. Immediately after the approval, VC will be called for. We requested to utilise the unfilled DR DGM vacancies also for the promotion and the total vacancies will be about 891. 

18/12/2018: CHQ News

JTO to SDE Promotion Contempt case at Hon. CAT Ernakulam: BSNL advocate requested two weeks time to file affidavit saying they received rule 8 notice only last day. Court directed BSNL counsel to file affidavit on court reopening day (31-12-2018). Next hearing fixed on 07-01-2019

17/12/2018: CHQ News

JTO to SDE promotion preparatory work is going on. The APAR gradings and VC status is getting examined for all the JTOs by the section expeditiously to keep it ready for the DPC. We are closely monitoring the progress on a day to day basis. Meanwhile the proposal to file an application in the CAT to conduct DPC for the remaining vacancies is with the DIR HR for approval. Further process will be based on the decision of DIR HR. The missing APAR grading and VC status may be furnished at the earliest. All CSs to monitor the missing grading cases.

15/12/2018: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT regarding Transfer request of JAOs who have completed 2 years service: View Letter

In the year 2016,  63 LICE JAOs were posted in different BAs according to the needs of the BAs. Now they have completed 2 years’ service and requested for transfer to their home BAs.  Besides some Rule 8 cases posted in other BAs without considering their home town request also completed 2 years in their present BA.  Recently 30 Direct Recruited JAOs were posted in different BAs.  As per our request to PGM Finance, the postings were made to enable the relieving of JAOs who have requested for transfer to their home town after completing 2 year service at present station.  On our enquiry, it is learnt that the transfer request of JAOs are kept pending due to unknown reasons.  If the transfer request is not considering at present, we are simply wasting the manpower without any basic reasons.

We are very sad to say that the Circle HR is not working in a way to extend help to the Executives those who have completed 2 years tenure transfer at different BAs. Considerable number of  transfer request of those who have completed their 2 year service are pending at different BAs. Executives are working day and night to improve the financial conditions of our Circle, however the Circle Administration is reluctant to consider the genuine HR issues of the Executives.  This type of attitude of Circle administration will definitely spoil the smooth working atmosphere in Kerala Circle.

It is pertinent to note that whenever the executives on long stay transfer completes their tenure period of 2 years, Corporate Office issuing orders back to their home town without delay. However, it is not following in Kerala Circle in all caders.

In this context, we requested that the pending transfer request of JAOs/JTOs who have completed 2 years service  may kindly be considered at the earliest to avoid further resentment among the Executives in Kerala.

14/12/2018: CHQ News

GS writes to Shri Anupam Shrivatava, CMD/BSNL: Notification for Recruitment of Management Trainee (External) – Recruitment from External candidates and placing them above the existing Executives, virtually killing the career growth will demoralize thousands of highly talented and experienced Executives working in BSNL. Evolve a fast track promotion policy to promote talented internal candidates through meaningful rigorous screening mechanism to occupy higher positions after implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy approved by the BSNL Board and promoting all the eligible Executives to the higher grades. 

As far as so-called internal MT is concerned, the need of the hour is to get DGM level Executives left with sufficient service to head the company from among the experienced internal candidates by meaningful rigorous screening. There is no point in giving chance to internal candidates at E3, E4, E5 scales to compete for a post in E3 scale.

SNEA demands:

1) Review the decision to recruit Management Trainees from open market at E3 scale and evolve a suitable fast track promotion policy to promote the Internal talent to high management positions through rigorous screening.

2) Before any such attempt, promote all the eligible candidates and bring parity and uniformity in promotions for the existing Executives in equivalent cadres by implementing the CPSU Cadre Hierarchy w.e.f. 01.07.2018 as approved by the BSNL Board.

GS letter to CMD

14/12/2018: CHQ News

GS and President met Shri R K Khandelwal, Joint Sec (A)/DoT and DIR(PSU) and held discussions on the BSNL proposal for replacement of E1A and E2A pay scales with standard pay scales of E2 and E3 w.e.f 01.01.2007. Since he is posted as JS recently, he is not aware of the details and we tried to explain to him. 

14/12/2018: CHQ News

It is reliably learned that as assured to AUAB, a very positive recommendation on Pension Contribution on actual basic pay instead of maximum of the pay scale is sent by DoT to Ministry of Finance and it reached MoF. We hope a positive decision from MoF shortly. This will take us one step close to 3rd PRC.

One cannot imagine implementation of 3rd PRC without settling this issue. After 3rd PRC implementation, Pension Contribution alone will shoot up to about Rs 2420 Crores (presently it is less than 200 Cr if it is on actual basic pay), it will be about Rs 875 Cr (with 15% fitment). A difference of more than 1500 Cr in Pension contribution alone. Even for 0% fitment also, BSNL has to pay Rs 2420 Cr as Pension Contribution! This is the reason why AUAB given top priority to settle this issue before 3rd PRC.

14/12/2018: CHQ News

JTO to SDE promotion – Review petition:

All the tree review petitions filed by BSNL pleading for 1) restoration of training Centre marks as the criteria to decide the inter-se seniority among Direct rects and 2) there is no excess promotion between 1995 to 2000 came up for hearing today, 12.12.2018. For completing the formalities, Hon HC issued notice to AIBSNLEA who was a party in the case earlier but not present in the court. SNEA represented by its lawyer and taken notice earlier. The case will be listed once notice is served to AIBSNLEA.

The Hon HC was pronounced the judgment on 05.06.2018. Thereafter another OA filed in the CAT by AIGETOA activists. After the promotion order, a contempt petition is filed against CMD/BSNL and GM(Pers) for issuing promotion order with the main contention that 1) there are excess promotion during 1995 to 2000 and 2) 1:1 ratio not followed.

The data collected from all the Circles established that there is no excess promotion between 1995 to 2000 in the 50% Dept quota. According to the compiled data from all the Circles, from 1995 to 2000, total vacancy in 50% Dept quota is 14,102 and JTOs promoted is just 8,833 only.

For an issue, which is not having any relevance, AIGETOA and its activists are fighting in the court and misguiding the innocent and young JTOs. They are deliberately provoking the management by insisting the personal appearance of CMD and GM(Pers) in the Hon CAT. This is just for delaying the promotion for the remaining JTOs. By this time, Management more or less understood their game plan.

It has become a fashion for them to blame other Associations for their short sightedness, negative attitude and mal propaganda. Filing court cases and closing the doors for promotion has become a passion for some sections and then crocodile tears in the name of BR, DR etc. On each and every issue they want to make a division among the Executives. This also mainly in JTO cadre, not among JAOs. This will be suicidal. The divide and rule policy of the erstwhile British Rulers are again trying among the Executives and by this, they are simply strengthening the hands of management and playing with the future of thousands of JTOs. This thinking we are not witnessing among Non Executives. This all propaganda can be for the sake of membership.

On JTO to SDE promotion, the court cases started in 2010 from Chennai. Once they defeated at Chennai, they shifted to Ernakulam from 2013 onwards. 8 years long court cases, spending lakhs of rupees and precious time. Their achievements are: 1) About 3000 JTOs retired without SDE promotion after serving more than 15 years as JTOs, 2) The promotion for the JTOs upto 2001 rect year would have completed in 2014, they lost minimum 4 years of service, 3) LDCE promotion delayed 3 years due to the conflict, 4) upto 2005 rect JTOs, promotion could have completed by 2016, it is getting delayed, 5) 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2012 JTOs would have got promotion by 2017 or 2018 which is not happened yet.

The prayer of AIGETOA and its activists (mainly SDEs now) are rejected by all the courts, Chennai CAT, Ernakulam CAT and Ernakulam High Court. Still they are blocking the promotion of the juniors by filing contempt petition in the name of excess promotion in JTO cadre which is not at all true as explained earlier.

It is heard from reliable sources that during LDCE posting in May, 2018 some non-recognised sections made some understanding with the management on MT rect and on that condition only LDCE posting issued. Joint Forum was not consulted. With that understanding, now MT rect notification is out! Another achievement for them!

Now our young comrades should analyse why promotions are getting delayed and what is real reason behind that and who is responsible for creating this stalemate condition. SNEA is making sincere efforts to come out of this stalemate condition and interacting with the management. Not only 2007 & 2008 batches, we will try our level best to promote the JTOs from 2012 batch also as per the availability of vacancies. To protect the inter-se seniority, we are trying the promotion notionally from 29.06.2018, along with those got promotion on 29.06.2018.

13/12/2018: Circle News

Congratulations….!! To the Officers with Non-Bailable Warrants who were on sleepless nights in fighting on behalf of BSNL with Panchayath Authorities against Property Tax payment on Mobile Towers……

Circle office finally issued clear-cut orders for effecting payment towards Property Tax on Mobile Towers and reiterated its letter dtd 22/3/2018 that incase of extreme exigencies where local authorities are taking extreme steps, the payment of property tax may be made under protest to avoid any untoward incident.

View Circle office letter dtd 13/12/18 || letter dtd 22/3/18

We were in constant touch with CGMT, GM(L&B), GM(Admin), PGM(F) and other officers in Circle office about the Non-Bailable Warrants issued to our officials at Malappuram and Kannur for non-payment of property tax on mobile towers.

Today morning CS Com.Santhosh Kumar.T along with CT Com.Suneer.S and ACS Com.Dr.Premkumar.G, J.V.Ramana met CGMT for discussing the property tax issue.  We requested CGM to issue necessary instructions to all BA Heads for the payment of property tax to resolve the non-bailable warrants to our officials. CGM informed that already necessary instructions are given as per letter dtd 22/3/2018. We requested CGMT that the same letter may be re-endorsed once again by mentioning Non-Bailable Warrant as one of the exigency for clearing the doubts of BA Heads.

We also met GM(Admin) Shri Robin Poddar who is incharge of Legal section for discussing the same.

We thank CGMT, GM(L&B) and GM(Admin) for responding immediately and issued necessary instructions to the BA Heads for effecting the payment of property tax on mobile towers.

Once again it is proved that

only SNEA can protect the interest of Executives from their Professional Hardships.

12/12/2018: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT reg Payment of Property Tax for GSM-BTS: View Letter

Regarding nonpayment of property tax of mobile towers at present there are 31 cases pending before various courts in Malappuram BA filed by Grama Panchayaths. Out of these, now 6 cases courts issued non bailable warrants to SDEs & AOs. Number of case may increases to 400 or more and all cases may lead to this situation in future. Though the cases are put up in the file for payment of tax to these NBW cases, but so far no decision taken by SSA Administration. Now it is understood that if this proposal approved by SSA & Circle administration, then also payment may be delayed due to financial issues of BSNL. At any time the arrest may occur, so the only solution to avoid arrest/ remand of our officers is to take the bail. On enquiry, it is understood that for one person, two officers should be required and they have to take personal responsibility of these payments.  Circle administration has not taken any decision regarding payment of this tax.

The objections raised based on pending mutations are not applicable in BTS cases as all BTS had come after BSNL formation. The cases pending in other SSAs are also increasing day by day as year ending is reaching and all Panchayath Secretaries are pushing the criminal cases against the officers.

In this regard, it is requested to take an urgent decision on the matter for resolving the issue and redeem the officers from personally liable for this non-payment.

12/12/2018: CHQ News

Meeting with CMD BSNL: AUAB leaders met CMD BSNL on 11.12.2018 and held discussions on the following issues:

a) Follow up on the AUAB demands: On financial condition of BSNL, CMD informed that all the functional Directors of BSNL and CMD together met Addl Secretary and Member(Fin) yesterday, 11.12.2018 to explain the urgent need for DoT clearance for availing bank loan. It is expected that the clearance may come shortly.

b) 3rd PRC proposal: CMD informed that he had a discussion with Addl Secretary, DoT for further discussions on the matter. The meeting will be held shortly. The proposal to hold regular meeting as an institutional mechanism is being worked out as decided in the meeting with Secretary, DoT.

c) Minutes of the discussion on 30% Superannuation: AUAB requested to issue the minutes on this matter as this issue is related to BSNL alone and in the meeting held on 30.11.2018, it was agreed for 3% additional contribution before March 2019 and remaining in next financial year. CMD informed that he already instructed DIR(HR) to issue the minutes as assured.

d) Transfer of Executive as a vindictive action: An SDE in MP Circle is transferred and relieved on the same day on instructions from higher authorities for issuing a demand note for more than 12 lakhs to a R-Jio contractor. We protested against such highhandedness and demanded the cancellation of the transfer order.   

e) Closure of MTNL connection and availing Airtel connection in Maharashtra Circle office: In a tussle between BSNL and MTNL, CGM, MH closed all the MTNL connections and taken connections from a private operator. A CPSU like MTNL is taking connection from a private operator is not acceptable especially when we are demanding that all Govt Depts and MTNL has to take connections from BSNL. This decision is to be reviewed urgently, AUAB demanded.

12/12/2018: CHQ News

The review petition on JTO to SDE promotion:

All the three review petitions filed by BSNL are listed for hearing today, 12.12.2018 in the Hon Ernakulam High Court. In the review petitions, BSNL pleading for :

1) Restoration of training Centre marks as the criteria to decide the inter-se seniority among Direct rects and 2) There is no excess promotion between 1995 to 2000.

BSNL collected the data from all the Circles to establish that there is no excess promotion between 1995 to 2000 in the 50% Dept quota.

According to the compiled data from all the Circles, from 1995 to 2000, total  vacancy in 50% Dept quota is 14102 and JTOs promoted in only 8833. From this figure it is very clear that there is no excess promotion between 1995 to 2000. For an issue which is not having any relevance, they are fighting in the court and misguiding the innocent and young JTOs, for the sake of membership. If the review is not opposed by the opposite parties (AIGETOA activists), the case will be decided by today.

In that case all the vacancies can be filled without much delay as APAR gradings and VC is almost ready. Not only 2007 & 2008 batches, we will try our level best to promote the JTOs from 2012 batch also as per the availability of vacancies.

12/12/2018: CHQ News

GTI implementation w.e.f 01.01.2019:

A meeting held today to review the progress in the submission of options. As on today 24,832 Executives (about 50%) submitted the options through ERP. Remaining Executives also submit their opinions immediately. All those upto age group of 50 shall opt for the GTI as it is very much beneficial for them. 

No medical certificate is required for this scheme which is the main advantage. The premium will remain as the same till the retirement (even after crossing the age of 50). This is an initiative taken by SNEA for the welfare of our young comrades. All CSs and SSA Secretaries may contact our members and make them to submit the options through ERP before 20.12.2018.

12/12/2018: CHQ News

External Management Trainee recruitment..

The SNEA stand on Extl MT was once again reiterated in the last Ludhiana AIC to oppose it in all the possible ways. SNEA will strongly oppose Extl MT organizationally and if required legally also.

12/12/2018: CHQ News

A meeting of the AUAB was held at New Delhi on 11.12.2018. The meeting discussed ways and means to ensure the speedy implementation of the settlement reached in the meeting held with the Hon MoS(C). The meeting also decided to direct the AUAB at Circle and SSA levels to organise Joint General Body meetings during the period from 26th to 29th December, 2018 and explain the settlement reached between the Hon Minister on 03.12.2018. CHQ requests all Circle and SSA Secretaries to make note of this decision and to take the initiative to successfully organise the Joint General Body meetings. A detailed circular on the developments on all the demands will be issued by AUAB.

AUAB Circular

11/12/2018: CHQ News

Meeting with Smt Sujata T Ray, DIR(HR & Fin) on 10.12.2018:

GS and AGSs Com Padmanabha Rao and Com Sanjeev Sharma met DIR(HR) and held discussions on the following issues:

a) Financial problems in the field units: We brought the severe financial crunch in all the field units which started affecting the services. UP(East), STR and TN Circle issues specifically brought to the notice of DIR(Fin). DIR informed the efforts taken by the management to take bank loan to tide over the present situation. The letter of comfort from DoT is yet to be released for taking the loan even though it was promised. BSNL is pursuing with DoT in this regard. The condition will continue for some more time.

b) Notification of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy: We informed the demand in the Ludhiana AIC and the resolution passed in the AIC for early implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy w.e.f 01.07.2018 for giving promotions to thousands of Executives waiting for promotion and to bring parity with those got promotion on or before 29.06.2018. Except SDE(T) cadre, vacancy is not available in any other cadre and thousands and thousands of Executives are waiting for promotion. Day by day, litigations on reservation and seniority related matters increasing and at the earliest it should be implemented. DIR(HR) assured early action based on the report submitted by the Committee.

c) JTO to SDE promotion: We continued our earlier discussion for finding some way out to give promotions for all the SDE vacancies. The court cases after 15.06.2018 delayed the promotion for about 6 months now. The court cases are spearheaded by some SDEs and those who may not get promotions in the coming DPC. So they are trying to delay the promotions as much possible by way of contempt and other methods. The innocent JTOs who are not part of the litigations are becoming victims, promotions not happening and management has to help them, we demanded. As a possible way out we suggested two ways to go ahead with promotions.

The vacancy is about 4500 which is calculated now and submitted the roster for approval. The promotions given earlier led to contempt of court and litigations. So before issuing promotion, management want to ensure that it will not lead to another court case or contempt. Management is taking all precautions in this regard and the promotions are delayed only because of court cases, not due to management, DIR(HR) told. The suggestion of the Assn to prepare the AIEL based on Ernakulam HC order and give promotions subject to the outcome of the court cases is not feasible as it will weaken the review petition filed by BSNL, mgt informed. The second option given by us, as an interim arrangement to give promotions from among the remaining JTOs in 1:1 ratio to the extent possible, rect yearwise, is almost agreed by the Management. As a precaution management is informing this to the CAT/EKM on 18.12.2018 for its concurrence before taking actions.

Meanwhile the 3rd Review petition filed by BSNL come up yesterday in Hon High Court of Kerala and posted to 12.12.2018 along with other two review petitions which is already listed for 12.12.2018. If the applicants (AIGETOA activists) does not oppose the review petitions tomorrow, on 12.12.2018 and agreeing to BSNL prayer for restoring Training Centre marks for fixing the inter-se-seniority, the case will be decided immediately and BSNL can go ahead with promotion. If it happens, it will end the litigations and management can go ahead with promotion for about 4500 vacancies for which the grading, VC etc already collected. GS and President informed this to GS/AIGETOA and told him to prevail upon the AIGETOA activists at Ernakulam for the same line of action, not to oppose the review petition. This will be in the best interest of the cadre and promotions can be given immediately.

d) Submitting the seniority list to Hon CAT Chandigarh for DE to DGM promotion: Detailed discussion held in this regard. The seniority list as per Rule 206 has to be prepared and submitted. A provisional list of the serving DEs as per Rule 206 prepared by BSNL and submitted for the approval of DIR(HR). DIR(HR) assured to discuss the matter with GM(P) tomorrow, 11.12.18 as some more clarity is required in this regard before approval.

11/12/2018: CHQ News

National Executive Committee meeting of AIPCOC and NCOA at Goa on 06th and 07th December, 2018:

The NEC of AIPCOC was held on 06.12.18 and NCOA on 07.12.2018 at Vaco-Da-Gama, Goa. GS, Com Arvind Dahiya, Dy GS/NCOA and Com Dilip Saha, Vice President/NCOA attended the NEC meetings. Com Santosh Kumar, CS/KRL and Com Ramesh, CS/TL attended NEC representing AIPCOC/NCOA of respective states.

The NEC meeting deliberately mainly 3rd Pay Revision in CPSUs and affordability clause, pay Revision in banks, disinvest in different sectors and Govt policies and other issues concerned with the Executives, Officers in different sectors and Central Govt Officers.

The NECs took the following decisions:

1) To support the Dharna by Bank employees at New Delhi on 14.12.2018 demanding wage revision and other demands.

2) To support the two days strike by Bank employees on 21.12.2018 and 26.12.2018 demanding wage revision and other demands by joining the demonstration, march etc.

3) To support the strike call of Central Trade Unions in January, 2019 against disinvestment, privatization etc.

4) To Organize Parliament March in February, 2019 during Parliament session demanding:

a) Removal of Affordability clause for 3rd Pay Revision.

b) Opposing disinvestment/Privatization.

c) Defined Pension.

10/12/2018: CHQ News

Resolution passed in the XXXth AIC of SNEA held at Ludhiana from 28th November, 2018 to 01st December, 2018 regarding :

1) DoT approval for the standard pay scales of E2 and E3, replacing the intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A w.e.f 01.01.2007. Request for immediate action reg. 

Resolutions on standard pay scales of E2 and E3

2) Implementation of BSNL Executive Promotion Policy & Recruitment Rules, 2017 (CPSU Cadre Hierarchy) w.e.f. 01.07.2018. Request for immediate action reg. 

Resolution on implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy w.e.f. 01.07.2018

3) regarding 30% Superannuation benefits. Request for immediate action reg. 

Resolution on 30% Superannuation

10/12/2018: CHQ News

GS writes to DIR(HR): Court cases filed by individuals, mainly instigated by those already promoted as SDEs in earlier LDCEs, become a nightmare for thousands of JTOs waiting for SDE promotions under SCF quota for about 5,000 vacancies. The court cases delayed the promotions, almost 6 years for thousands of JTOs. Since the High Court decision on the review petition is pending, it is requested to explore other possibilities for conduction of DPC. As there is no stay on promotion, promotion orders can be issued to the maximum possible extent, recruitment year wise and the seniority can be decided later on, based on the final outcome of the cases. GS letter to DIR(HR)

06/12/2018: CHQ News

JTO(T) to SDE(T) Promotions: CHQ President and AGS Com. Rao met Dir(HR) and Conveyed thanks for officially recognizing our new CHQ body. We also requested her to carry out JTO to SDE(T) promotions subject to the availability of vacancies in SDE grade. It was intimated that modalities in respect of promotion are being worked out. It was agreed that considerable delay has already taken place in the JTO to SDE promotions and steps are being taken to issue promotion orders at the earliest  after examining the various legal aspects.

06/12/2018: Circle News

The long pending Transfer and Posting orders for the left out cases finally issued on 30/11/2018 as promised to us by GM(HR). We were continuously pursuing for these transfer orders for a long time with the Administration. We thank GM(HR) Shri.Robin Poddar for keeping his promise for the issuance of the orders. Now it is our endeavour for ensuring the relieving of transferred officials. View Orders

05/12/2018: CHQ News

Group Term Insurance (GTI):

The demand of SNEA immediately after MV for Group Term Insurance is getting implemented. As reported earlier, a POP UP is developed by ERP team. It will be available as and when ERP portal is opened. This scheme is initially proposed for the BSNL directly recruited Executives who are not covered by Govt pension and now extended for all. This will be more beneficial for those below 50 years.

All our comrades are requested to exercise their option before 20.12.2018. GTI details

In this direction, our CWC member Com. R K Deepak from MP Circle was felicitated in the AIC held at Ludhiana for floating the idea of GTI for the first time and taking to its logical conclusion. He was instrumental in putting forth this idea along with our CS MP Circle, Shri Dutta Majumdar for taking necessary initiatives for implementation of GTI through ERP in MP Circle.

04/12/2018: CHQ News

GS, President and AGS Com Sanjeev Kumar Sharma met GM(Pers) and held discussions regarding JTO to SDE promotions for the vacancies and SDE to DE promotion for the missing cases and unassessed cases.

In the AIC also we requested in this regard and GM(P) responded positively at Ludhiana. Discussions held on various options to give promotions for maximum vacancies. For bringing parity, JTOs of 2012 also to be promoted, we demanded. Now JTOs from 1999 rect onwards are waiting for promotion. Above all thousands of young JTOs are waiting for the promotion and losing the precious service, we pointed out.

Meanwhile BSNL sought the legal opinion from Addtl Solicitor General (ASG) on own merit in promotions after the Hon SC judgment dated 26.09.2018.

Status of court cases:

JTO to SDE contempt case – The case came up for hearing on 03.12.2018. BSNL sought exemption from personal appearance which court allowed upto 18.12.18. CAT directed BSNL to file reply by 18.12.2018 and the case posted to 18.12.2018.

JTO to SDE promotion --- Review petition in the Hon High Court, Kerala: The review petition is expected this week end.

AO to CAO promotion: In the case against the recent AO to CAO promotion demanding catch up rule, Hon Chandigarh CAT ordered STATUS QUO putting fresh hurdles in promotions. 

03/12/2018: CHQ News

Meeting with Hon MoSC: In today’s meeting with Hon MoSC, SNEA raised the issue of approval of E2 and E3 pay scales and other AUAB leaders supported it. In a very positive response, Hon Minister directed the officers to process it in DoT at the earliest as it can be settled in DoT. Officers from DoT assured to discuss it separately for early settlement.

Comrades, this is a golden opportunity we got it, to discuss the standard pay scales issue, with the support of AUAB. Last week, on another important issue, 3% hike in SAB agreed by CMD/BSNL in the discussion with AUAB. These two are very important breakthrough in addition to the other demands.



Talks between the AUAB and the Hon MoSC held today. The details are:

1) On 4G spectrum, Cabinet approval will be taken at the earliest. The Cabinet memo is already circulated and Addtl Secretary, DoT is asked to interact with other Ministries to clarify their doubts. Once reply received from other Ministries, it will be placed before the Cabinet, in the next meeting itself.

2) It is accepted to delink the pension revision from pay revision and affordability clause and process separately.

3) On Pension Contribution, a positive recommendation is being sent to Dept of Expenditure.

4) On 3rd PRC for the employees, some more issues are to be sorted out between DoT and BSNL. In the present form, Union Cabinet may not approve it, Minister and Secretary are doubtful.

The progress of the issues will be reviewed every fortnight and a mechanism will be evolved in DoT for regular discussion with AUAB. After making a thorough review of the situation, AUAB meeting unanimously decided to defer the strike till further intimation.

AUAB Circular


Meeting between AUAB and Hon MoSC is fixed at 10:00 am on the charter of demands.


Talks between the AUAB and the Secretary Telecom were held today the 02-12-2018. Strike postponed to 10/12/2018.....

Improvements are there in the issues of 4G spectrum, Pension Revision and pension contribution . However, dead-lock is prevailing in the issue of 3rd pay revision. With a view to ensure a discussion with the Hon. MoS (C) on this issue, the AUAB decides to defer the Strike for one week. If fruitful outcome does not come in the meeting with the Hon. MoS (C), the strike will start from 00.00 hrs on 10-12-2018.

AUAB had a series of discussion today on the charter of demands. Discussion with CMD from 12.00 to 01.30 hrs. Since AUAB decided to continue the strike, thereafter DoT called for the discussion.
Secretary, Member (Fin), Member (T), Member (S), new Addtl Secretary, CMD, DiRHR and other senior officers of DoT and BSNL present during the marathon discussion for 4 hours from 4 pm to 8 pm. 
On most of the issues positive development happened during last one week. The massive preparation for the strike, vide publicity given by media etc given very good break through. The discussion with Minister will be held tomorrow, most probably to work out the details and time schedule. Minister is returning to Delhi tomorrow morning. On E2 and E3 scales also some discussion took place which will continue tomorrow.


Dear Comrades, The Milestones we have followed for our Present Strike.
Phase - 1

Call  Attention Day on 5/4/2017
Long Day Dharna  on 20/6/2017 Hunger Strike on 13/7/2017
One  Day STRIKE on 27/7/2017.

 Phase - 2
LHD on 16/10/2017
Human Chain Formation on 23/11/2017,
Submission of Memorandum to  MPs  all over India irrespective of their political affiliation
Two days Historical Strike on 12th and 13th of December 2017.
All Our effort  fallen on deaf ears we started.....

Phase - 3

Protest Day on 8/1/2018 
5 days  SATHYARAHA from 30/1/2018 to 3/2/2018 after offering floral tributes at Rajghat
SANCHAR BHAVAN March on 23/2/2018.
After this march only the authorities  concerned called for a meeting.  On 24/2/2018 Hon. MoSC Sri Manoj Sinha called  AUAB leaders for  a meeting and in the meeting Hon.Minister assured that majority of the demands should be resolved  at the earliest as all our demands are genuine and directed DoT Secretary Smt. Aruna Sunderajan to settle the issues as early as possible at their position. 
Unfortunately  even after a long period,  a single issue has not been settled.
Again we have been forced to the War Path.....

Phase - 4

Day Long Dharna  on 12/4/2018
Raj Bhavan  March on 19/4/2018
Street  Corner Meeting in every nook and corner of this country to get public attention and to create awareness  among the people of this country.
The irresponsible  attitude of them continued.....

Phase - 5

LHD on 11/7/2018
Relay Hunger Strike on 24,25 and 26th July  2018.
The irresponsible attitude continued.....

 Phase - 6

Press Conference  on 29/10/2018 at CHQ HQ/Circle HQ/Dist HQs
One Day DHARNA on 30/10/2018
RALLY on 14/11/2018 at CHQ HQ/Circle HQs/Dist HQs
They cannot recognize our patience .....
As the last resort we are going for Indefinite Strike wef 3rd December  2018.

Dear comrades, now tell  our members that we have taken all efforts to resolve the issues to avoid Indefinite  Strike.

However the all occasions were simply  neglected by DoT,  Hon. MOSC and the Union Cabinet. They are really not interested to resolve the genuine issues in BSNL.

Dear comrades it is a DO or DIE situation.

We have no other option other than Indefinite Strike and the decision has been taken with intense pain. 

Come on Comrades, come and participate the strike and save our prestigious  national  pride, our beloved company, BSNL

We played a pivoted role at the time of National calamity such as   cyclone ,flood, earth quake etc etc. 

Please do participate, the victory is ours.
Let us make the Indefinite Strike a historical one.



Why we should participate in the Indefinite Strike?

Dear Comrades, 

As We All know that our Ultimate War  for keeping BSNL alive is starting from Tomorrow, 3rd December 2018. All Major Employee Associations and Unions have united for this Historical Struggle. All major Trade Unions have extended their unparallel support for this Mammoth effort for the Survival of BSNL. In this Juncture, there are some confusions among some sector to take part in this strike. 

If No E2-E3, No 22820/- We are not taking Part in this Strike, Is it a Right Decision?

Dear friends, We have to understand that, No Financial Upgradation in BSNL either it is Salary Hike, or DA Merger, or New Pay Revision, Or Fixing of IDA Scale at the Time of Formation of BSNL as a PSU are happened automatically. It is the Result of Combined Efforts of All Employees in BSNL. From the History, We can see that, Whenever Employees are scattered as Islands with Sectorized Demands, We were weak and We could never achieved anything. Whatever achievements we got were only through our Unity. 

Regarding E2-E3 and 22820/-, We know that E2-E3 is the pending issue of 2nd PRC and 22820 is the anomaly happened after the implementation of 2nd PRC. and Please understand Settlement of anomalies of 2nd PRC is the main demand of the Upcoming Struggle. It will be explained at the time of Discussions during the development of Strike. When we are jointly striking with Non Executives, We can not raise Sectorized Points as a Main Demand, Because in Non-Executive Category also there are many issues like Increment Stagnation, Issues in the Implementation of NEPP etc. Hence We are categorically combined all these issues into One Demand as Settle the Anomalies of 2nd PRC. And even in the last discussions, All these Points about E2-E3 and 22820 was in discussion with DoT and Management in the presence of All AUAB Leaders and they are not showing any opposition in discussing it and moreover they are also mentioning these issues in their speeches now a days. 

Friends, You might have seen that struggle for 78.2% DA Merger happened from 2010 to 2014. Earlier there was no unity and We could achieve the demand only after the long Joint Struggles of 4 years. Hence We need Support from All Sectors, All Unions, All Employees to Project our Issues of E2-E3, 22820, 30% SAB etc. 

What will happen If We not participated in this Struggle in the Name of E2-E3 or 22820 ?

Dear Friends, We will lose the support of All Major Unions Like BSNLEU, NFTE, BSNLMS etc if we are not taking part in the strike along with them. If We believe that without the support of a Mass of employees, We can achieve our Demands then we can be away from the Struggle. But from the Trade Union Program Histories, We can understand that Without Unity, Our Demand would not have Strength and It will just ended without any big attention. 

And One more thing is We have to be Patient till we achieve our Demands.. Struggle, Struggle and Struggle till we Achieve... and Never Give up in the middle.. Never loose Heart.. After every Joint Struggle, Support for Us is increasing. Just See about 30% SAB.. We got 3% first.. then 2%.. Then again further hike is coming up.. and we will ultimately achieve 30% till then we never drop that Demand.. Hence for E2-E3 or 22820.. We all are with you to struggle till its implementation in anyway and We have to get it from 1.1.2007 with Arrears... Please Believe in Unity and Be Optimistic and Have faith in Trade Union Programs and Raise our Voices.. and Be active in all Movements and Struggle will end only when our demands met. 

Why  Pension Revision demand is included in the Agenda?

Because, This is a strategy by how we achieve our Goals. What all we can achieve if Pension Revision demand achieved?

We are demanding this, since pension is the liability of Govt and it has no implication of Affordability Clause, Government has to revise the Pension without delay with 15% Fitment as suggested by PRC. 

With this, We are getting a support of a large number of  Non Serving People also and We get support from a Large community who already got superannuation. 

Why 3rd PRC Required? What can happen if we don't Raise it now? What would be its implication to the Employees?

Govt is denying 3rd PRC by telling BSNL is not in Profit for the Last few years. 
Dear comrades, 

Just understand that These are the issues lead BSNL to Losses and not its employees. and We know that our DA is always going up that shows that Price index of the nation is going Up and Our life is getting tough and Tough. In this juncture to meet our personal needs, we have to get enough compensation for our Work executing for any organizations. that is why all Employees of PSU are asking to implement 3rd PRC. 

If it is not implemented now, Next PRC will only in 2027 till then we will be forced to draw the salary at the rate revised in 2007. ITI people are the real example for that who missed 2007 PRC and presently drawing the salary of 1997. What would the implication if we missed it. Definitely our Life will be more tough when we are facing difficulties to meet our needs with lesser salary and more over, Our Pension and EPF benefits will also be lesser if we miss the hike. So our Full Pension, or EPF Fund all will get affected if we miss this 3rd PRC. 

Here for meeting the extra amount as Salary Head, Government has to give some Aid to BSNL to upgrade the Network to increase the Customer Base and Also to Stop the unhealthy Pricing in Telecom which is helping only One Company. Then automatically, BSNL will come into Profit and We can run this company without any Burden and without disturbing Government by asking any further help. 

This is the Real Motive behind 3rd PRC Demand. Please don't think that, We don't need 3rd PRC since BSNL is in Loss.. Because this crisis is a Well Planned Creation of Government to destruct BSNL. So We the Employee has to react mainly for its survival. Do anybody think that in coming years, where all prices are going upward, we can live with the present Salary. Please understand that Our kids are growing, We also need Huge money for their future also other than daily needs. Hence Please be in the strike for our survival.

What we can plan for BSNL Survival?

Asking 4G Spectrum is a good idea. Now People of India know that Government is purposefully not giving 4G Spectrum to its own Company. When public Pressure is more, Government will forced to allot the Spectrum as we demand. We can start 4G along with existing WiMAX Band in Very Profit Making Area (WiMAX can use every where other than 6 Circles which we forfeited the Spectrum). Apart from that, the Present 2.1GHZ, we can add the band to 3G as Second Band to improve the Capacity and Speed of 3G. So without spending Much, we can start earning. and We have to go for 5G demand as our Next Demand. 

We have to Get Aid From Government to expand our Fiber Network to have more FTTH. We have to start Diversify the Service in different Way. We can also become a feeder Operator for Cable TV Signals for LCOs by setting up enough infrastructure. Having a large Infrastructure in hand, our future is very bright if we utilize it wisely. 


For Focusing our Operation issues and expansion Plans more, We need to Streamline our Cadre issues about Salary, Promotions, Pension etc and  make a Logical Solutions. For that, Our unity is very much required. That means, All our issues have to be settled from our Strong Foundation of Unity. We will fight united to settle each and every genuine demand. We never get every demand settled at single time.. Take whatever we get, and ask more remaining, fight for its solutions and it will be like that always.. and Please dont feel that any demands are less prioritzied. We will fight together, till we meet Goals.. Because Future is Ours.. Existence of this company is Important for Us and as well as for this Nation.. 

So Once Again Requesting All Employees, to participate in this Strike, the Largest Strike ever BSNL has seen. Be proud to be the part of it. Lets build this Unity to Great heights. Based on this Unity We can Achieve More and More and Ultimately We will ensure that Our BSNL will be surviving here as long as Telecom Service is here.

Long Live Unity Of Employees of BSNL
Long Live BSNL


Congratulations..!! to the New CHQ Office Bearers of SNEA

President: Com.Aftab Ahmed Khan

Vice President: Com.Rakesh Mehta

General Secretary: Com.K.Sebastin

Treasurer: Com.R.Rajan

Asst. General Secretaries:

1. Com.P. Padmanabha Rao

2. Com.Sanjeev Kumar Sharma

3. Com.Panduranga B. Nayak

4. Com. Dilip Saha

5. Com.Rajendra  S.Kolapkar

6. Com.Jagdish Rout

Jt. SECY (North): Com. Jagtar singh

Jt. SECY (South): Com.A.ChandraSekhar

Jt. SECY (West): Com.Shankarlal Sharma

Jt. SECY (East): Com.I.H.Mandal

Jt. SECY (Central): Com.Sumit Saxena


XXX AIC of SNEA at Ludhiana, Punjab.

28-30 November, 2018.

The AIC inaugurated by Shri Vivek Banzal, new DIR(CFA), BSNL at Dr. Manmohan Singh Auditorium, Ludhiana.

Morning the flag hoisting was done by the CHQ President in the presence of hundreds of comrades, amid slogan shouting SNEA Zindabad, BSNL Zindabad, Executives Unity Zindabad, Employees Unity Zindabad.

In the afternoon Com Dr D. Thomas Franco, Ex Secretary General, AIBOC and AIPCOC addressed the AIC.

Report presentation by GS started in the afternoon.

Day 2: 29.11.2018

GS Report and Financial reports were approved by the council in the morning session. 
Cultural programmes were conducted prior to Open Session. Kerala Circle presented the AMC reduction techniques implemented in CM Vertical as per directions from CHQ. 

Open Session started by 4 PM. 
Sh. J.C Menaria, CGMT Punjab was the Chief Guest during the session presided by CHQ President. GS gave the key note address. Com.G L Jogi,  Com V. K. Tomar, Secretary NCOA/ President AIPCOC, GM (Pers) Sh. Kesava Rao, GM(SR) Sh. A M Gupta, and other prominent Association/ Union leaders addressed the open session. 

A farewell was given to Sh. Nagavi, ex. CS, Karnataka who retired from service recently. 
Day two concluded by 9 PM. 

Day 3: 30.11.2018

Discussions on BSNL viability - Com CS Kerala initiated the deliberations. CP Com.George Varghese, CWC Member Com. Suresh Kumar, Com. Babu Dominic from Kerala participated. 

Discussions on CPSU Cadre hierarchy, SAB, E2-E3 payscales happened. ACS Com.Vivek, CWC Member Com.Suresh Kumar participated from Kerala.

Constitution Ammendments were presented by the Committee Chairman Com.George Varghese and approved by the house.




LUDHIANA, 28th – 30th November, 2018


29th November, 2018, 03 PM

Dr Manmohan Singh Auditorium

Punjab Agricultural University



CS writes to CGMT regarding Transfer request of JAOs who have completed 2 years service:

View Letter

In the year 2016,  63 LICE JAOs were posted in different BAs according to the needs of the BAs. Now they have completed 2 years’ service and requested for transfer to their home BAs.  Besides some other JAOs under Rule 8 transfer cases were also posted in other BAs without considering their home town request. They also have completed 2 years in their present BA.  Recently 30 Direct Recruited JAOs were posted in different BAs.  As per the  PGM Finance, these postings were made to enable the relieving of JAOs who have requested for transfer to their home town after completing 2 year service at present station.  On our enquiry, it is learnt that the transfer request of JAOs are kept pending due to unknown reasons.  If the transfer requests are not considered  at present, it is only a simple wastage of  manpower without any valid reasons.

It is quite unfortunate to say that the  HR wing of Kerala Telecom Circle is not acting in a way to extend help to the Executives those who have completed 2 years tenure transfer at different BAs. Considerable number of  transfer requests of executives who have completed their 2 year service are pending at different BAs. The Executives are working day and night to improve the financial conditions of our Circle, however the Circle Administration is reluctant to consider the genuine HR issues of the Executives.  This type of attitude of Circle administration will lead only to spoil the smooth working atmosphere in Kerala Circle.

It is pertinent to note that whenever the executives on long stay transfer completes their tenure period of 2 years, Corporate Office issues transfer orders back to their home town without delay. However, it is not following in Kerala Circle in any of the cadres.

In this context, we humbly request your goodself that the pending transfer request of JAOs/JTOs who have completed 2 years service may kindly be considered at the earliest to avoid further resentment among the Executives in Kerala.


Meeting with CE(Civil) on 22/11/2018:

Circle Secretary Com.T.Santhosh Kumar, CWC member Com.Rajesh Manchan, Circle organising secretary Com.Vinukumar and Branch secretary Manacaud Com.Rajesh met Chief Engineer Civil Shri.Sanjay Kumar today to discuss the HR issues in civil wing. Jt Chief engineer Trivandrum Shri.Satheesh and Jt Chief engineer Shri.Satyaprasad were also present in the meeting.  The following points were discussed in the meeting.  

1. Representation of Sri Karunakaran SDE Kalpetta and Sri. Suresh Kumar SDE Manjeri -  CE assured for immediate consideration. 

2. EE transfer - CE assured to take up the issue with CGM BW on his visit to CO New Delhi. 

3. Retaining Calicut Civil Circle Office. CE agreed to not to initiate closure of the office. 

The meeting lasted for half an hour. CS thanked the civil administration for the prompt and timely action to maintain the harmonious atmosphere in civil wing which is fetching a good revenue to BSNL under the able leadership of CE Civil Sri Sanjay Kumar. CE Civil appealed to the members of SNEA to be proactive in delivering extra efforts to  fetch more revenues to BSNL.


Meeting with GM HR on 21/11/2018:

Circle Secretary Com. T.Santhosh Kumar, Circle Treasurer Com.Suneer.S and ACS Com.JV.Ramana met GM HR on 21/11/2018 and discussed the following pending issues:

  1. Missed out and Pending Inter-BA Transfer Request cases in Telecom Wing: We once again requested to issue the missed out transfer request cases for those who completed 2 years stay as on Aug 2018. GM HR responded positively, informed that the file is under active consideration and assured that the orders for the missed out cases would be released soon and this month itself.
  2. Delay in relieving of Executives whose intra-circle transfer orders were already issued more than a month back: We requested GM HR to issue reminders for relieving these executives. We are following up and further pursuing the case.
  3. Pending Inter-BA Transfer Request cases in Accounts & Finance wing: We requested GM HR to clear the file as per the recommendations of PGM(F) as the substitutes were already posted from the recent DR-JAO batch considering these transfer requests. We are following up and further pursuing the case.
  4. Delay in release of Confirmation orders for DR-JAO 2015 batch: GM HR responded positively.
  5. Incorrect First Increment Date for DR-JTO 2016 batch: GM HR responded positively and informed that necessary corrections are being done.  

Later CS, CT and ACS met PGM(F) for discussing the pending Inter-BA transfer requests and delay in release of Confirmation orders for DR-JAO 2015 batch.


Congratulations..!! Promotion of AOs / Sr.AOs to the grade of STS (CAO/AGM) on regular and adhoc basis - as assured, orders issued by Corporate Office.... View Copy of the Order.

In this regard yesterday GS, CHQ President along with AGS met Dir (HR) and held discussion in the presence of GM (FP), GM (Pers.) and GM (CLO). We are extremely grateful to Dir (HR), GM (Pers.), GM (FP) Smt. Smita Choudhary who had taken all the efforts for the promotion and SEA section.


CS writes to PGM(Finance) regarding issues involved in Monthly Settlement of Temporary Advance

View Letter

Existing instructions in Kerala Circle stipulate that Temporary Advances are to be approved by BA heads by 20th of the month, payment to be made by CSC by 21st of the month, recipients to do settlement by 25th of the month and BA heads are to approve settlement by last day of the month.  There exists high degree of practical difficulty in settlement of temporary advances (TAs) on a monthly basis, if disbursement of TA is made during the last ten days of a month.

This procedure is highly impractical because of the following reasons:

  1. First thing is that, even if the SSA head approves a TA on 20th of a month, disbursements of TA are not made by 21st of the month. Many a times the payments are received by field officers on 23rd, 24th and 25th day of the month.
  2. TAs is sanctioned for a particular purpose. Only when money is received, expenditure can be incurred and invoice obtained and settlement initiated in SAP.  Expecting settlement of the accounts within few days by the TA Holder is not practical as  for each purchase/ work  many formalities are to be completed before incurring expenditure.  Further there is no clerical assistance to the TA holder and the TA holder will have to look into the operational issues as well.   Even the financial handbook stipulates a period of one month for settlement of TA.
  3. Once the field officer initiates a TA, the system will route it to claim officer, who will check it with hard copy of vouchers. Sometimes the TAs submitted will have to be forwarded back in SAP for the initiator to makes necessary corrections and to resubmit. The genuineness of hard copies is to be verified and accounting correctness is to be ensured.
  4. After claim officer approves the TA, the same will be routed in SAP to IFA and SSA head. In SAP it normally takes at least 10 minutes for a TA of 10 vouchers for settlement approval at the SSA head end. Suppose there are 30 TAs (30 is a minimum number for even average SSAs) it will consume 5 hours of SSA head.
  5. If availing of GST input credit is taken as the reason for monthly submission, let’s point out that, TA amounts to only less than 1% of input credit availment. The gap between invoice date and input availment date is not taken seriously in rest of 99% bills and only in TAs case this gap is taken seriously.

In this circumstance, a time period of at least 18 days are required from the date of disbursement of advance to the date of settlement of advance. So only if advance is disbursed at least by 12th of the month, settlement can be effected in the same month, otherwise insistence of monthly settlement cannot be justified. Of course, at times like annual closure of accounts, as done in previous years there is rational in co-operating to settle the advance in the same year. But otherwise monthly settlement is totally impracticable if disbursement is made after 12th of the month.

In this regard, It is kindly requested that necessary suitable instructions  may be issued to field units by allowing  minimum period of two weeks  after disbursement of TA and if the TA are to be settled in the same month then the disbursement of the Advance may be  effected   at least by 2nd week of each month.  


CS writes to CGMT regarding delay in release of confirmation orders for DR-JAO 2015 batch View Letter

19/11/2018: CHQ News

Meeting with Dir (HR): CHQ President along with AGS met Dir (HR) and discussed on the issue of release of Promotion orders from AO to CAO. Madam assured to clear the file immediately when it is submitted for approval.


CS writes to Administration for granting Special Casual Leave for the SNEA Kerala Delegates for attending AIC to be held at Ludhiana, Punjab from 28th Nov to 30th Nov 2018 with Pre-CWC on 27th Nov 2018. View Letter
Sanction Letter from SR Section, Corporate Office for Special CL


Corrigendum issued for the Letter dtd 14/11/2018 regarding Group Term Insurance Scheme for BSNL Executives View Corrigendum

16/11/2018: CHQ News

CHQ President and AGS met GM FP and requested for clearance of AO to CAO Promotions as the legal opinion was given to consider the promotions as per the reservation policy. GM FP assured to move the proposal for the approval of the competent authority for taking the appropriate decision on promotion from AO to CAO. SEA section is putting its best efforts for the release of the Promotion orders at the earliest.

CHQ President and AGS met GM Pers and discussed on the issue of relieving of Executives who have completed tenure in tenure circles and waiting for their relief. GM Pers assured to make arrangement for their relief at the earliest. Also discussed about the legal opinion on AO to CAO promotion, GM Pers informed that the hurdles are cleared and SEA section can process for the Promotion. On the DE to DGM CAT case coming for hearing at Chandigarh CAT on 19.11.2018, GM Pers assured to depute DGM Legal and AGM Legal to Chandigarh for appraising our lawyer on the facts for getting relief.


Rally by AUAB on 14.11.2018 View Photos

View Copy of Memorandum of AUAB to Hon MoC on 14-11-18
View Circular of AUAB dated 14-11-2018


Congratulations..!! Options are called from BSNL Executives for the voluntary Group Term Insurance Scheme View Orders
Eventhough Associations are demanding for GTI for long time, it took momentum after the MV and the GTI Committee was constituted based on SNEA demand and its letter. After the MV, initial discussions were held with SNEA.
Letter by GS on GTI dtd 10-11-2016
SNEA conducted several meetings with Administration for the immediate implementation of Group Term Insurance Scheme in BSNL as a social security measure for the families of the employees in cases of untimely death.

13/11/2018: CHQ News

Rally by AUAB on 14.11.2018 at BSNLCO/Circle/SSA.
Since DoT is not agreeing to BSNL proposal for 3rd PRC with 15% fitment and going back from its earlier commitments, all the employees are requested to join the Rally. Public Rally and the participation will have big impact on the Govt and its decisions in the coming days.
Make door to door campaign today for the success of the Rally.

Letter to Secretary / DoT and CMD / BSNL

13/11/2018: CHQ News

DOT returns the BSNL proposal for 3rd Pay Revision:
1. Revenue from operation is on huge decline, 20% in 2017-18 in comparison with 2016-17 and 27.8% in comparison to Q1 of FY2018-19.

2. During 2017-18, BSNL estimated 4.8% growth, but it has actually reduced by 14.8%.

3. Expenditure on employees remuneration is continuously growing comparing to its revenue. It is 65.7% of revenue from operations during 2017-18. Now it has become 89% during Q1 of FY 2018-19.

4. 4303 Cr is the additional expenditure per annum for 3rd PRC with 15% fitment (pension contribution calculated on maximum of the pay scale) and it may cross the revenue from operations (2760 Cr is the additional expenditure if the pension contribution is on actual basic pay).

5. For 4G rollout, loan has to be taken and the additional revenue expected after that will be required for repayment of loan.

6. The excess payment on pension contribution is shown as Rs 2000. Govt not agreed to the BSNL proposal for pension contribution on actual basic pay.

7. BSNL proposes additional revenue from FTTH etc.

Finally DoT asked BSNL to work out a concrete workable proposal with a detailed analysis on the above points.

12/11/2018: CHQ News

Rally at all levels on 14.11.2018
by All Unions & Associations in BSNL demanding implementation of the assurances given by the Hon MoSC in the meeting held with the AUAB on 24.02.2018.

Charter of Demands:
(a) 3rd Pay Revision to BSNL employees.
(b) Implementation of Government Rules in payment of Pension contribution by BSNL.
(c) Allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL as per the proposal submitted by the BSNL Management.
(d) Pension revision for the BSNL pensioners.
e) Settlement of left out issues of the 2nd PRC.

Photos of the Circle Conference of SNEA Kerala held at Ernakulam on 8th, 9th and 10th Nov 2018
View glimpses of Pre-CEC on 8/11/18 at Paulson Park, Ernakulam
View glimpses of Circle Conference day-1 on 9/11/18 at Hotel Highway Garden, Ernakulam
View glimpses of Circle Conference day-2 on 10/11/18 at YMCA Hall, Ernakulam


Congratulations...!! to the New Team.....XXIVth Circle Conference of SNEA Kerala Circle held on 9th and 10th Nov 2018 at Ernakulam unanimously elected the new Circle Body of SNEA Kerala:
Circle President : Com.George Varghese, DGM, Ernakulam
Circle Secretary : Com.Santhosh Kumar.T, AGM, Trivandrum
Circle Treasurer : Com.Suneer.S, AO, Circle Office-Trivandrum

Circle Vice-Presidents:
Com.Asha.A.S, AO, Trivandrum
Com.Gopalakrishna Panicker.P.R, AGM, Kottayam
Com.Nujumudeen.M, SDE, Alleppey

Assistant Circle Secretaries:
Com.Jithesh.K.P, SDE, Kannur
Com.Dr.Premkumar.G, AGM, Trivandrum
Com.Ramana.JV, SDE, Circle Office-Trivandrum
Com.Vivek.G, JTO, Ernakulam

Area Secretary North: Com.Jasim.AK, SDE, Calicut
Area Secretary Central: Com.Baiju.V, JTO, Ernakulam
Area Secretary South: Com.Vinukumar.M.S, JTO (Electrical), Trivandrum

Circle Organising Secretaries:
Com.Baijulal.K.V, AO, Thrissur
Com.Sidhique.T, SDE, Malappuram

CWC Members:
Com.Gafoor.M.A, SDE, Calicut
Com.Harikrishnan.G, SDE, Trivandrum
Com.Rajesh P V Manchan, SDE(Civil), Kannur
Com.Salim Kumar.E.V, AGM, Kollam
Com.Suresh Kumar.R, SDE, Kottayam
Com.Vimal.R, SDE, CO-Ernakulam

further details will be uploaded soon.....



Circle Conference on 9th and 10th of Nov 2018 at Ernakulam
View Notice || Invitation for Open Session on 09/11/18
XXIVth Circle Conference of SNEA Kerala Circle will be held on 9th and 10th November 2018 at Ernakulam. As a prelude to the Circle Conference, Pre-Circle Conference CEC will be held at Paulson Tourist Home, Ernakulam on 8th November 2018.

First day of Circle Conference including Open Session on 9/11/18 will be held at Hotel Highway Gardens (opposite Oberon Mall), NH Bypass, Palarivattom. Hon'ble MP Shri M.B.Rajesh will inaugurate the Open Session. CHQ Leaders - GS Com.Sebastin and CHQ President Com.A.A.Khan are also attending the Open Session.

Second day of Circle Conference on 10/11/18 will be held at YMCA Hall, Chitoor Rd. Stay for the Delegates are arranged at Paulson Tourist Home, a 5 min walk from Ernakulam South Railway Station.


06/11/2018: CHQ News

Amendment to SNEA Constitution:

Suggestions if any for amendments to the Constitution of SNEA are invited by the Constitution amendment committee. Suggestion from the Circles may be forward by the Circle Secretaries. The suggestions should reach before 10 th November 2018 by mail to any of the following. No WhatsApp message is expected.

Com. George Varghese (

Com.BG Patel (,
Com.Dilip Saha (,
Com.Ajay Trivedi (sneaupe@gmail).
Com.Dutta Majumdar, (

George Varghese
Constitution Amendment Committee

05/11/2018: CHQ News

Meeting between the Secretary (Telecom) and the AUAB:

A meeting between Ms.Aruna Sundararajan, Secretary, Telecom and the All Unions and Associations of BSNL(AUAB) was held on 02.11.2018.

Com.P.Abhimanyu, GS/BSNLEU, Com.Chandeswar Singh, GS/NFTE, Com.K.Sebastin, GS/SNEA, Com.Prahlad Rai,GS/AIBSNLEA, Com.Ravi Shil Verma, GS/AIGETOA, Com.Suresh Kumar,GS/BSNL MS, Com. Revti Prasad, AGS/BSNL ATM, Com. Rashid Khan, AGS/TEPU and Com.H.P.Singh, Dy.GS/BSNL OA participated in the talks on behalf of the AUAB. From the DoT side, Ms. Anuradha Mitra/Member(Finance), Shri Ravi Kant/ Member(Services), Shri.N.Sivasailam/Special Secretary and Shri R. K. Khandelwal/ Joint Secretary(Admn) participated. From the BSNL Management side, Shri Anupam Shrivastava/CMD BSNL, Ms. Sujata Ray/ Director(HR), Shri Saurab Tyagi/Sr GM(Estt), Shri A.M.Gupta/ GM(SR) and Shri Sheo Shankar Prasad/DGM(Estt) participated.

At the outset, the representatives of the AUAB pointed out that DoT failed to take appropriate action to implement the assurances given by the Hon’ble MoS(C) in the meeting held on 24-02-2018, in view of which the AUAB has been compelled to go on agitational programme. On the 3rd Pay Revision issue, the Secretary, Telecom assured that the Cabinet Note, for getting the approval of the Cabinet, would be sent at the earliest. The AUAB pointed out that within three months the Pay Revision issue has to be settled fully, otherwise, Parliament elections would be announced, settlement of Pay Revision would become difficult. Secretary informed that some queries are there, it will be raised by DoT to BSNL in a week time. As and when BSNL replies, it will be processed. AUAB demanded the formalities of Cabinet memo to be completed before this month. Secretary, Telecom assured to act fast.

On the issues of allotment of 4G spectrum, Payment of Pension Contribution on the actual basic pay and Pension Revision issues, very useful discussion took place. On the 4G issue, the Cabinet Note has been sent for inter-ministerial consultation, and soon it will go for the approval of the Cabinet. On the issue of Payment of Pension Contribution on actual basic pay instead of maximum of the pay scale, the matter is being recommended for the approval of the Department of Expenditure, with a positive note of the DoT, by next week. On the Pension Revision of BSNL retirees, the Secretary Telecom appeared to be convinced with the arguments of the AUAB, that it should not be linked with the Pay Revision of the serving employees. She directed the Member (Services) to immediately discuss the issue with her. On the 30% Superannuation benefits for the Directly Recruited employees, the Secretary Telecom said that it should be settled by the BSNL. Thereafter CMD assured to examine another 2%.

We got an opportunity to discuss E2/E3 pay scales also eventhough it was not an agenda but related with 2nd PRC issues pending in DoT, on which SS(T) replied that DPE accepted the DoT decision which we countered nicely. We explained that DPE not agreed fully with DoT. The information submitted by DoT to DPE was wrong, so DPE could not give the correct direction to DoT. GS read out the relevant portion in the letter from DoT to DPE in which it was stated that 1) E1 and E2 are the pay scales approved for BSNL direct recruits, 2) E1A and E2A are onetime dispensation for the absorbed officers etc. Finally Secretary assured to examine how wrong information has been sent by DoT to DPE and corrective actions will be taken.

After the meeting with the Secretary, Telecom, the meeting of the AUAB was held. The meeting expressed it’s satisfaction about the discussions on the issues of Allotment of 4G spectrum, Payment of Pension Contribution and Pension Revision. Even though the approach of the Secretary, Telecom was positive, the AUAB meeting viewed that the progress in the matter of 3rd Pay Revision is not satisfactory. Hence, the meeting decided to go ahead with the agitational programme of holding Rally on 14.11.2018 and called upon the employees to effectively organise the rallies on 14-11-2018. It is decided that the AUAB will again meet on 14-11-2018, to review the situation.
View Minutes

05/11/2018: Circle News

Meeting with GM HR on 3/11/2018
CS along with ACS and DS-CO met GM (HR) on 3/11/2018 at 0930 AM.

1) We strongly protested against the pick and choose method adopted by the Circle Administration in considering transfer requests. GM HR admitted that it was a mistake from Management side and corrective mesures will be taken at the earliest and the transfer order of Com.Vivek, Com.Nissar and Com.Nazeer will be issued soon.

2) We requested GM HR to look into the release of 9 withheld vacancies of JTO LICE and 4 vacancies of JAO LICE.

3) First Increment issues of recently recruited DR-JTOs: We requested GM HR to review the first increment date of DR-JTOs recruited through GATE. We have recieved many queries from these DR-JTOs especially from units working under Circle office regarding wrong Increment date in ERP portal. The first increment date is taken as the date in which the induction training ended instead of start date. GM HR responded positively and promised to resolve the issue.

4) Mutual Transfer Cases: We requested GM HR to immediately release the orders for pending Inter Circle mutual transfer cases of JTOs before further promotion or resignation happens. GM HR assured speedy clearance.

02/11/2018: Circle News

Presentation by SNEA Kerala on BSNL Revival given to IIM team on 02-11-2018 at Thiruvananthapuram DoT, as per Government directions, had entrusted Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, for undertaking a study and preparing a revival plan for BSNL.
SNEA Kerala was invited for presenting our suggestions regarding the same today afternoon at CGMT office . SNEA Kerala represented by Com. T. Santhosh Kumar, CS, Com. G. Harikrishnan, Area Secretary South, and V. G. Sabu, DS, Trivandrum has given a comprehensive presentation covering almost all aspects related to much needed policy changes in HR/Finance management and improvement of services in all verticals. Our views and suggestions on spectrum management, launch of 4G/5G services, Govt. support, Pay, Pension and Promotion issues, Standard pay scales, FTTH expansion, delay in procurement of industry standard equipments for timely roll out of services, monetisation of land and buildings, BTS outsourcing, modernization of Optical Fiber Cable and transmission network were presented in detail. The IIM team has appreciated our efforts in this regard and asked us to share the PPT and supporting documents on certain key aspects like AMC issues and cadre restructuring to them by e-mail. GS SNEA was in constant touch with the circle leadership for the last couple of days and has given most valuable suggestions for preparing the presentation and documents which we will be sharing with the IIM team.
Lr from Admin || View PPT || View PDF


01/11/2018: CHQ News

GS writes to CMD BSNL: Huge spending for AMC on CM verticals. 1800 Crores is the AMC charges alone. Appropriate measures can reduce it by atleast 1000 Crores.
The per line rate varies from Rs 33/ for Kerala Circle to Rs 295/ for J&K Circle and the BSNL average is Rs 159/-.
On analysing the equipments under AMC, it is observed that:

1) In many Circles, AMC is given for all the equipments so far purchased right from Phase 1 to Phase VII+.

2) The VLR of many Circles are below 50% which indicate that the numbers which are not in use are not removed from HLR after expiry of cooling period. This escalates the AMC cost.

3) The numbers catered from old equipments are not migrated to equipments installed newly though they are having sufficient capacity.

4) All installed equipments are retained in the in the network and AMC is awarded against the P.O whether they are actually required in the network or working at present.

The per line AMC cost is exorbitantly high in J&K, GUJ, TN, AP, UPW, PB, NE, MP, MH, RAJ & WB Circles, more than Rs 100/- per subscriber.
It is suggested to take immediate action by all Circles to minimise the AMC cost by optimising the network elements actually required as done by few Circles like Kerala, Odisha and UPE. This can have a saving of about 1000 Crores in CM vertical alone.

GS letter to CMD on reduction of AMC cost for CM vertical || AMC cost of different Circles || VlR & HLR data of different Circles during July 2018

31/10/2018: Circle News

View Glimpse of Photos of Dharna held on 30-10-2018 by AUAB.


View Photos
31/10/2018: Circle News

Circle Conference on 9th and 10th of Nov at Ernakulam View Notice
XXIVth Circle Conference of SNEA Kerala Circle will be held on 9th and 10th November 2018 at Ernakulam. As a prelude to the Circle Conference, Pre-Circle Conference CEC will be held at Paulson Tourist Home, Ernakulam on 8th November 2018.

First day of Circle Conference including Open Session on 9/11/18 will be held at Hotel Highway Gardens (opposite Oberon Mall), NH Bypass, Palarivattom. Hon'ble MP Shri M.B.Rajesh will inaugurate the Open Session. CHQ Leaders - GS Com.Sebastin and CHQ President Com.A.A.Khan are also attending the Open Session.

Second day of Circle Conference on 10/11/18 will be held at YMCA Hall, Chitoor Rd. Stay for the Delegates are arranged at Paulson Tourist Home, a 5 min walk from Ernakulam South Railway Station.

A review meeting for organising the Circle Conference was held at SNEA Bhavan, Ernakulam on 30/10/2018. Circle Leaders - CP Com.George Varghese, CS Com.Santhosh Kumar, CT Com.Premkumar, CVP Com.K.O.Aleyas, ACS Com.Ramana, DS-ENK Com.Joseph Lukose, DS-ALP Com.Vipin, DS-TCR Com.Gokulan and other District Executive Committee members of Ernakulam BA attended the meeting and reviewed the arrangements.

Dear District Secretaries, an online link will be opened shortly for the registration of delegates. All Branches shall elect Delegates as per the provision of the Constitution and remit all Circle/CHQ Quota before the Conference

29/10/2018: CHQ News

Dharna at all levels on 30.10.2018 by All Unions & Associations in BSNL (AUAB) demanding implementation of the assurances given by the Hon MoSC in the meeting held with the AUAB on 24.02.2018. Make all out preparations for the success of the day long Dharna with massive participation.


(a) 3rd Pay Revision to BSNL employees.
(b) Implementation of Government Rules in payment of Pension Contribution by BSNL.
(c) Allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL as per the proposal submitted by the BSNL Management.
(d) Pension revision for the BSNL pensioners.
e) Settlement of left out issues of the 2nd PRC.

29/10/2018: CHQ News

View Copy of PRESS RELEASE to be issued by AUAB in the proposed Press meet on 29-10-18.

29/10/2018: CHQ News

AUAB Struggle Call Update
There was a meeting at DoT yesterday on the charter of demands. In fact, Secretary called the AUAB for the discussion yesterday at 10.30 AM. Due to communication gap between BSNL and DoT, it could not communicate to AUAB. BSNL Management and Secretary DoT meeting took place. Meeting with AUAB is fixed on 02.11.2018 after Secretary returning from tour. We are getting further updates...
View Letter

27/10/2018: Circle News

Dharna on 30/10/2018 :
All Unions & Associations in BSNL (AUAB) has served notice on 17/10/2018, to the Secretary/DoT and CMD/BSNL for Dharna and rallies, demanding implementation of the assurances given by the Hon MoSC in the meeting held with the AUAB on 24.02.2018.


(a) 3rd Pay Revision to BSNL employees.
(b) Implementation of Government Rules in payment of Pension contribution by BSNL.
(c) Allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL as per the proposal submitted by the BSNL Management.
(d) Pension revision for the BSNL pensioners.
(e) Settlement of left out issues of the 2nd PRC.


1) Dharna at all levels on 30-10-2018.
2) Rallies at circle and districts levels on 14-11-2018.

25/10/2018: Circle News

Annual General Body Meeting of Malappuram BA was held on 25/10/2018 at NGO Hall, Malappuram
Circle Leaders - Circle Secretary Com.Santhosh Kumar, Area Secretary North Com.Gafoor and Circle Organising Secretary Com.Kamalraj attended the meeting. The AGB unanimously elected the new District body:

Dist Secretary : Mohammed Niyas
President : Pradeepkumar E
Dist Treasurer: Abdussalim Babu
CEC Member : Siddique T


24/10/2018: CHQ News

Contempt case against CMD BSNL and GM Pers came up for hearing before Hon. CAT Ernakulam on 23.10.18. BSNL counsel filed application for exemption from personal appearance of CMD & GM(P) as directed by Hon.High Court. The bench postponed the case to next week for placing the matter before the same bench heard the case earlier.

22/10/2018: Circle News

Emerging Star from the Family of SNEA.

Circle Treasurer Com.PREMKUMAR.G successfully completed Doctoral Research in Customer Care Activities related to BSNL. He has been awarded Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the Faculty of Management Studies by University of Kerala. He has completed the study under the guidance of Dr. J.Rajan, Director (Rtd.), Institute of Management in Kerala (IMK), Trivandrum.
Congratulations to Com. Dr.Premkumar.G!!!

The title of the Ph.D Thesis is :
“A study on customer care activities in BSNL Telecommunication Services – A comparative study with private telecom service providers in Kerala”
View Synopsis || View Open Defence
20/10/2018: CHQ News

GS writes to Hon MoSC Shri Manoj Sinha: It is high time for the Govt intervention for the revival of BSNL. As a first step, more than 6400 Crores rupees due from DoT, the administrative Ministry to BSNL is to be released immediately. Abnormal delay in reimbursement of huge amount is seriously affecting the cash flow and functioning of BSNL
GS letter to Hon MoSC regarding reimbursement of Rs 6400 Crores due for BSNL


18/10/2018: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT regarding outsourcing of BTS Infra O&M to a vendor which would also put huge financial burden over the circle which is already finding it difficult to improve revenue and profit figures
View Letter
We are deeply perturbed and very much disappointed to see the BSNL Corporate Office order issuing AWO to M/s.Mahindra & Mahindra Pvt. Ltd for carrying out O&M activities of BTS sites in Kerala Circle. It is understood that the vendor would be taking over all passive infrastructure in those sites and will be the custodian of entire infra elements for ten years. BSNL would be one of the tenants in those sites and hence would be under the mercy of the vendor even to carry out any service/capacity/radio resource additions, reengineering, reutilization and redeployment. This outsourcing model would be catastrophically dangerous for BSNL especially in a circle like Kerala where foolproof and tested mechanisms are already in place, unlike in many other circles, for carrying out operation and maintenance of BTS sites ensuring more than 99% network availability. The outsourcing model may double BTS operational expenditure in the circle as seen from the financial tables signed with the vendor. Hence, we are very much concerned about BSNL Corporate Office’ decision to include the best performing circle in the infra outsourcing list where we would be forced to pay around Rs.80k per site to the vendor where as it is nearly half at present.

It is therefore humbly requested that the circle administration may kindly consider the following as well:
1. The network uptime of BTS sites in Kerala has been consistently above 99% ever since operation commenced in the circle in 2002.
2. Kerala circle has already deployed the best O&M model for ensuring infra maintenance by employing housekeeping contracts with vendors including diesel filling, site maintenance etc.
3. Kerala circle has been using an online O&M portal by name “OMCWEB” which is developed and maintained by the in house talents for efficient management of all radio elements and passive infra items.
4. Proper and thoroughly audited AMC contracts are being deployed for efficient OAM of infra elements.
5. The circle has always achieved the Infra sharing target set by the BSNL corporate office for earning consistent revenue from time to time.
6. It is to be noted that we are hiring sites from passive infrastructure providers by incurring monthly expenditure of around Rs.35, 000/- per site.
7. The monthly OPEX charges of BSNL owned and operated GSM sites may come around Rs. 30,000/- per site.
8. There are good number of GSM sites working in the circle where BTS space has been provided by many agencies including state/central government departments with zero rentals and even zero energy charges in many sites.
9. Kerala circle has already replaced almost all infra elements including Power Plant and Battery in majority of the sites in the recent past and the process is still going on at great pace.
10. The O&M vendor will be taking over all these newly deployed infra and BSNL’ scope of redeployment of elements will be ceased forever.
11. BSNL will be at the liberty of the vendor for adding any radio elements for service/capacity augmentations like sector additions, tech additions in future which would affect network optimisation and QoS very badly.

Thus considering the above mentioned facts we don’t find any sufficient reasons for outsourcing the BTS Infra OAM to a vendor which would also put huge financial burden over the circle which is already finding it difficult to improve revenue and profit figures in the post JIO scenario. We don’t know whether the circle administration has been consulted before taking such a major policy decision which would neither improve operational efficiency nor revenue prospects but would incur additional expenditure by way of increased OPEX charges. Hence, it is requested that BSNL Kerala circle administration may kindly inform BSNL Corporate Office about the existing operational as well as financial statements regarding the existing O&M model already deployed in the circle and to review the decision positively to Kerala Circle.

18/10/2018: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT regarding enabling the HSDP+ feature in Huawei Node Bs at the earliest
View Letter
After the latest version upgrade done by M/S Huawei High speed 21.1 Mbps 3G data (HSDPA+) feature has been provided in the Huawei RNCs. Through put license of the RNCs are also increased considerably by this upgrade. During the testing period, the Node Bs in Huawei 408 RNC were supporting the HSDPA+ feature and through put of the Node Bs increased considerably. But when the original license was provided by Huawei in Node Bs after the upgrade, the HSDPA+ features is not available and the maximum through put is reduced to H 14.4 Mbps (HSDPA only). Many of the Node Bs in Huawei RNC area are capable to come under the VHT data traffic category if the HSDPA+ feature is made available .There are 949 Huawei Node Bs are radiating in Huawei area at present out of which only 62 are VHT sites. So kindly take necessary action to enable the HSDP+ feature in Huawei Node Bs at the earliest

17/10/2018: CHQ News

All Unions & Associations in BSNL (AUAB) has served notice today, to the Secretary/DoT and CMD/BSNL for Dharna and rallies, demanding implementation of the assurances given by the Hon MoSC in the meeting held with the AUAB on 24.02.2018.


(a) 3rd Pay Revision to BSNL employees.
(b) Implementation of Government Rules in payment of Pension contribution by BSNL.
(c) Allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL as per the proposal submitted by the BSNL Management.
(d) Pension revision for the BSNL pensioners.
e) Settlement of left out issues of the 2nd PRC.

1) Dharna at all levels on 30-10-2018.
2) Rallies at circle and districts levels on 14-11-2018.

17/10/2018: CHQ News

GS writes to CMD, BSNL on austerity measures:
Measures to reduce the expenditure in view of the prevailing situation in BSNL:

1) Moratorium on sports and cultural activities for a period of two years:
2) Curtailment of expenditure towards appointment of consultants:
GS letter to CMD

16/10/2018: CHQ News

DE to DGM promotion: The MA filed by BSNL for vacation of stay on DGM promotion was listed for hearing on 15.10.2018 at Hon CAT, Chandigarh. Due to paucity of time, MA postponed to 29.10.2018. On 29.10.2018, it will be heard along with the main OA, Hon Court told.

Appeal in the Hon Delhi High court on additional increment on post based promotion as per EPP: The appeal filed by DoT in the Hon Delhi HC against the Hon PCAT judgment quashing the DoT order dated 05.07.2017, rescinding the EPP provision for additional increment on post based promotion in the same pay scale was listed for hearing on 16.10.2018. Due to paucity of time, it is listed to Feb, 2019.

16/10/2018: CHQ News

GS writes to Hon Minister Shri Manoj Sinhna on E2/E3 pay scales: Approval of BSNL proposal for revision of intermediary pay scales of 9850-250-14600 (E1A) and 11875-300-17275 (E2A) with the next higher standard pay scales of E2 and E3 for the JTO and SDE equivalent cadres in BSNL w.e.f. 01.01.2007 based on the clarification given by DPE on 29.08.2018. DPE directed DoT to decide the pay scales based on 1) affordability clause in the DPE OM dated 26.11.2008, ie. PBT for the year 2007-08, 2) intermediary pay scales are not allowed and 3) the pay scales are to be implemented by the CPSE in consultation with the Administrative Ministry.
GS letter to Hon MoSC

13/10/2018: Circle News

Meeting with GM (HR) and DGM (HR)
On 12/10/2018 CS along with CT Com. G Premkumar, VP Com S Narendra kumar, DS Tvm Com.VG Sabu and DS CO Com S Suneer met GM HR and DGM HR and discussed the pending transfer cases of those who have completed 2 years. During the discussion we have pointed out the omission of some of the eligible executives (the cases of Vivek, Nissar and Nazeer) in the transfer order issued on 11/10/2018. GM HR intimated that the omission is due to oversight and assured that it will be rectified soon.

We also discussed he pending transfer cases at Malappuram and Kannur BAs. GM HR opined that it is better to discuss the matter with CGM. We requested CGM to grant a meeting to our Association to discuss the pending transfer cases. We expected that meeting will be allotted soon.

13/10/2018: Circle News

High Court Verdict on EPF Full Pension Case will Pave way for All Beneficiaries to get a chance of giving New Options. Calculation of Pension Basic on the Basis of Last 60 months of Service also cancelled
The Hon. High Court has announced the verdict on EPF Full Pension Case given by a Large Number of Employees from different PSUs and other Sectors. In the verdict, Hon. High Court of Kerala Cancelled the anti employee clauses like Cut Off Date for exercising Full Pension option and Calculation of Pension Basic on the Basis of Last 60 Months.

Our Co-Members in NCOA from different PSUs were conducting this case and as per their advises we were waiting for this order from Hon. High Court before going for any case to Supreme Court or any other Courts in India. We are now waiting for the Modified direction from EPFO. If it is limited to the parties of the Petitions for which the Judgement was pronounced, then we will also move to Court as declared by CHQ in line with this favorable order from Hon High Court of Kerala. SNEA CHQ has already decided to file the Petition with all interested Beneficiaries as parties for Full Pension Option. So all Members are advised to stay some more time for the direction from CHQ for further movement.

Meanwhile, We have noticed that very massive Fund Collections were made by Leaders of Other Association for Filing the Case for EPF Full Pension by creating a Panic Situation among all DR Executives that opportunity for exercising Full Pension Option will be given only for those who can file a petition before a Particular Date. Since SNEA is fully aware of the developments through our NCOA Leaders from other PSUs having EPF Pension Option issues for both Retired and Serving Employees, We were advising the Members of SNEA to stay calm for further direction from High Court of Kerala. Here once again, it is informing that, SNEA CHQ will initiate the Case from the Legal Fund if any Directions issued against the Employees from EPFO on the basis of this Order from Hon High Court of Kerala and if any further requirement from the members for our Legal Fight, it will be informed to all Members through Association Platforms.

View More News about EPF Full Pension Verdict
Desabhimani News on 13-08-2018
Mathrubhoomi News on 13-08-2018
Mathrubhoomi News on 13-08-2018

12/10/2018: CHQ News

Group Term Insurance(GTI): The final premium quote received from LIC is Rs 1.6 per thousand rupees for a coverage of 50 lakhs for the age group upto 50 years. The rate will be reviewed after 3 years. The same slab will continue till they attain 60 years. The Committee will be submitting its report to DIR(HR) in this regard shortly. GS met GM(Trg) who coordinates the GTI scheme and held discussions today and requested to expedite the proposal. GS asked simultaneously to work out for an option if any Executive wants to opt out of the scheme.

12/10/2018: CHQ News

All India Conference at Ludhiana, Punjab, from 28th to 30th November, 2018.

The delegate election should be done by the remaining Branches/Divisions/Districts/SSAs immediately by convening the General Body meetings, after notifying it. The number of delegates should be elected as per the provisions of the constitution. [One(01) delegate for every 30 members or part thereof being not less than 20, subject to a minimum of one per Branch/Division/District/SSA]. CHQ Office Bearers, CSs and CWC members shall be ex-officio delegates, in addition to the eligible delegates.

Considering the huge expenditure, the delegate fee is retained as Rs 1,250 per delegate, as in the last AIC. Host Circle made all the arrangements for the delegates. Observers are not allowed. Due to constraints, the host Circle made accommodation arrangements only to the eligible delegates. Host Circle requested that the observers if any reaching the AIC venue should make their own arrangements for the Accommodation.

Circles/SSAs/Branches not having held their respective Conferences within time frame stipulated in the constitution must hold their conferences immediately to be eligible to attend AIC.

10/10/2018: CHQ News

GS writes to DIR(HR): Fixation of pay under FR22(1)(a)(1) and its consequential benefit on pay revision to the officiating JTOs.
GS letter to DIR(HR)

10/10/2018: CHQ News

Meeting with Smt Sujata T Ray, DIR(HR&Fin) on 09.10.2018:

GS, President and AGS met DIR(HR) and reviewed the progress on the various issues in our charter of demands of the agitation programs. GM(SR) also present.

Initially we discussed the financial problems in the field units. All the payments are getting delayed and maintenance is severely affected. DIR(Fin) informed that the situation will improve shortly as the formalities for taking loan for CAPEX is getting cleared at various levels.

1) On CPSU Hierarchy notification, the committee is finalizing the report and it will be submitted to the competent authority. Some delay occurred due to unavoidable reasons.

On promotions, the recent SC judgment on reservation in promotion is to be examined thouroughly. The legal opinion received is to wait for the DoPT guidelines in this regard. At the same time, due to the election year, whether DoPT will take a quick decision in this regard is also doubtful. Management will work out some alternative mechanism also parallaly, DIR(HR) informed.

On JTO to SDE promotion, we requested to issue the promotion orders to the extent possible from the remaining JTOs, pending finalization of AIEL and the seniority can be finalized later on. DIR(HR) informed that now Pers section is pre-occuppied with the contempt case at Ernakulam and immediately after that we will try to find some way out. Management is waiting for the outcome of the contempt petition. We requested to reconsider it as more than 5000 vacancies are lying vacant and innocent JTOs are punished for none of their fault. Finally DIR(HR) told us to have further discussion with GM(Pers).

On AO to CAO promotion, legal opinion is to wait for the DoPT guidelines on reservation issue. We shared our apprehension that the decision on creamy layer may take much time as it is a political decision and it has to be worked out by the Govt before notification, with the approval of Union Cabinet. This means, on promotion, we are back to the same situation we had, few months back. Entire promotion should not be held up again we requested. DIR(HR) assured to find some way out.

Similarly AGM promotion also, management is waiting for the outcome of the contempt petition, DIR(HR) informed. Thereafter only it can be decided how to proceed further. After the recent judgment, it become more complicated.

2. Approval of E2 and E3 pay scales w.e.f. 01.01.2007: A DO letter from CMD to Secretary, DoT requesting to approve E2 and E3 scales as recommend by BSNL will be sent in a day or two as discussed with the Assn and thereafter it will be pursued.

3. First Time Bound Financial Upgradation as per EPP-2007, uniformly after 4 years, instead of 4 to 6 years: After lot of pursuation at different level, the proposal now moved from Pers section.

4. E1+5 increments for the post 2010 rect JTO/JAOs and equivalent cadres: Estt section examining the possibility to do it within the powers of MC. Since proposal is already in the Board for the rect upto 2014, matter is to be examined.

5. E1A and E2A scales notionally w.e.f. 01.10.2000 for the JTOs and SDEs in Civil, Electrical, TF, Arch, PA, PS etc and equivalent cadres: : Estt section examining it.

6. Increase the DGM(T) posts, atleast by another 800 for maintaining a ratio 1:4 and filling up all the DGM(T) vacancies on regular basis. The matter is under examination. The need for increase in the DGM posts is accepted. But a mechanism is to be worked out through HR Plan. Meanwhile work on finalization of HR plan is picking momentum. Meanwhile DIR(HR) assured to expedite the DPC work for DGM(T) posts pending vacation of stay on promotions.

On issuing orders for soft tenure break, it was informed that the file is resubmitted for the approval of DIR(HR) with positive recommendation to restore the Circle break on soft tenure posting.

09/10/2018: CHQ News

GS writes to CMD/BSNL: Urgent need to increase the DGM(T) posts, atleast by another 800 and filling up all the DGM(T) vacancies on regular basis. The number of DGMs working is hardly 650 against the sanctioned strength of 1331. Recently the AGM(T) posts increased from 5303 to 8,713. The DGM(T) posts also to be increased proportionately. The number of DGM(T) posts are very less in Telecom Engineering side, resulting huge stagnation.
GS letter to CMD

09/10/2018: CHQ News

All Unions and Associations of BSNL held its meeting at New Delhi on 08.10.2018. AUAB discussed the non-implementation of the assurances given by the Hon MoSC in the meeting held on 24.02.2018. AUAB decided to launch agitational programs for the implementation of the assurances given on
1) 3rd PRC implementation,
2) 4G spectrum allotment,
3) Pension revision and
4) Pension Contribution on actual basic pay.

AUAB also discussed:

a) 30% Superannuation benefits to BSNL directly recruited employees.
b) Outsourcing of Passive Infra Maintenance of Non BSNL Sites and
c) Repatriation of excess ITS Officers against the Cabinet decision for diminishing order.

Details will be updated----

05/10/2018: CHQ News

Reply from DoT on the status of filling the vacant Functional Director posts [DIR(Fin), DIR(CFA) and DIR(CM)] in BSNL. SNEA has written to Hon Prime Minister on 30.08.2018 --- For the revival of BSNL, first and foremost requirement is to fill up all the three vacant functional Director posts in BSNL, Director(Finance), Director(CFA) and Director(CM) on urgent basis.
Reply from DoT on the PMO reference || GS letter to Hon PM on 30.08.2018

05/10/2018: CHQ News

Meeting with Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD/BSNL on 04.10.2018: GS met CMD/BSNL and held discussion on the proposal of E2/E3 scales and its approval by DoT. GS informed CMD that the reply given by DPE is processed by DoT and the file is with Secretary/DoT for further directions. GS requested immediate intervention of CMD by personally taking up the matter with Secretary. CMD assured to discuss with Secretary once she returns to the office on 14.10.2018. Meanwhile a DO letter regarding early approval of E2/E3 pay scales will be sent from CMD, it is assured.

05/10/2018: CHQ News

Meeting with Shri Keshav Rao, GM(Pers) on 04.10.2018: GS, President, AGS and Jt sec met GM(Pers) and held discussion on 1) resubmitting the Committee report on CPSU Hierarchy, 2) JTO to SDE promotion, 3) Soft tenure break and 4) promotion for the missing cases.

1) On the Committee report, it is informed that it may take few more days as some feedback is yet to get from some section.

2) On JTO to SDE promotion, we held detailed discussion based on our letter dated 17.09.2018. Since Hon HC permitted to give promotions even before finalization of AIEL, all possibility is to be explored for the promotions from the remaining JTOs, to the extent possible. The AIEL is finalized for the DoT rect upto 1999, DoT rect and BSNL rect are segregated by Hon HC and promotion orders are issued. Remaining JTOs can be promoted on interim measure. The promotion can be regularized after finalization of AIEL, we suggested. Management is trying to establish that there is no contempt and of opined that after giving much awaited promotions, management is facing contempt and other court cases which is not a positive sign. Finally GM(P) assured to examine the matter and continue the discussions next week.

3) Soft tenure break: The matter will be discussed with DIR(HR) for approval.

4) Promotion for the missing cases: Due to the contempt cases, further promotions are not processing, GM(P) informed. We explained that the pending cases are nothing to do with the contempt cases and they are very seniors, their juniors are already promoted. Finally GM(P) assured to discuss this with DIR(HR) and do the needful.

04/10/2018: CHQ News

Meeting with Shri Sourabh Tyagi, Sr GM(Estt) on 04.10.2018: GS met Sr GM(Estt) and held discussion on 1) sending a DO letter regarding early approval of E2/E3 pay scales and 2) Board approval for E1/E2A pay scales notionally from 01.10.2000 for the Civil/Electrical/TF/Arch/PA/Ps etc and 3) Board approval for the AD(OL) scale:

Based on the discussions held earlier with CMD, DIR(HR) and GM(Estt), a draft DO letter is prepared, GM(Estt) informed.

On approval of E1A/E2A scales from 01.10.2000, the possibility of settling the issue without altering the Presidential order is under examination. Whether it can be shifted to another date to overcome the objections of DOT, it is under examination.

The AD(OL) pay scale proposal is an agenda in todays Board meeting and in all probability, it will be approved, informed GM(Estt).

04/10/2018: CHQ News

GS writes to CMD/BSNL: Outsourcing of O&M activities of passive infra of Non-collocated BTS sites – the rates needed to be revisited again in view of 1) huge investment BSNL already made in the last few years, 2) the exorbitantly higher rates and 3) revenue from the BTSs.
GS letter to CMD

03/10/2018: CHQ News

Meeting with Smt Smita Chaudhary, GM(FP): GS and AGS met GM(FP) on 03.10.2018 and held discussion of AO to CAO and CAO to DGM(F) promotions: On AO to CAO promotion, the legal opinion based on the final judgment of the Hon SC on reservation issue is expected from the Sr Lawyer. Earlier BSNL sought the legal opinion on application of reservation based on the interim order of the Supreme Court. However last week Hon Supreme Court delivered the final judgment and now the legal opinion is sought on the final judgment. The legal opinion is expected this week.
The CAO to DGM(F) promotion is resubmitted to the competent authority for approval.


01/10/2018: Circle News

Switching OFF of GTL Sites :
Circle President Com.George Varghese spoke to PGM Finance and GM Mobile Services in the morning regarding the unethical and illegal action taken by one of the Infra Providers M/s. GTL /CNIL by switching off 50 out of 98 BTS sites hired from them. We requested administration to inform BSNL Corporate Office about the developments which led to mass customer dissatisfaction and revenue loss to BSNL. Administration informed that the matter is reported to BSNL corporate office. It is reported that the pending payments to the IP has been sent to the bank in the afternoon. But, even after intimating payment details to the IP, no action has been taken by the IP for restoration of our BTSs. We suspect conspiracy against BSNL in Kerala Circle from some corners as shut down of BTSs has not done in any other circles. It is to be noted that sharing agreements have been executed at corporate level not in circle level. The issue is very serious. So, we are demanding the administration to conduct proper enquiry and initiate possible legal and penal proceedings against the IP for going to the extent of interrupting the most essential mobile services of the state run telecom service provider, BSNL in Kerala Circle and causing huge revenue loss.


View Message of Director HR on 18th BSNL FOUNDATION DAY.
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